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Chicka Escape: Final Walkthrough

Chicka Escape: Final

Pixelkobo - Chicka Escape: Final is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Pixel Kobo. In this game, you must find items and solve puzzles with clues in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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I know that clue behind box is L/R clue for dial on right side but can not get it to work?

Have you click down arrow bandytrc?

Yes Meggie and stepped on switch?

Look at opposite walls

I must not be doing it right Nothing happens? Clue looks to be LRLLRRLR.

Note the lights when u turn left from the puzzle wall. (Across the lava pool)

OOOHHH Wait!!!!!! LOL I think I have it!!

Look at opposite wall

Thanks Nini I see it now!

Thanks Meggie!!!

Also watch the lights for order.

Last puzzle? (4 buttons), I'm guessing pattern on the ceiling. Still working on it tho.

Can't seem to figure out how to get the dial to spin a specific direction. Sometimes it spins clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise. I assume the L/R from the wall clue is the directional spin needed, and the position of the arrow what to stop on.

WEEEEEE Fun ride down the elevator !! LOL

Smoke halo step on switch then look left, look at far wall with blinking lights

takes forever to load

I see the blinking lights, bandy. Those are the positions to stop the dial on, correct? and the L/R clue is the direction to spin the dial when you stop on each of those points? How do you get the dial to specifically spin L or R?

Oh no I got hung in doors!! LOL

OK... for pattern on ceiling> Flip 180 degrees and go out -> in.

L?R I found works best at the bottom of horn things.

I have to go I can't even comment for proofing I am not a robot sick of it. Nini can help you best. Thanks for the help.

Ah, ok! I was clicking more or less in the center of the dial, so it randomly seemed to go left or right. Haven't quite gotten it yet, but I'll keep at it.

Hm.. For the real last puzzle lol..:

Go back the corridor and note the orange lights on the arches. (invert for the correct answer)

Stuck at a wall that turns red and then gives me a redo arrow, but I can't back out. Do I have to restart?

Also, I saw near the lava a block, which I moved and found what looked like a L/R clue of squares.

@FireFly, u need to be quick xD

Thanks, @Nini xD. I was trying to go L/R, but I haven't been quick enough yet!

Do I need to duck? This is funny.

Literally banging my head against a virtual wall. :D

Arg. I am stuck. I cannot get past spike doors and I cannot go backwards

@josh, u need to go and click the "back" arrow quickly. Then duck :)

Bummer! I know what to do, but can't do it on touchpad.

I love these games! Maybe the developer would add a couple more seconds to this door? Please? Thanks.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well I originally overthought the first puzzle by wanting to combine L/R direction with dial position. Once I got past that, it was tricky but quite doable and fun. Excellent game!

@smokehalo, how to get past the red/spike door?

@FireFly, Nini answered that one above. You have to go forward and then quickly back, then you can crawl under the doors when they're shut.

I'm stuck at the last puzzle with the 4 square buttons

Yes, I have tried and tried. I see the green arrow change, but can't duck. Oh well. Looks like a great game. :)

I'm in the same place as Chappabee. I see the tile on the ceiling, tried it a couple ways, but have not ben able to get it to work.

Silly door driving me nuts! What am I missing? I click forward, then back, then nothing. Have worn out my clicker. :(

Ohhhh, I didn't see NiniXD's comment, trying it now... yes! Thanks!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay, so the block that I moved DID reveal the L/R clue for the small blocks above the symbol after the red/spikey door. This door took forever, and shouldn't have. Keep clicking on the green arrow, when the doors are closed, click the floor to crawl.
spoiler: lr ll rr lr

I got it! I'm out now! Thanks

Wish I could help more. Stuck upstairs. Maybe lovely @Arrie NL will do one of her fantastic walkthroughs.

Language barrier on the 4 button? Presumably has to do with 14-002, 14-003, 14-004, but there must more of the clue.

I don't know where the 4-button clue came from; the ceiling didn't help me at all. But the last two puzzles are below (from a walkthrough):



Second, puzzle comes from the tunnel when you go backwards; you look at the light positions. The answer with the seven buttons numbered 1-7 clockwise from bottom left:


       Anonymous  5/13/16, 9:12 PM  

Where is the four button puzzle? I've gone through the spikey doors at least half a dozen times now. Clearly I'm missing a view.

Two suggestions.
The spikes door can be passed easily using the keyboard.
The game (well, flash player...) can be paused clicking mouse right.

I like Pielkaboo's games a lot, and especially this series - but this (last?) instalment wasn't the best one... Doors you have to open by entering long sequences of button pushes every single time you pass them, unprompted quick time events, "info" boxes that come up every single time you reach a certain spot...

It was still an enjoyable game... but could have been a little more player-friendly.

Hey, @bio. I never did get out. :P I am stuck upstairs with symbols on two walls. I can descend but can't go anywhere else. Any help is welcome. Funny, I haven't seen a single "info" box. Thanks Dumah and Elmo for your clues.

I've got under the door, but back at the beginning again. I think i'm missing something?

aha! stand in front of the symbol, Then look up!

Awful game

I am also missing the 4 buttons. I feel like I've gone everywhere and tried every view!

Ah, found a little cupboard on the wall near the elevator. I saw it before but it didn't open for me last time I clicked on it.

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