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Abandoned Country Villa Escape 3 Walkthrough

Abandoned Country Villa Escape 3

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Country Villa Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. Search the villa thoroughly and find the key to proceed further in this series. Use clues and objects to solve the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Country Villa Escape 3

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Ladder goes in hole S4

Use bottle in S2

thanks bandy.
5 symbols behind clock gives a 4#clue...

Not sure about lines puzzle in S3? It is a drag lines but do we need to fill all lines ?

hold on piano keys a bit longer

I get ESCAPE from piano ?

bandy you are missing 1 letter

OOHH Thanks hotz LOL

Last letter is F but dose not work?

I am not restarting to see if word puzzle is messed up.

Not working for me either Bandy, and when I go back to the piano it is still a hotspot so guess we are doing something wrong?

for me, letter clue worked after some tries and repeatedly looking at clues...

I don't know Sueln ???

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piano gives clue for music notes too (after using 3 keys in book)

pickaxe is used in S6, spatula in S5

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Wondered what that key was for LOL but still cant get the letter puzzle to work

Sueln I tryed one more time hold keys just one time to see letters and it opened for me. So 4 just one click, 2 one click ect.

Ok, finally got it to work. Had to go back to the piano and play it again before entering the letters

after using another key in book I have a clue for dragging puzzle in S3, but can't get it....

Were to us color clue from book?

bandy, combine it with TV-clue

Just found that thanks Hotz!

I am wondering, if lines on the floor in S1 are a clue....

yes, lines on the floor are the clue for dragging puzzle :)

I give up now piano dose not work ! Had enough

spoiler for dragging puzzle in S3:
you have to see a clue in book first and combine it with arrow-like mark on the floor in S1...

drag all the way to east, all the way to north west, all the way south and all the way north east

I did like this game, except having to keep doing the puzzles over and over for them to work.

thank you Hotzenplotz ... I was totally lost

here we go, late on parade again

thank you Hotzenplotz ... I was totally lost

that was good fun, drag puzzle was one step removed from start

I thought it was the puzzle on the floor too! Another to be continued...no toys in the inventory??? Ok Still waiting to say thank you! :-) ThxACxo

This one wasn't as enjoyable as the last as certain ways of doing things made the game seem buggy because there weren't any clues to tell us, we just had to blunder through and hope to discover it. For example the piano has to be played to get the letters for the word clue, then you fill in the letters and it doesn't work. You have to go back and play the piano again before the word will work. Same for the piano with the musical notes. This felt like a major design flaw. If it was meant to be clever, it just didn't work. From reading the other comments, people gave up because they thought the game was buggy. I love this series, but this episode loses points for the piano puzzles.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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