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Arboretum Escape Walkthrough

Arboretum Escape

HiddenOGames - Arboretum Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Hidden O Games. In this game, you came to see arboretum park. After spending few minutes there, you decided to return. But you unfortunately missed the way out. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Arboretum Escape

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Click lily pads for colour clue for flowers. Arrow direction clue in several scenes (eg. 1-R)

stuck with beetle; carrot; grapes and flower. Where to use
6C - 1,4 and 1C - 2

Missing yellow leaf

Fairly straightforward game.

Hint: There is no clue for C1. When you have the clues for C2 through C6, you have to brute force C1 to solve it. Spoiler: The answer is '2'.

Nevermind, the clue for C1 was in the waterfall scene with the Frog and Lily pads...

@loobyloo: The black beetle goes into the scene with the frog and the lily pads. There is a spot for it in the pink flowers on the right. The frog will eat it and reveal another item.

Thank you F-One that got me my yellow leaf

No Problem loobyloo. You will find a similar spot for the grapes a little later. Apprently, they are well-liked by squirrels...

put the black beetle in pink flowers to make frog jump out of water

can't find the last leaf, can't do nothing...

ho, ok.

I can't find the hint for the green lines .... solved the ones for red and yellow. There is a very faint line in the scene with the road and large pink bush but it isn't working for the green lines.

ok found the green line hint...in scene with squirrel.

Can't find the last carrot. Anyone know where it is?

Made some headway..in the scene with road and the large pink bush, on the pink bush is where you put the 3 pink/green flowers. Took me forever to find that spot. That gave me the carrot. Sheesh.

Fruit goes on bottom of cage, gives the key.

Where are the grapes??

@Jenny: You get the Grapes when you solve the colored ball puzzle on the top-right of the scene with the waterfall, frog, and lilies.

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