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Abandoned Country Villa Escape 6 Walkthrough

Abandoned Country Villa Escape 6

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Country Villa Escape 6 is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. As you have come out of the villa in the previous part, you are faced with another challenge in this part. It is not over yet. Overcome the obstacles and go wherever it takes you. Collect objects and solve puzzles to complete this part. Good luck and have fun!

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I thought I could use crowbar to open buried trunks, but doesn´t work.

LOL Roberto I did too ! 4 #'s from book work on smiley faces.

Scenes not #ed again bummer

Pured bottle on peanuts but?

ok! crowbar used on tree after poisoning mouse.

Good find Roberto!!

I have to go, leave me some good bread crumbs.

ok! :)

car puzzle is not so hard like I thought.

cannot fin a hook to get the pail inside well.


Ok Back LOL What is clue in book? I tryed it in 3x3 grid but?

OHHH Those lines make #'s !!

Well Be here awhile on slider on car hood!

Hi Roberto, do the colours on the box, for hook for pail.

Hi bandy :)

Good grief finally got it! Hi yvonne!

Ok was trying to put water in bucket but it has a key! LOL

Well now what? Book has clue but I don't get it

Still have big crowbar also?

bandy, same here, box needs 6 no's

bandy, use it on the chests

Ok forgot about boxes in ground.

Solved the box long ago, but don´t have the hook?

I am with you yvonne ?

Roberto it is not a hook per say it is a big crowbar.

I used crowbar to open chests, but didn´t find a hook.Have only book in inventory now.

I see 135 on car but what to add from clue in book?

How did you get the pail from well?

Then you got it, we are down to the same The clue in book?

Big crow bar got pale

Don't have crow bar anymore!

can still click on the car, wondering does the 35 have anything to do with it

yvnnoe 135 on car but?????

BRB My dog needs out.

bandy, your eyes are better than mine today didn't see the 1

I would love to have that 68 Gran Torino!!

Where is this big crowbar you are all talking about??

and where do the poisoned p-nuts go?

Maybe my game is glitchy? Do I have to use big crow bar to get the pail?

Aww Jenny I think from the color box after you open puzzle on hood of car.

Peanuts go on base of tree in car scene.

I did Roberto?

help please!!

I am totally stuck on this book clue?

nobody want to say something helpful?

See? No crow bar anymore!

Roberto I used crowbar first to get pale then on chest? Maybe a bug?

Ok! I give! Thanks.

FENRIS what do you need?

I am about too Roberto I can't see anything about clue in book?

Puzzle on hood of car is not interactive. Still can't find a crowbar, no idea for colours puzzle on oil drum. where is 4# hint for rear of car? or 6#hint for middle of river??
I am not getting anywhere.

Jenny look in book The square shapes make a # that is for the back of car need a spoiler?

Are the three colours on sign in opening scene for colours right of gate in exit scene? If so how?

I have only used one key on book so don't know what square shapes you are talking about Bandy.

followed the way of roberto and lost my crowbar too. a buggy bit, i think.

Did you use the sling shot on bird that gives a key for book?

Yes, that is the only key I found. I just have a page with colours and square triangle square at top then 4035 on other page.

Sling shot was in Boat scene center up from 6 # puzzle

4035 is used on smiley face look at eyes

* Smiley faces

I did the smiley faces.

Hi Cate wish it was not I can,t pull anything from this # hint in book?

I played with no's fluke got it opened 271814

Jenny did you use small crowbar on tree?

That is where I started asking questions. Where are the crowbars???

Small crowbar was just left of zoomed view of car left side of trunk


Now I have no idea what the #'s in the book are. Yes to answer and earlier question I need a spoiler please?

Sorry Jenny did not see were you were stuck at. LOL My bad.

WOW yvonne! Thanks!

I guess that Hint I will never understand?

I can only get the red and yellow hints on the barrel to light up, what is the trick with the other 2?

completly stuck, i need long number in the river, one shield and what the number on the car is for?

hey bandy, i wish i could help, but i can't get to that point because i lost the crowbar...took a break from this game for a bit and i'll come back later and hit the well first before i hit the chests.

bandy, I know, can't go back to page once used, I'd like to know how to work it out,

Look in book and follow the lines and click those in order of the arrows.

yvonne I guess FEG knows LOL

FENRIS read my comment 12.22 for 6 no's

jenny, you have to follow the order of the colors. if you screw up, you have to back out and come back in and start over.

Jenny each line will lite up when the colors are right.

cate FYI I am a good old Texas boy Not female LOL

sorry Yvonne, n° don't works...

Fenris try a couple times I had to?

I finally got out.
Thanks again for all the help.
I never figured out the 6#'s either. Thanks Yvonne for that.

Well I can't say this was a good game because of the # hint in book. I will never understand that one?

FENRIS I'm at a loss, sorry, I tried so many combinations and was ticking them off, was sure those no's worked

yvonne Thank you for all the help! :)

bandy, you big girly, I saw that comment LOL


bandy, always enjoy playing live games with you :)


FENRIS you out?

bandy, i'm totally confused. lol. did i call you a girl?

and, bandy, i don't know any female rodeo clowns! ;P

This comment has been removed by the author.

yvonne, i'm totally lost...where did i call bandy a girly girly girl?

cate, don't worry, bandy has a gsoh, it was yesterday's game this series no5

okay yvonne, i'm an idiot on two counts...i looked back and saw what your speaking of...i'm not sure why i said "clever girl", as i've looked at his page and knew he was a guy, and, i can't remember what was distracting me when i did it...and as to "gsoh", would this be "good sense of humor"?...i'm off to do the walk of shame.

that would be "you're".

cate, you're no idiot! yes, gsoh means that, I was too lazy to write it in full. Catch you in another game soon. :)

You've got to be kidding me. If you don't use the crowbar on the pail first it just disappears, rendering the rest of the game useless?? This is such a fatal flaw that should have been fixed before the game was released. Up until that point I would've rated it a five, but a mistake that's cause to restart right near the end? Just no. PLEASE BETA TEST YOUR GAMES!

Yep, FEG we have been playing the entire series and this is not cool at all to have a glitch like this! I agree with Sam please TEST your games before releasing. I'm not going to replay the game. Bummer. And I love your games.

The six digit code is obtained by replacing the question marks with numbers so that each consecutive pair adds up to the numbers below then using the first, third and fifth pair (as clued by the side of the car).
There are 21 viable solutions (from 23, 29, 14, 20, 10 to 43, 9, 34, 0, 30) and I'm glad the one required was near the beginning of the series!

Austen64, thank you for explaining, I wouldn't have got it. :)

FEG, drop the slider puzzles, they're such bullshit...

I'm stuck!

- I see the Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow clue in the book and I have the box from the car with the buttons of the same colors, but I don't know what to do to open the box.
- I see the sign with the red, green, and blue dot in the opening scene (along with an arrow pointing right to left), and I assume that has to do with the puzzle with the six buttons to the right of the gate in the final scene. What do I do to solve it?

@austin64, thank you! it's a drag not knowing the reason why about things.

Never mind. After getting some sleep and trying again, I was able to figure it out.

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