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Avm Old Farm House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Old Farm House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Old Farm House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Long ago your family visited the farmhouse of your grandfather. You remember that time that you were so happy playing outside. Running on the field and chasing the farm animals. But when your grandfather died the farmhouse was already abandoned and its very old. You remember that place and you wanted to visit that place again. You arrived at the old farmhouse and you explore the place. You enter into the farmhouse when suddenly the door closed. When you tried to open it again, it won’t open. The door is stuck and you are trapped inside. Can you manage to escape from the old farmhouse? Good luck and have fun!

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Hi avm!

Right behind you Dazz!

And out good game snicker snicker.

Welcome both :)

LOL bandy

Got a ball in second room right.

ZU had to pull a funny today! LOL

I can't even get out of scene 1 that's how hopeless I am !

POP - got key now

Zu high light AVM Games for key

I can't get clue right from S2 for door?

Yep I'm having trouble with door puzzle too. Tried all double combos - seems to be one too many circles, need extra diamond...?

Door: count the squares row by row:


Footballs go above AVM sign

Expose shapes and the replay button doesn't work. Continue does not work.

You got me?

Ball andknifein sc 2

Knife goes in 5

Dazz ?

What's up bandy?? Sorry! Robot thing again

I don't understand hint for door row by row?

I chewed out google for that and it stopped LOL

If you Count the squares on door it will b like this


TY I was counting down and up

The numbers are the opposite. 4, 5 and 7 top ,2 bottom

Forthe shapes, clicj the inside figure in each clue, then click its corresponding outside one then press the green button every time

If you ask me, im struggling with the 4#, not working

Yep my game is frozen on door as well. Two lights remain on even though I've reset (several times) closed down the X, gone out of scene and come back. May have to restart game - if I can be bothered : /

Zu Don't feel bad I can't get past door also even with Dazz hint.

4#: 4572

Ok guys im restarting

Puzzle coloured balls is not active.

look closely at 4th symbol for door. there is a circle in the middle

Here! 56387234

purple gems go on green disks.

What word to put on the levers? There are letters, E-blue, V pink,S, violet,L - green,O - yellow.

I give that door won't open even with a restart GL

Candle for sc. 5

use candle in far left scene to get the word for levers.

colored card is useless so far.

Bandy i restarted and gave the correct spoiler

Oh.. guys...
which door?

2875 doesn't work on numbers.

2857 neither.

Colored card with solve

Hi Dazz, where did you find this clues for Scene 1 left door?

Understand,to put a candle

scene number please

Dazz you have 2 (3's)?


This game is not working. I restarted twice and still the symbols door does nothing and can't be reset.

AVM please don't post these games until you are sure they work!

The code in the door with the word 68743

Not getting you bandy?

can't solve any puzzle in scene 3.

Clue is on scene 2.

Click inner circle shape and outer circle shape , then green button.

door worked for me. first combination is plus left and square right. it's particular that you use left one for the inside part of the clue

Did that and 2 restarts and won't open?

Hi Jenny ,

i and tester tested the game. its working fine.
Just give the clue.

Click inner circle shape and outer circle shape , then green button.

Jenny you need tohet the clue on wall first, and did you click on the hreen button each time you press 2 symbols?

sysin3 comment on 10.07AM is perfect.

4 green lights and nothing?

Get, sorry
Cris my comment9:36 am

I will try one more restart

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ok after restart it opened ?????

thanks for the clue

Did the levers on the way,there is the fourth goal. The black ball goes in a colored puzzle. Now it is active.

Bandy I love you!!!! Let's go

LOL I am playing catch up Dazz !!

where's the clue for levers 1n scene 3?

Stuck with candle and color triangles hint?

and 5782 does not work on the scene 7
I can not combine the two papers of colors

bandy, use candle in scene 5 to the left.

nomelted thanks. I get 2857 from paper clue?

Sisli, same problem with this code. 2 color clues, many combinations tried and still nothing!

Bandy color tiangles for 5# combined with solve but its also for something else

The angles at the inserted stones.They turn.Not enough of the fifth ball. The door also think. And as for the levers I wrote ,set the position of exhibited words.

2857 does not work
There are other colored paper

Ohh got it Thanks Dazz

SOLVE is in the paper clue.

I don't think its for the 4#

hello all...will play catch up!

I´m stuck after opening scene 3.

Anyone get 4 colors hint for S3 ?

Hi Cate help!! LOL

levers in scene 3? anyone?

levers positions is the same for both puzzles.

do the sliders in s3 same as s4

Leverage as the letters of the word SOLVE.The middle,just above bottom,top,bottom,just below the top

Lebers: 34152

I am stuck on the 4# code.

