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Ajaz Red Bike Escape Walkthrough

Ajaz Red Bike Escape

AjazGames - Ajaz Red Bike Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Ajaz Games. A bike with many personalities, built around light way aluminium frame and a wide range of easy to operate gearing. Escape is a fun, efficient way to leave your daily stress, beautifully done for you runs out of gas, the gas station has problem. Find clues and solve the puzzle to fill gas into your new red bike and escape for great thrilling adventure. Good luck and have fun!

Play Ajaz Red Bike Escape

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games just keep coming..

damn I gotta work out 3 colour code..

and ya cant use letter code til ya look seat first scene..

And you can't use the number code until you have zoomed in on the board. Hi Leroy !

gday Im trying to solve colour with 3 thermometers?

The brown/gold "pieces" are actually coins that go in the right petrol pump. Takes more than 3.

LOL takes more than 4..

I bet 5th coin from 3 colours..

Never heard of OX degrees. Have a canister/can, no clue what it's for. BTW, there are two hotspots on the front of the bike, one for the key and the other one for petrol.

Only had three, where did the 4th come from ?

yeah thinks 5 coins gets ya fuel and vroom off ya ride..

Can't find the "M" block for the 4 colour code.

ya do the 5 colours? sky is very faint area..

ya done road signs?

Yep, got that one. Also no clue for the dice on the pole. Any idea ?

has any one found the clue for the dice?

ya do pile of tyres?

3 colour code from 3 thermometers - gives 5th coin.

No haven't done the 5 colour code. I am totally clueless.

yeah early scene it on a tree..

so what is that code? kernow? I aint solved it..

Clue for dice 1st scene above grey bin.

Thx Leroy for the tree hint, had missed that spot.

Leroy - you need to see the 3 thermometers - colours go big to small - nb the 'blue'is turquoise in the puzz;e.

thanks Leroy, now I'm out

Thx Kernowoman, but that are definitely two totally different colours !

seen em LOL

diff shades of yellow..

Sorry Kernow for having changed your gender ! Nice game apart from the three colour code.

The blue is actually cyan, not turquoise!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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