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Ena Rescue From Penitentiary 2 Walkthrough

Ena Rescue From Penitentiary 2

EnaGames - Ena Rescue From Penitentiary Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Assume a situation that you and your boss is locked in penitentiary. As a player, you are going to escape from penitentiary and also you are going to rescue him using your talents. This is not going to be a easier one as there is a tight security. Rescuing your boss would be achievable only if you have determination and courageous to do it. It is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi all :-)

grid hint

lighter squares on wall are red in puzzle

use iron rod on ground

use iron rod on floor - bowling ball into puzzle

Hi Alpha - been a while!

crumpled paper plus acid for lock

ball for box

all lines have to be red

scroll and iron bar make fire

hi Robert
a pretty long time indeed...

steady hand for the ball puzzle!

From round maze arm hurts)))

where is this iron rod???

you don't need two stars

V means pink

iron rod from window

This comment has been removed by the author.

O)) and If you zoom in ,it is much easier to pass the maze)

numbers go beyond 10

Face from computer for red triangle puzzle

gold balls go on the outside of the puzzle for next password

Hey dudes! Took time where to make fire, on the window

key in top pocket of guard

pw click 2x for B, G is later

Released prisoner) Interesting game)

stuck with 3 papers with #'s on them, a key and a second password. What am I searching for on computer opened with 1st password??

Jenny - the papers - each line has a different number, this is for number clue on drawer (numbers go up more than 10...)

Thanks Robert.

Thanks robert for blue and gold puzzle buthow was I supposed to know the gold balls are out?

for zig-zag puzzle I started to put dots at the bottom first

only 4 gold balls :-)

Thanks alpha dude!!
Have a paper with second password and can't do anything on pc with 'search'?

mission complete
lazy cops everywhere LOL

click magnifier

Had to get the 4# first:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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