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Abandoned Northeast Warehouse Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Northeast Warehouse Escape

Escape007Games - Abandoned Northeast Warehouse Escape is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. The story of this game is to escape from the northeast warehouse. Imagine a situation, you are visit to northeast warehouse. Unfortunately, the northeast warehouse main door was locked. You are stuck inside the northeast warehouse Try to escape from the warehouse by finding object and hints, solve the puzzles and get main door key to escape from northeast warehouse. Good luck and have fun!

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alrighty then

With you g!

hello you two!

My last piece of wood was under boards last right room

Scoot over I am here too! LOL

Hiyo cate!

Hiyo bandy dude!

Paper with directions for dials

Boy sure lots of mess here

Box has tape I zoomed in on it then put it back zoomed again and it was open?

Pointed thing for wood under weird eyes drawing

Use scanner on cardboard box.

there are a total of 5 wires.

I just stole the tape in it bandy!!

Scanner needs something?

There is no way I can see those 5 colors. :(

Battery far right down bottom Dazz

Hang on bandy, I'll color them

Roll out tape for clue.

bandy, the colors started with black, ended with brown, then blue. the second and third were green and purple, but i forget which came first.

Thank you Cate!

missing one last colored piece for a puzzle in room with 5# box....everything else its done...where should i loook for ?

you're welcome, bandy.

And as usual I need one more of everything LOL

Found sneaky piece of wood in scene were GOAL written on wall.

pete, which piece is it? (color, top, middle, bottom?)

i think i need a tool for a wood piece in scene 4...

!cate:a green piece !

Same place Pete?

yes, pete, you need an exacto blade...i bellieve it was in scene 5...it's out in the open.

where are you, dazz?

Sorry, still searching for the stupidbattery for scanner
Most items were in the open in scenes 2, 3

wood piece is in scene 5 and spanner

Knife is in 5 colors puzzle scene

Dazz Battery was in scene with 5 color puzzle

Pete my comment 11:20 am
And last wood was under a group ofboards

left side on floor hard to see

all i can remember about the battery is that it was round and silver and i didn't get it from a puzzle.

From last scene top, go down then right for battery

this puzzle is a beast.

i just cant find that blade,thank you for helping !!!

can't work out last puzzle

Pete last scene top go down then right Knife on right down bottom of screen

Is that a disco ball at the top of 2nd scene?

The last puzzle is ruff!!!

canderella, puzzle is difficult, but do-able.
A "skip" button would've been nice.

Do you need a screen shot of Knife and battery?

Sneaky wood piece also behind some junk in scene where you find spanner

Thanks bandy!

Calling out pete! Calling out pete!

Blade is beside some blue junk last scene of colored puzzle


There you go!

dazz, the battery is in the last scene to the right, the same place where you found the blade! to the left, white/silver spot.

Open that in a new page.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Crap!! Closing out screen shots and closed game Bummer!! I was almost out! LOL

Well cate, ididn'tknow it was that white thing, thought it was a candy, ate it))

Was a good game though!

great game tx 007 games

well dazz, you'll know better next time...hope you don't get a tummy ache.

Dazz you always eat everything ! Cookies,candy,berries and drink all the OJ LOL :P

thank you 007, enjoyable game.

What should i do with the wires? Are they noodles?))

Color code Dazz

Aye thanks bandy!

Can't find last frame piece, scanner or dials paper or even the puzzle. Where is hint for the four square symbol puzzle??

Saying last frame piece is somewhere does not help when that was the 1st piece I found. lol

I cant find the left side of the wood clue. Could anyone help, plz?

This comment has been removed by the author.

The last puzzle is a real mess and a shame. It was a lost of time playing all the game to get here. What a shame... Yeah, it is original but lousy and not fun. One star max.

The frame pieces were a big-time pixel hunt. They can be found in the following places (for those that are stuck):


1) 1st scene (with collapsed roof) - bottom right corner (in fairly open sight).
2) 3rd scene (with wrecked ship) - bottom right corner (again in fairly open sight).
3) 5th scene (with the dark green graffiti) - bottom left corner between the wrench/spanner and the black wire. This is a tricky one; it doesn't look anything like the other pieces and its really small. Look for a light brown backwards letter 'L'.
4) 7th scene (with the stacks of boards - There is a hotspot in the center of the screen on the boards, click on it for a close-up. Then click on one of the boards in the middle (there is no hotspot so just click till you find it) and it will slide away to reveal another piece.

I hope that helps some people.

As for the final puzzle, I recommend doing it this way:

1) Remove all three tiles from the blue slot.
2) Put the blue one that was already in there back in (it will be out of order, but that doesn't matter right now)
3) Put the blue piece from the top of the red slot into the blue slot. Again, it is out of order, but that doesn't matter yet).
4) Put the top piece from the green slot into an empty slot. This allows you to move the last blue piece into the blue slot.
5) Put the red piece that you have in one of the spare slots into the GREEN slot. You should have two reds in the green slot now.
6) Take the green piece out of the red slot and move it to the spare slot. This will allow you to move all of the red pieces into the red slot. Don't worry about order.
7) Now you have the green slot empty and the 3 green pieces in the spare slots. Put them into the green slot in the proper order.
8) Do the same thing for the red and blue slots; pull all the pieces out to the spare slots, then put them back in the proper order.
9) Win

The frame pieces were a pixel hunt, but other than that it was a great game. Loved the puzzle at the end - just the right amount of difficulty to not become frustrating.

Hints were confusing for the battery. one say far right scene, the next says scene where the color game was, one says the 5th room. along bottom, top down right. I can't find it in any of those rooms. what is in the room so I can get to the correct room?

Did anyone notice the female anatomy in scene 4?

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