Gems go in sc. 2

Dazz we are waiting for your brain power on 4 color-number code.

lol. okay bandy...have made some progress and tried not to look at clues yet...what do you need?

Black marble goes in sc 6, long one

I am still working on colored squares puzzle LOL

LOL Cate I am way ahead now LOL

bandytrc , I wrote,it is necessary to insert the black ball.

The easiest way to do the colored squares puzzle is to click each square once, then click the center button. Repeat that over and over until all the colors are in the correct place.

Hi AVM, would it be possible to have a resume game option, shockwave crashed have to start from beginning :)

Thank you Nafanja I am working on it now.

missing 2 marbles.

anyone solved 4 corners puzzle?

The four corners puzzle is the direction that the gems are pointing.

@yvonne, I ask my developer to add resume option soon. but i thought it take some time

Thanks Bear!

Game froze in marbles puzzle so GL won't restart

missing 4 numbers and 5x5 grid.

. Roberto , I wrote. Angles exposed in the direction of the stones. Diamonds in the circles with dots inserted,then they turned to see what points to press in the colored disks.

Finally got that horrible puzzle

Thanks Nafanja! Didn´t see your post.

Turn diamonds around for numbers of shaded circles

Thank you AVM games....we will play shortly! Love your games!! Looks like some great hints thanks!

So I do not understand,decided 4 digit color code on 2 leaves?

I stuck on colored numbers in S7. I tried colored numbers in triangles and numbers of letters on 4 color paper, but no luck...

anyone solved the 5x5 brown buttons?

Not yet roberto: papet with colors for color code

This comment has been removed by the author.

She´s talking about scene 3 I think.

I guess the 5x5 brown buttons is the final door
must first solve the colored numbers
but so far none found the logic

yes, sorry. misunderstanding without scene numbers...

AVM, thank you for letting me know :)

I tried for colored numbers in S7:
- colored numbers in triangles: no
- numbers of letters of colored letters eg: 'blue' in red letters: 4 for red. no
- numbers of letters of colored letters eg: 'blue' in red letters: 3 for blue. no

Tried the same Hotz, and many more.

and opposite, combination of colors, arrows, all
nothing works

so i'm stumped on the 4 digit color puzzle in s7 and the brown button grid in s4...i'm thinking you must plot out numbers or letters for the brown grid, but none have worked so far.

So I do not understand,decided 4 digit color code on 2 leaves?

Solved the code for #7

Antonia explain it, please

smarty pants, antonia...spill the beans!

?? how?

I'll try to explain:
the 1st color is red- so look at the word in red color, I think it was ""blue", count the letters, etc. for the other words/colors.

Tried that already!

This comment has been removed by the author.

i tried that earlier, 4563, but no go...is that what you mean?

and that is?

And out!
SPOILER - be careful with the grid code on the door. The 3rd letter is tricky.

Not the same. I have to play again, because I can't remember.

This comment has been removed by the author.


I hallucinate :)

The numbers are the same, but the positions are different.

finally got it:
eg. 'red' is written in green letters, green has 5 letters. first number: red, 5


Antonia and Hotzenplotz
Rocking :) :)


Wow!!! Very confuse, but got out too! Thanks!!!

Hotzenplotz, exactly.

Still with the corners but very exhausted!

good grief...the one combination out of how many? that we tried?

well done, hotz and antonia! thank you!

thoroughly enjoyed the game, amv. thank you.

Anyone can give spoiler for the corners? Im too tired to think, not going with the diamonds

dazz, the lower parts of diamonds point to...

It doesn't go hotz, trying everything

hang on, dazz...we'll get you out!

That's it im giving up, thanks hotz

Hi Dazz. please check walkthrough. don't give up

Already shut the game avm, but thanks

here you go, dazz...the 4 colored reels are:

blue green
yellow purple

place gems in reels and then rotate them til the dots light up.

now, look at where the gems are pointing and click the 4 corner puzzle accordingly...


Gosh catey! I hope you didn't repeat your game to help me, ive just closed because i can't think anymore, was hoping someone left a spoiler here.
Thanks cate! Ill never forget that

golly, dazz...think of all of the times you've saved our collective arses...it was nothing. take a breather and collect yourself and give it a go later...it's a good game...our brains simply went left when they should have gone right.

Thanks for your game avm, waiting for your next one
One favor plz: change that ridiculous music it makes me feel drowsy when i listen to it, i mute but i don't like quietness when playing
Night guys!!

Very interesting game came out) thanks to the author)

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