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Abandoned Toy Store And Factory Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Toy Store And Factory Escape

EightGames - Abandoned Toy Store And Factory Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the abandoned Tty store and factory. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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I just Jacked a set of wheels LOL

Hi bandy :) yellow shape piece on bottom of yellow/orange post 2nd scene

plz change the music thx it's not inviting me to play... (doing it anyway LOL)

tab works

knife for drum

battery for exit scene wheel puzzle

Man they need to work on navigation real bad! By the way Hi EV1

magnifier on rattle for symbols start scene

My last color piece was in one scene up from start

This comment has been removed by the author.

Flags, for order to press buttons on box

Good grief hard to find your place in this one!!

Use cloth on xylophone for colour code

yvonne were was flags?

the middle red ring/disc was on top of machine in room with many balloons on the walls

Got them one scene right xylophone

3 red shapes for tower of Babel game in last room

bah, you don't even need to play it...

I am Xing out this navigation Bites !!!

round puzzle pieces for last room

hello yvonne...a nudge on the cloth, please?

Hi cate :) next to the pink machine where the door of the cabinet is open

my last (yellow) shape for 1st room was in 2nd room at cage by car

golly, even with your nudge, i had a tough time finding it...thank you, yvonne!

cate, sorry, should have added scene with drum, and place for brown discs

don't get the point of the final rotating puzzle?

where to use sd?

I didn't get the disc puzzle open, thank goodness for skip button

no, no...not because you didn't give a proper heads up, but because my cursor still had a tough time finding it...you gave stellar nudge. ;)

screwdrive opened box, if i remember correctly.

or, maybe i'm thinking of earlier game? :P

Hi AO :) on the box you picked up in inventory

ah ok thx - where is box then? LOL

I'm missing one of the dice

AO lol I thought you had it!

the last one

out, but wondering why there were puzzles to solve if you don't get to solve them.

Vance, did you get the one in the scene where you got the screwdriver, I think it was on the ground

vance...the dice...

second room from start on right, yellow corner.
fourth room, middle, top of white box.
fifth room, kind of middle, below purple curtained box.
next to last room, right of magazine rack.

box in 2nd scene about bottom left

wow what a memory cate! :-o

confusing navigation - doing it in zigzag LOL

AO was just about to post where the box was, you got it :)

POP is always the best! ;-)

the point of the circles puzzle is to match the dents in the irregular circles with the ends of the pins above the straight line at the left, sort of like the dents of a key. But the dented circles aren't in the good order, so you must find a way to put them in order. Must be very tedious - i used my good friend skip

btw it's true what they say about the confusing navigation, 8games

thank you for the explanation, jay-jay...saw dents in discs, but not in pins...wondering, what in hell to do!

and, ao, you flatter me...my memory blows...i simply went back through it quickly.

my pleasure cate, it's so rare that I can help!

All was good and puzzles. I liked it.

Where do you use the hammer? It's the only thing I have left.

Window case and that was my last round piece!

Nice game, but I can't
give more than 2 stars
because of navigation
arrow placement!

nice game but took a while because I missed rooms navigation was a bit difficult but got there in the end : )

Like everyone has said - Navigation terrible Eightgames....surely this can be improved. Good game otherwise

It would also be nice if once you have found or used something the hotspot disappeared. It's annoying when you keep thinking you've discovered something, but it's stuff you've already found. Just sayin".......

I agree with everyong about the navigation - very confusing.

I agree with Pat that it would be helpful to make the hotspots disappear once that part of the game has been accomplished.

Good game but horrendous navigation. A shame really, because it was a good game let down by poor nav design.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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