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Abandoned Victorian House Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Victorian House Escape

HiddenOGames - Abandoned Victorian House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Hidden O Games. In this game, you came to see the abandoned victorian house. After spending few minutes there, you decided to return. But someone trapped you inside this abandoned victorian house. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Victorian House Escape

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Sneaky gem on upstairs carpet.
2 directions to go from main stairway in start scene.
Use brush on upstairs box for 5# code.

Book on shelf above TVs, hard to see. Gives 6 color code.

3 candles on piano give color clue for 3 circles in scene, we have to place gems

Snowflake code for far right room, main level is found up far left stairway. It's on the left above where you go back down the stairs, really hard to see.
Looking for place to use scroll code w/ dots and hashtags.

Tiny Apple Slices, have you used purple wood yet?

Hi Tiny, you use the scroll, when you get key for new room

Finally found the star in far right room, hidden in pillar.

ok Yvonne, where is this key? :)

Hi Hotz, have you placed all items?

4 color code is a bit off. Finally bf'ed it. Orange and pink are bottom 2 colors.
And I'm stuck. :(

no, I am missing 1 jug, 1 vase, 1 cupcake(?) and have 3 bottles and purple wood in inventory

Oh geez, just seeing your comments now. **refresh!**

and I am missing a lot of gems....

No i haven't used purple wood yet. What room?

the cone goes upstairs, far left staircase on the pillar, very faint outline

Tiny Apple, I don't know yet

use purple wood to break tv (3rd from bottom) and get ???

thanks zoz!

and thank you yvonne!

That's the "cone" that goes up top left staircase on pillar for last cake.
Thank you zoz and yvonne!

Hotz, you are always helpful, If I can help you I'm pleased :)

thx @yvonne. The ??? was a cone. Now I have four cupcakes, 3 balls, 3 pitchers, 3 flowers in vases, and one gem.

zoz have you got any bottles?

thank you Yvonne, that's the team work I love to see. :)
zoz, my last ball came from 3 white seeds. my last seed was in window, we put 8 gems..

I have two seeds (I'll check windows) and 3 bottles. this is a real hunting trip!

3 white seeds:
- under table for 4 balls
- under piano
- in window for 8 gems

oh, just found the sneaky gem (thanks @ Tiny Apple Slices!).
It's one carpet where the cone went. Still looking for my last seed.

Got the seed. Thanks @Hotz! It was right in front of me on that window.

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Cupcakes from:
Piano code
3 Swans
4 balls
"cone" on pillar, upstairs far left
6 color code on stove

3rd gem in radiator in new room. Gem #4 from placing flowers/vases.

Gem 5 behind hashtag/dot code, gem 6 from placing bottles (or maybe it was solving the window clue), and gem 7 from pitchers. Is everybody else out???

zoz yes, nice playing game with you :)

last gem from placing large object (from bedroom) on stove top. And now out. I'd be a lot faster if I could just type!

I appreciate all the help from yvonne, Hotz, and Tiny Apple Slices!

Great clues :) thanks

where do the bottles go please?

Hi there! Bottles (3) go upstairs in bedroom from new room. Bottles go to left of bed. Hard to see.

Missing one vase/flower.

haha...zoom in on flower spot before you can place flowers there.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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