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Abandoned Forest Treasure Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Forest Treasure Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Forest Treasure Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are a treasure hunter and you are in this forest in search of a treasure box which has been abandoned and lying somewhere in the forest. Explore the forest and escape with the treasure once you find it. Collect the necessary things and solve the puzzles to get the treasure. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Forest Treasure Escape

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Screw driver in scene 6 bottom middle in the leaves.

So intensely boring. Going from one grass scene to another finding nothing.

I am stuck. Have a paper with #'s that does not work on the tree in scene 5, a pot filled with water and a log.
Can't find hints for arrows. dug up a chest I can't open and can't find anything else to use in the many hot spots.

Butterflys in S7 for arrows in S2

Give grasshoppers to owl, put spider on web. (no idea what the clue it gives is.)

Thanks Bandy but I can't make it work. Been trying.
Can you spoil it please?

Grasshoppers from S10 used in S8 and S6

I think Jenny it was RDUL

POP finally got the arrows to work.
Now where is net used?

Spider is the clue for the order you enter the numbers in on the web puzzle. Use net in pond.

S10 Jenny

How many fish do I have to feed Gator in S2 ?

AWWW use log on Gator!

SueInSpain how ? spider keeps going back to 5 ?

First position is 5 Bandy. So enter the numbers 5, 3, 7, 9, 4

Thanks SueInSpain

Thanks Sue.
I made it out finally.
Not a bad game.

Same here Jenny Butterflys clue was bit vague.

Pure tedium - 1 star is too high for this game.

Once I realized what the spider was doing, it was too late to note the clue. Having the short term memory of a flea and unable to get the clue again, I quit.

Silver, look at Sulin Spains post at 5:43

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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