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Coconut Oil Traditional Escape Walkthrough

Coconut Oil Traditional Escape

Primera - Coconut Oil Traditional Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Primera. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Nice! Love these games

nice game, 1 thing leads to another...a couple of times you have to walk away and come back

There must be some link between these developers and Vitamin Hanna.

So it took me forever to figure out I'd find a coconut up in a tree . . . . in case anyone else is as dumb as me, look up!

Yup, healthy, tasty and interesting.

Nice game. Got hung up on the last code from the back of the bottle until I remembered I still had the numbered list in my inventory.

hi ev1

there's also a backside of papers...

look carefully at machete...

machete is used more than once...

water is not first...

coconut has a surprise...

look carefully at mixture in cup...

btw colour door is not the escape one...

after 6, there are some drops when you come back...

filling kitchen utensil found comes first...

another surprise inside hot kitchen utensil...

also a glass has sth like a backside...
(although it's round)

healthy indeed - great game!

Thank you Alpha Omega,knew I was missing a view (machete closeup).

Thanks for the recipe! Here's a walkthrough for fun

1. Go right and take blender cup
2. Open left door of blue hung cabinet and take "to do list". Now, where's the coconut at point 1? Not behind any cabinet or under table???
3. Turn the piece of paper: here's first "green" hint...
4. Open cabinet and take knife. Look carefully at the handle, though...
5. Open door to garden, cut bamboo pole
6. "Climb" the bamboo tree and grab a fruit, now follow instructions number 2 & 3 on your "to do list".
7. Look inside the coconut: a hint for a cabinet door (select indicated round bubbles)
8. Now you can scrape the coconut with the tool. Put the strips in blender cup and go outside to fill it with water
9. Put cup on the electric blender and give it a good shake. Look closely at the cup, how much fruit mixture is there?
10. Input number in cabinet door and take glass jar. What do instructions now say at point 6? Strain it! (Jar below strainer, pour the mixture) Go around until it is done. Take off jar and take another round.
11. Look at the base of the strainer & open cabinet with those white shapes.
12. Fill the pan with coconut mixture and let it cook, wait, don't forget to turn on the fire... (I DID)
13. Take a stroll and come back, there is something written at the pan bottom, open last blue cabinet
14. What?! Another jar? Well, fill it and turn it!
15. Four numbers? Look at your to do list once more, what do those numbers suggest you? Run to open last door and you are out!

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