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Daily Escape 26 Walkthrough

Daily Escape 26

Darakeguma - Daily Escape 26 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Darakeguma. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hes getting better and better...4 tools and 5 different views..beautiful

Out without a walkthrough and hints! In your face, Darakeguma!!! :D


1. Grab stuff.
2. Leave.

@bio, so sorry I was late with this - hope you didn't have too much trouble

Changed it Up
Use screwdriver twice.!!!!!!!!
Confused me for all of 2 secs
All joking aside
I really love these little diversions
Thanx Darakeguma

worst game ever

No, this is not the worst game ever, I totally disagree with that. I've experienced buggy games that are far worse!
THIS is Darakeguma ! YAY.

Now, it's always good to check if all hints are here, so, let me replay the game.

It's shocking to see that you can't do anything in the first scene! Nothing!
And clicking up doesn't do anything either, aaaarrgghhhh!

Go left.
Items used to be for grabs, now look, a saw that's stuck to the wall.
In this scene go down .... and climb on the table. Reach down ....... BANG you fell .. ouch.

Climb back with the cutting tool.
Sit down while the chair is still there (you DO have a cutting tool, don't ya) and drink a cup of tea to recover.

Oh .... delete that last comment, the cuttting tool cuts away the blue ball below the table in the starting scene. And how nice !
A screwdriver. Now where again do we have to use ....... ehm .....

eh .... AH, I remember, somewhere to the left was a saw ... let's see .. YAY ME !
That chair you set down in to recover has to go.
In the starting scene go up and use the saw.
Because there's a box on the floor.

And it's so cool in a game that tools can be used more than once. I mean, we worked so hard to get them and can put them aside after using them once.
Not here. Use the sd to open the box.
What will be in there ... oh ... so exciting.

A key .. a key ?? How do we get to the door?

Ah, we don't, we THROW the key to the door.
Loved it. Thank you Darakeguma :)

PS you sat down in the chair, not set.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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