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Aqua Dome Escape Walkthrough

Aqua Dome Escape

EightGames - Aqua Dome Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. The new studio is ideally located at the entrance of the main entertainment center on the way to the aqua dome. This will give resorts for visitors of all ages, the opportunity to experience the live action and enjoy a variety of promotional activation's on property. I enjoy the things and forget the closing time. Now the main door is locked and I am stuck up inside. Can you please help to find some things and solve the puzzle to Escape from aqua dome. Good luck and have fun!

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And another live game!

you don't need to look for numbers for 'b' or 'g'

Last puzzle................

Thank you skip button!

weird red dot puzzle?

and cant figure smiley faces?

The smiley faces opened for me without any clue, just clicked a few times randomly and it opened up.

I need arrows colour code colour squares LOL 2 smileys and got a button and paper clue??

The paper clue will be used on a round disc that you get from one of the puzzles. I believe you get several color squares from one of the puzzles. Am replaying and will post better hints.

found the sneaky clour code wall below smileys..

4 number disc/wheel comes after doing 6 colors puzzle in 1st room right of start (with d1 on wall), clue for colors is in pool room with smiley puzzle. Need silver button for wheel to work.

You get 3 blue and 1 green squares from 4# wheel puzzle.

out finally..

for me the only 'difficult' thing in this game was the down arrow in starting scene....
last puzzle: all numbers should be the same. I have set all numbers on 0, maybe all other numbers could work.

Lady face puzzle gives key for locked drawer in bathroom, get 2 red buttons for smiley puzzle.

Hotzenplotz, you have more patience than I for these puzzles!

For the smiley puzzle, I am still not sure how I opened it. I clicked on the matching face below as one of the faces sped by and the puzzle opened so maybe you only need to match one face.

can't make smiley faces work

I put the red buttons below smiley faces need 6 got 4

got all smiley faces did same as Maximom clicked one the same & t worked

did the other puzzles & out clever game thanks eight games people best to work this one out yourself lol

I would have given this five stars except there was no clue as to what we were supposed to achieve with the last puzzle. I'm glad there was a skip button as futzing around trying to figure it out was just annoying. I don't know why developers can't specify what the result of a puzzle should be. Mind reading isn't part of the game. Other than that, it was really good.

Last puzzle:
I can easily get all zeroes, but can't achieve any other single number throughout the puzzle.

Last puzzle:
I can achieve all zereos in something like eight steps (not exact count, counting number of side arrows to click, not number of times on each arrow.)

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