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Butterfly Escape 64 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 64

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 64 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. You are enjoying some great time in the great looking house and suddenly you realized that there are 10 butterflies trapped inside. You will need to find them all to release to freedom. Look for clues and objects that could help you to solve different puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Good Morning Angelika!! Nice surprise, we've been missing you!

Thank you Angelika.
Seems like ages since the last one!

the colors clue ...there are a few colors that are really close. For instances use the first red :-)

The clock on the table gives the time to set the microwave - step back and open the door.

The frog chorus is the funniest puzzle I have seen in years!

Great game Angelika!! Thank you so much!! Great to see you! xo ThxACxo

The hearts number puzzle needs two clues to work.

For the heart puzzle each line from the clue in the cupboard adds up to 34.
Use the heart values upstairs in the order shown in your cup of coffee.

Austen,Sharon I am grateful to you for nice comments!хо

For the speakers put one in each speaker while it's playing the music go look at the frog picture for the music notes!

oh but you have to do it one at a time.

Tricky butterfly under the table..

Ah, that's how. Coffeecup is the order. Thanks, Austen.
But don't forget : the arrow puts the numbers in order first, before you use the order from the coffeecup.

Some hints to start with :
- The height of the statues opens a drawer.
- The symbols in the drawer work on the oven.
- Three things are needed to make a delicious cup of coffee : water, a mug, coffee.

Some tricky Butterflies :
1 on the front side of the table, 1 turning a vase around.

Really nice, Angelika, thanks.

It'd be nice if developers bothered to label colors for those of us that can't differentiate between them.

Same problem here Expat I had to get some help with them. I am looking for the mug?

Doing a rerun to find it Bandy.....hold on.

Is the math on the fish wrong?

You're right Expat, and these are very soft tones.
Statues : from left to right :
teal yellow black white.

Sssssspoiler :
Order in drawer : clicking from left to right:
once, twice, not, three times.

Colours per shape in drawer on oven :
from left to right :
yellow, teal, red, pink.

coloured dots, click from left to right :
two times, 13 times, once, 14 times.

The mug bandy comes from the gasstove, the size of the burners.
Use it on the wall between the windows, above the table.

TY Arrie ;)

These just keep getting better

stuck with a vase

The drawer shows (1025+555),
then divide by 10
then add the last number.

13 clicks? Nope too lazy to bother. 12 clicks per door color is my limit...

At least this game has layers to the clues in some instances. Kudos for that.

hahahhaaaa Expat .... sigh ... that's funny.

Elizabeth you get a second vase from using the dots code from the coffee machine on the drawer.

Thank you, arrie. My stupid mistake was, I wasn't following the correct order of operations.

Elizabeth, can you be more specific? What puzzle do you need to solve?

I get 4378 from hearts clue, the coffee mug it would be 4873 am off some were?

Bear I did too at first, that means I'm stupid too, thank you :-).

yes Bandy.

ah got it. black and white

Look at the arrow, and the order is from left to right.
So 4... 7 ...

Bandy, I got 4387 if I remember correctly.

AWWWW I got it LOL

I was one off on order.

5 Am here too early for math LOL

For anyone that gets stuck on the hearts puzzle. You fill in the grid with the missing numbers that will make each column and row equal 34. Then you combine that with the clue from the coffee cup. The bottom row on the grid is 1 and the top row is 4.

Ok out Good game ! Thanks Angelika!

Yes, thank you, Angelika. That was a lot of fun.

arrie, Fudge, bandytrc, Bear thank you very much for nice comments!

This was not good or fun. All the clues were convoluted and some did not even work. colours were impossible to differentiate between and math stuff and order for hearts just plain confusing.
Sorry but I just did not like this one at all.

Hi jenny! I just got into this

Fish statues for sliders:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yay!! What a wonderful surprise! Your games are always, always worth the wait, Angelika. Jumping in. Thanks for making.

Agree with firefly angelika, thanks for your game

Wonderful game Angelika - thank you.

Wow, fantastic game, Angelika! These are creative and difficult, but solvable with thought and logic. Not race and click games and I love them. When the puzzle doesn't work, @Jenny, it means you haven't found the clue yet. Which, can also be a clue in itself, because it works when you have found the clue! Happy gaming! I laughed so hard at the frog chorus! Funny!

FireFly, Dazz,Janet many thanks!

crabby comments are not necessary - these games are always challenging and beautiful

crabby comments are not necessary - these games are always challenging and beautiful

I have all the butterflies, where to let them out and where's my coffee, I obviously need it!

Sorry! I drank it)))

Go to the window

I agree @charliesmom - why say anything at all if you don't like a game - just move on. These games are free and the developers work hard to get them to us. I truly appreciate all their efforts.

