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Abandoned Ancient Palace Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ancient Palace Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Ancient Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Once upon a time, a king ruling a prosperous kingdom in a magnificent palace, he was the wisely king for his people. The majesty of the kingdom was apparently not liked by the neighboring kingdom and they attacked and resulted prosperous kingdom collapsed, but before the king died he made a curse to his magnificent palace, that everyone who enter the palace could not get out forever, and that's what happened three centuries later, you go in there and then locked. Good luck and have fun!

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Solution for x = @!)!*!@! not working for me, but that appears to be correct based on hints. Anyone have the correct solution?

Wrong game Maximom

Huh? Game is titled Abandoned Ancient Palace Escape on GB site. Picture posted above is in game as well. Now I'm really confused!

Thanks...seems like wrong game on ESCG site. They have two games on the same page. Thanks

GB uses the same formula for nearly all their games but it's just not working for me. I will try back later to see if anyone has figured it out.

Maximom ,I also solved the equation and not approached. In the second stage error. There is the solution 2522133,and should be 25220133. Maybe another bugs in the game?

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Strangely, someone put 4 stars. Maybe someone went through the game? Would have suggested,if people went)

Where to use solution of equatations

Anybody can explain to me how the puzzles work in these games? I always cheat and pick up the answers here, but I would like to solve them by myself. Neather letters or numbers, really, I don't understand them at all!

deprinses, in each scene are pieces with symbols . The symbols translate to numbers(look on the keyboard)for Example there is $-4,@-2,%-5 = $4,)0,!1,!1,^6,#3. Example 4-2-5=401163.Includes logic.How can I get these numbers. 40 -if 4*5*6.11-if 4+2+5.6-if 4+2,3-if 5-2. It turns out that in this example we must first 7-5-6 7*5*6=210,then 7+5+6=18,then 7+5=12 and 6-5=1.Now 21018121 translate into symbols.This scheme is often found in such games.Inge,where did you get the solution?)

Nafanja, thanks for explanation, but where to use it

inge, Room 7, center of the arch, just under the inventory bar.

Inge, in the rightmost stage. The middle ,at the top,under the inventory is the leaf. Only this solution is not suitable. It is not clear why. Maybe a bug in the game?

Inge, in the rightmost stage. The middle ,at the top,under the inventory is the leaf. Only this solution is not suitable. It is not clear why. Maybe a bug in the game?

The solution is clearly supposed to be 21018121 (in symbols) but it's not working for me either. It must be a bug because there's literally no other answer that makes sense, right?

Thanks Nafanja! But my brain doesn't get this. Too much math. i do appreciate your explanation though! Thanks again!When i'm old and wise I will get it...

X=(AxBxC)(A+B+C)(A+B)(C-B) @deprinses

I hate this games when you have to guess where to place objects

But surely if the symbols solution worked in the last room, it should have revealed all the spots for things? Has anyone got that code to work?

CRIS for the idea for the items should appear after applying the code. And this game code can't access.

The final puzzle should read "& - * - ( = X", which translates to "7 - 8 - 9". If you solve that equation using the previous clues, you get 50424151 which translates to %)$@$!%! which solves the puzzle.

Stupid, stupid, stupid that someone would go through the time to program a puzzle and then not test it thoroughly to make sure it works right.

Lol... it gets even better. Not all of the locations to put the objects show up once you solve the equation, so there is still a lot of guesswork to do to finish the puzzle. Grrrr....

Room 4
Three mummies go in their slots on the railing and one goes randomly in the middle of the carpet approximately in front of the fireplace.
Also, a 4th Earrings goes on the top of the column between the left Earring and Center Earring.

Room 2
2 more Silver Masks get placed next to the 3 that have slots. One goes between the left and center Silver Masks, the other goes to the right of the Right Silver Mask.
You also place a 4th Shew Stone long the stairs, just to the left of the exit arrow going right.

Room 1
A Golden Mask goes to the right of the other Golden Mask that has a slot.

Room 3
All 6 vases get placed in this room. 3 go on the piano in their slots. The other 3 get placed above the piano in a line; the middle on just to the right of the red flag, the left one on the column to the left of that, and the right one on the window to its right.

with all the objects placed, you can escape.

* drops mic *

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Forgot one ,thanks a lot!) I agree with you. Very disappointing when the players are treated with disdain.In these games have already been errors ,when instead of $ standing %.But there are already 2 characters do not match.

Forgot one ,thanks a lot!) I agree with you. Very disappointing .No respect to the players.In these games have already been errors ,when instead of $ standing %.But there are already 2 characters do not match.

Barely got the translator to at least approximately brought my idea)

Forgotten One--how on earth did you figure that out? Thanks for the tip, it was driving me crazy. You're right--this game is STUPID.

@Beatnik Mary:
Well, once I realized that what the code should have been wasn't working, I decided to first try a few codes based on mixing up the numbers; I figured that would be the easiest thing to mess up for a programmer.

Once that didn't work, I almost gave up as I wasn't about to try 729 combinations, but I noticed that a lot of possible combinations could be eliminated just based on the fact that the A+B part had to be 2-digits and C always had to be bigger than B. I could eliminate 70% of combinations just based on that.

I also noted that it was very probable that A, B, and C were all different numbers; the original puzzle had three different symbols. I figured that further reduced the number of possibilities to a manageable number, so I decided to try a few.

To be honest, after all that 7-8-9 ended up being like the second combination I tried...

Forgot one ,I bow! I also tried on mistakes ,but how you achieved the result,this is a analytical center on just the game)is Very deep for players in the game to have fun))))

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