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Scarborough Football Stadium Escape Walkthrough

Scarborough Football Stadium Escape

EightGames - Scarborough Football Stadium Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his UK trip, a tourist trapped inside the Scarborough Football Stadium. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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green whistle in scene 2nd left

Use SD to get word - use word against alphabet numbers for number clue in same scene

puzzle in 2nd scene to left, use all letted found on red/yellow cards

Confusing navigation. Red X

Terrible navigation

number from boot used for word clue first scene

where is yellow card? colored math puzzle doesn't work, I have: red17, yellow22, green17, pink19

Thank God for skip button on last puzzle (again!!)

yellow is 32 (only got it by accident!)

nope, yellow32 doesn't work

sneaky blue whistle is in 1 scene to the right from gate

and I got yellow card from 5 letters code

@ Hotz... count the numbers where the line crosses through the circle instead of around it.

thank you rainbow!! so I missed 1 pink number and yellow number!!

Need help with NXMLZ numbers. Clue is V=2, but my attempts to solve this one still have no results.

any clue for letter/number code?
I can see the alphabet with numbers and V=2, but
56438 or
don't work...

Hotzenplotz, count the number of lines that make up each letter. For example, V=2, N=3, Z=3 etc.

thank you nomelted!!
so the alphabet with numbers was a red herring...

The alphabet with numbers was for 7# code. The clue was a sign STADIUM.

my GOAL clue disappeared from inventory…anyone else?

this one is tough…still missing one whistle, yellow card and one soccer ball (football). quite stuck.

alinpc, GOAL clue with V=2 on it or GOALS clue from whistles? Anyway that means you already used that clue.

thanks nomelted…except I did not use the clue… still closed…may have to restart…not like I have gotten very far anyway :)

I don't understand the red/green ball puzzle where you put the blue ball. What am I doing wrong? Is the football strategy diagram the clue for that?

Okay I got it...you have to click all the buttons indicated by the diagram in the right order before the blue button moves

Single star for stupid navigation!

Goal clue disappears, soccer ball that's left two screens freezes the game entirely. Tried in Firefox, explorer, and chrome. Updated flash.

How are you guys managing to play?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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