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Escape From Saw Mill Factory Walkthrough

Escape From Saw Mill Factory

EightGames - Escape From Saw Mill Factory is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. My friend is a sculptor, who is making wooden statues. He usually buy raw materials from the nearby saw mill factory. After buying raw materials when he is about to leave, he get hurt by a wood and fell down. Without knowing this, the security locked the door and went out. Help him to escape from saw mill factory by using clues and puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape From Saw Mill Factory

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Use knife on chair.

Spell out words on pictogram in order to open panel.

Direction clue corresponds with 4 way colour circles to solve colour puzzle in room one.

where to use the 4 pink pieces...

Numbers from clock correspond to three number/three shape puzzle. Shapes didn't correspond to numbers at all so I BF'd it.


pop - on back wall with the direction clue

Pink pieces go in puzzle on the back wall in the room where the star is.

Chair back goes in holes on machine with the big wheel.

Game spoiled by tedious puzzle with purple/pink pieces and no skip button. Also, the 4x4 color puzzle was tedious.

Hint - knife is used again in last room, back wall.

Ugh, puzzles were awful, and as Maximom said, absolutely tedious. Can't believe I persisted to the end.

BTW, in case anyone didn't get it. the spear head looking thing is the exit key.

Nice game.

there's no orange, the star is yellow

I didn't see a clue for coloured puzzle with blank grid, just copy them

I like your games, EightGames, maybe the puzzles would not seem so tedious if once a hot spot was used it became inactive, it does make such a difference in my opinion :)

Yes, Yvonne, I do like that feature. I also love that Eight Games usually has a Skip button to get out of tedious or slider puzzles. Really missed it on this one.

I can only echo. It went well till that last pink/brown square one. My my how boring that one is, lol.

Hi Lurker, agree on the skip button, also like when game crashes, you can resume the game, not start over.

Maybe my game is buggy but I can't do anything with 2-3 of the puzzles even though I know I've already seen the clues for them.

can't get any of the letters on pictogram puzzle to move.

Same problem, Beatnik Mary. Feels like i missed a whole room. :/

game incredibly easy straight through without helpthis time missing your mind blowing games eight games enjoyed it though

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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