Also, if someone could help me, I'm very interested to know who is singing this music...I LOVE his voice, and would like to find more of his music. Thanks!

Glasses!!! I also NEEDED my glasses! LOL

Well I came back to see if Angelika posted anything about labeling colors in the future (so I'd know whether or not to start a puzzle) and I see comments that 'it was too hard' and others suggesting complaining isn't necessary. In case my comments appear to fit the 'complaining' category, I'd like to clarify -- I find escape games that are 'see colors here, enter colors elsewhere' incredibly boring. My comment was on the reality that I don't have as many cones in my eyes as the average human, i.e., I'm "color blind." I simply can't distinguish b/t shades of colors.

So, Angelika, allow me to compliment you on the complexity of this room -- you are making them more and more interesting by adding complexity to the puzzles. Rather than creating rooms that are "see A here, enter A there" the requirement for 2 or more pieces make the puzzles/room interesting.

Keep it up and don't be afraid to borrow ideas from Tesshi (MildEscape) and others that depend on multi-layered clues to achieve escape.

In short, I wasn't trying to disparage the developer and sincerely hope she continues to make them MORE difficult rather than easier. My apologies, Angelika, if you read my comment(s) as insulting your work.

Phew, gotta run now and go save the rain forest, stop climate change and find a cure for trolls...

Had to redo the 5 buttons wall many times to make it work, and only because i read the solution here after having done correctly the first time. It makes me angry.

Expat - it was not your comment about the colors. That is a very valid point and I myself did not read it as a complaint at all! A very helpful tip to game makers! It was another person's comment that the puzzles were convoluted, did not work and were confusing and the game is "not fun" that I was referring to. My point is that these games really are a gift to us, and if someone does not like it for whatever reason, then why say something negative like that?

I agree that developers should take people having trouble distinguishing colors from each other in mind when making games - you are not the only one I have heard saying they can't see the colors, and feel bad that you cannot play some games because of it.

What is the song playing?

Zoe I asked Angelika on Sniff and she answered the song is

Every Heart by Big East

charliesmom, Zoe many thanks! music- The_Big_East_-_Every_Heart.
Expat Thank you, sorry, but I don't know how to do it, because other developers don't do that either,I don't take puzzles in others games, I think out everything itself, of course there are a lot of similar the puzzle happens
Yes it is hard work and almost unpaid, and I am my main work.sorry, I can't think up anything yet..
Dumah there is a button reset, and everything has to work

and I thought I was the only one who kept their coffee stashed in the microwave....haha

Dumah, just so you know it's not you : you're not the only one, I too had to try the buttons three times as well.

@Janet - thanks! I'll check it out - his voice has amazing key changes - kind of like Frank Sinatra in a way!

And thanks Angelika - wonderful game as always!

I loved this game
It was harder and more convoluted BUT it was doable with a little thought
I love how you continue to grow and develop more complex , interesting and fun games without straying from your basic construct of the butterflies
Than you
I look forward to every game and it has been a great pleasure to watch you since your first game to this multilayered complex game designer
Thank you so much.
Once again I am amazed how Sniffmouse has 2 such spectacular game designers.
As I said before I still have a soft spot for the mouse but that is an emotional attachment to the MOUSE rather than butterflies ( I am a guy , what can I say) and in no way reflects on the complexity of the games.
Keep it up , we love you!
(hope that google translate can handle this without screwing it up)

Expat, have no worries about your issue, this is why I post spoilers in some games sometimes, i DO consider those who are color blind, cannot see dark, cannot focus, and other health issues, you have a lot who help here, do not feel dissapointed.
You naughty boy! You broke my vase))))

Dazzy, Dazzy, Dazzy. How I miss you.
You must be in Australia
Still have your magic carpet from prior game.
Maybe will one day be able to take it to visit!!!

Also dazzy , you forgot to say that sometimes you are posting spoilers for some of us who are just plain stupid or cant count.(like me)

So am I stupid too joe, if you are, man
But am afraid you're wrong dude! I'm not in australia, I'm everywhere!!!
But looking forward for your visit joe, you're our only joe

Just guessing

Zoe, Joe M I am very grateful for your nice comments!

Excellent game, Angelika!! Made my brain have a great work out!

Hey Angelika
I hope Google translate translated my message properly

Thank you Angelika for this awesome game!
The frogs made my day! :-)

still do not understand those game

Rüdiger Lupp ,Faye,many thanks!
Hey Joe M, many thanks all is well translated, very nice.

Excellent game Angelika! Thank you :)

many thanks Laura!

A lovely, lovely game, Angelika!! But I really hate to see those butterflies go - they're so pretty!

Allso Cawtious Thank you very much!

Couldn't be happier to get back from a long weekend to a new Butterfly Escape! Great job Angelika!

Andrew Hughes Thank you very much!

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