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Avm Fantasy Medieval Town Escape Walkthrough

Avm Fantasy Medieval Town Escape

AvmGames - Avm Fantasy Medieval Town Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Imagine a situation like this that you are a doctor, and you have a medical mission in the medieval fantasy town. When you are in the hill town you notice that everyone is not around, it is because the people of that town went to the city to attend the tribal meeting. When you decided to go home your car is not functioning well, you must need to go back into the city its because its to dangerous for you to stay at night in that remote area. Find the clues and solve the puzzles for you to find a way to go home. Good luck and have fun!

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9 purple/pink gems go on grid found in s8. no hot spot, click on center of wheel at knife.

Hey cate! Rod with scarecrow, use on barrel in scene 3

You can cluck behind orange plant in scene 4 for a new one

hellllo dazz! glad you're here as i am getting nowhere fast.

use the knife on scarecrow.

Knife from pink symbols for scarecrow in scene 3

Just started dudette! Bone for scene 9 on crazy door

i can't remember where i found it, but when you find the bone, use it to keep the door open in scene 9.

Jigsaw gives you clue for buttons in scene 1, click in order

Check behind left plant in scene 5

Found a handle in scene 10 goes in exit scene

dazz, any thoughts about what to do with the little flames? i have 4.

Correction! Scene 8

the little yarn man in scene 10 is the clue for the 5 digits in the beginning scene.

aaah, you get the second handle in scene 8 by placing the little flames in box towards bottom middle.

They go in scene 8 cate, missing one more

Some puzzles are sneaky cate! The 5# isin chinese house

yes they are! no hot spots or cursor change...tough one.

For the puzzle in scene 9, no paper hint, click each letter in its direction

i tried that but nothing happened. will give it another go.

Jackpot!! My ladt flame was nehind clown in scene 11

Cate for example the letter r for right, the head goes to the right duddette!

Eyes goin scene 10, paper for pot in scene 6

got it! thank you dazz.

you can take the flames back, for another puzzle.

Thanks for gems place cate, they really gotme pain carrying them

Thundering typhoons!! You need those flames for puzzle in scene 7

You get paper clue frompotin scene 9 after grom crazy pumpkin in 10

Now where to use that angry mushroom?

Jackpot!! There is a spot in scene 4, keep shooting

so the angry mushroom goes in scene 4 and lobs balls at the orange thing...don't know why?

and what is the first letter of "heart"?

Keep shooting cate! Hope you don't miss any, you'll get a present

Jackpot thanks cate! Click the letter h on the hearts

losing my mind...have the color code and know i came across a place to put it earlier, but now i can't find it.

Some crazy thing cate, don't know if there was a hint for that but I bf the five plants in scene 9 by clicking in order, and a key appeared

color code puzzle, scene 6, lion.

Cate its in scene 6 on right lion

Chest gave me my last gem

i haven't seen a clue for those plants, dazz, and i haven't bf'd them yet...if you remember what you did, throw me a bone.

Arrow clue from gems is used in scene 3, cluck left window

and, the key i have goes in the dual lock box.

Here: click in order from bottom to top, then top to bottom I guess

I could swear I have seen these background graphics in a hidden object game before. I wonder if AVM owns the rights to re-use assets from that game? If not, that is a big no no.

Get clue for columns in scene 5 from those frogs

This comment has been removed by the author.

got the plants in scene 9...the clue is on the steps in scene6. a total of 10 clicks.

Ah that explains it, thanks cate, that totally made me hop all times

dazz, i just did the 3 log clue and now have the c a b thingy.

Paper with letters cab for scene 4

Cate watch the letter in each group of numbers
First one is a

unknown, i don't know if they pay for rights or not...sometimes the artist lets developers use them simply for the exposure...i've seen a lot of backdrop scenes in these games from different people on deviant art...but, yes as a graphics designer, stealing art is a big foul.

Woah that game doesn't want to finish, clue after clue

Oh c'mon!! Another clue from frankenstein

The dials give the hint for the 4 purple heads in scene 1 but it is driving me crazy. I can't get it to work. I have tried so many different ways.

I put the flames on the coloured wheel in scene 7 but where is the hint for their positions?

Jenny, first one is a, get the pointer between 88 and 66.....

jenny take a look at the eyes and what side they are on.

and i muddled through. thank you dazz for your help. the frankenstein is a bit tricky...note the 3 colors.

and where is the hint for the frankenstein lasers?

Dazz you misunderstood. I did the dials they give a hint for the purple heads and those I can't get to work.

This comment has been removed by the author.

jenny, i can't remember, but you'll get a clue at some point. again, as to the purple heads, start at the left and work right.

eye to the right tall, eye to the right short, eye to the right short, eye to the left tall.

Final clue : scene 11 by bars

Jenny, take this : 3112

Are you out cate? I assure you I did not lock you in

i am, dazz. thank you, enjoyed it.

Aye didn't see your comment, we made a great team together cate!!

Well I am giving up. This game is not working for me. Purple heads do nothing no matter where I put the eyes.
This was just a big exercise in frustration.

way more fun than playing alone, yes...i'd probably still be roaming around, so thank you!

Jenny did you see the length of each? Ignore the eyes

jenny, don't do it!...click the left one 3 times, the 2 middle ones 1 time and the right one twice.

Thanks for the game avm

C'mon jen! I didn't move the heads))

yes, thanks avm, but i'm still waiting on someone to explain the l/r lions of the last games.

i think jenny has left the building.

Well cate, I counted the ls and the rs and turned them opposite, i mean i made right for left lion and vice versa, worked that way for me

Of course i could be wrong, but it worked that way for me

Unfortunately I can't play live with you all the time these days cate, but Im glad I did tonight, night dudette!!

goodnight you! thanks for the explanation, may give it a go again.

Welcome everyone :)

After a long time seen Dazz Ley comments.
Hope all going well

I came in late. Can anyone tell me where the frogs are? I guess I need them for the barrel height. Thanks.

Welcome Terry Smyth. Need any help?

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