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Blue Mine Escape Walkthrough

Blue Mine Escape

Games4King - G4K Blue Mine Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. This is a critical game where the some one has been trapped in the mine. So you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from this house. If you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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the 22 and 11 pertain to the bushes in scene3.

teh paper puzzle in scene5 is trial and error...tedious, but doable.

the nine number rotating grid is simply 1-9 starting at top left.

the 4-6 5-2 numbers are simply taken at face value for puzzle in scene2.

the 040708 number is a clue for a 3 digit number needed.

Hey, cate. Don't stop now.
I've been following your clues and I still need more.

hey peggy...i'm on a long distance call, right now...it may be a few minutes, but i'll be back.

Sorry to have bothered you.

I'm surprised you stopped to post a comment. :)

The eggs go in scene 5.

The bird goes in scene 7.

I've just re-discovered the keyhole behind the right-hand plant in scene 3. (I forgot it was there.)

Thanks for all the great hints.
Not sure where the 7513462 goes . .

okay...i'm back and will play catch-up!

Oh so glad. I'm stuck with where to put numbers (posts on castle above the bushes don't seem to work, tried both ways to push them), a coin, a bunch of candy, and my clue scroll. Help!

tiny, i'm not there yet, but i would assume that those seven numbers are the order to click on "sticks" above gate in scene 3.

tiny, did you try clicking the 3rd one first, 7th one second and so on?

Yes I tried clicking, if numbered 1-7 from l to r, sticks 7513462 starting with the 7th stick first, and also clicking the third stick first, followed by the last, etc. in order. Nada.

Oh, and backwards/reversed as well.

I don't understand the 180/270/135/225 clue.

And where do I use the '8936' clue?

AHHHH Got it!! Had to exit out of the scene and back again. Click the third stick first, last stick second, etc.

8936 is used where the 22 11 in scene 1 was. Haven't figured out the degree clue yet Peggy.

Peggy scene 2 circles , 8936 - no idea

so you've tried this order...3745261? the "fixed" order being 1-7 starting from left?

Thanks Tiny.
I assumed those numbers were permanently set since I couldn't change them earlier.

And thanks, Nikolai.
I thought I had already used those circles.

Yes cate, but i had to re-enter the scene and try it fresh.

8936 goes in the first scene - either side of the door

so i'm having a tough time getting my mind back in the game, but i was thinking the degrees may be time...for example, the top 3 digits could be 645, or 930...the problem is the bottom degrees don't match a specific time that i can tell.

I've got a playing card and 8 candies.
The doll in scene 1 moved, but I don't have a key.

cate, Nikolai's comment at 7:45:
the degrees are used in scene 2 on the circles.

degrees are used in the circles in the second scene

The degrees go in scene 2 cate.
Did anyone figure out where to use the 296-946?
Or the candy or coins for that matter.

i'm an idiot...i've already done that. thank you!

Tiny, the 296-946 goes where the degree clue is.
The coins go in scene 9.

Just got it. Again had to refresh the scene b4 the clue worked! Thankyou!

Oh, duh.
Click on the playing card for the clue to the coins.

so the 296-946 aren't working for me, even after backing out and coming back...may have to start over.

The key is used in scene 1.
Then go back to scene 9 after placing the candies, to get the clue.
Then match the candies as shown in the clue.

OUT!!! phew!

GAAAHHHH!! I accidentally refreshed my game! Not starting over, I was down to 1 key and a bunch of candy. Couldn't find a key hole though, so I'll just be hiding in the game somewhere, eating all the candy, getting diabetes... Thanks everyone ♥

I should've said to go back to scene 1 to match the candies.

Eeewwww. Tiny Apple Slices!
That's too bad.

But now you know where everything goes....
It shouldn't take very long to go through the game again.

tiny, don't feel bad...my clue didn't work first go round and had to start over...i guess i was at a standstill too long...it won't take much time to catch up.:)

HOW do the numbers in scene 1 work with the bushes in scene 3?? I can even get this game started.

Jenny, I had trouble too. And I still don't understand it.
I clicked the right-hand plant 11 times, then the left-hand plant twice.

jenny, click the right bush 1,1. click the left bush 2,2.

Thanks Peggy, that does not make any sense at all, but at least I can start playing now.

Oh, thanks cate.
RH plant, click 2 times, slowly.
LH plant, click twice.

really enjoyable game, g4k...a little buggy, but great game. thank you.

you're welcome, peggy...and, sorry about the absence...was in front of my screen, but yacking, and, i'm not a multi-tasker.

I am stuck again. No idea where the hints are in this game. I need the word hint, the symbols above the word hint. The colours hint for scene 5. I have place one gem in scene 5 need the other one. I have a red face - no idea where that goes lots of candies and 2 coins.

Where does the paper with the 7#'s come from. or the #'s where the degrees are?

jenny, i'm not sure where you are, but do you have any keys or paper clues?

I did not have anything. I finally found a spot for the red face and the heart and got things moving to make it out.

Thanks for all the help.

Now that was a good game G4K Thank you!!! Thanks for the solution! ThxACxo

hmm. Stuck with a second bird, a coin, 6 sweeties and a clue paper 1-9. need a clue for the word puzzle and for the x puzzle

also need a second gem and the seven posts in scene 3 still move so maybe they need to be used again?

ah - the second bird finally sat on the other arrow in scene 7!

What's wrong wit you, all developers? What's with all spinning twisted numbers puzzles? It is a new fashion? Please notice that these puzzles are not likable att all, I think everybody agrees. G4K becomedsomething very odd. It is almost impossible to finish a game without looking at comments or WT-s etc... Before it was different. Good bye!

is anyone still here?
I am so stuck with 8 candies, missing 2 coins for scene 9 and missing a clue for paper in scene 5.
help please

Hotz...I solved it by trials and errors... still d not now how to use 296-946

if i remember I started with the bottom left one, the bar on top gets green

hotz you still here? Candies are for the end of the game.

dani, 296-946 is used in scene 7

ok sharon, but HOW to get to the end?????

sorry Dani, better hint is
is used on 6 numbers in scene 7

wow 296-946 aint working

velovan, maybe look again at clue and try again?
946 is working for me in scene 7

thanks Hotz.. I tried many times..but doesn't work for me..:(

did look at clue over 5 times already.

meh it's not working i give up and am not gonna restart a third time

Dani, velovan, do you have any other unsolved clues/puzzle? maybe you have to do something else first...

only the heart, rose,rings lips puzzle in scene 8

Thanks G4K for solitions. And thanks players for your comments. Nice game.

OK, I opened a new game and stuck at same place.

946 opens the door in middle of scene 7, behind this door, you can find the clue for heart, rose, rings, lips...

I have no button to stop the music. So, not playing. That music is awful.

thanks a lot Hotz...hope next one will be better :)

I couldn't find any clue or hint for 5x5 grid on paper in scene 5, so I had to brute force it. and yes, it was very annoying.

click the squares 1-16
- 8 - 10 -
7 - 9 - 11
- 6 13 12 -
2 5 4 14 15
1 3 - - 16

finally out, that was the worst G4K-game for a long time...

I agree with yopu Hotz
Hated the 5 X 5 grid
No clue
I am a great fan of yours Sharon but please stop sucking up to G4K
Soome of their games like this one suck!!

Most Enjoyable - and especially nice with all the great hints given by fellow players!!

where's the hint for 296-946?
I put this numbers but nothing happens!!

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