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Escape Challenge 7 Walkthrough

Escape Challenge 7

TomoLaSiDo - Escape Challenge 7 is another Japanese point and click type escape game developed by TomoLaSiDo. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Great way to start the day !

you have to put something green in the little hole at the wall number.

but number doesn't work :-(

Hi beeve716, have the feeling that none of the codes work.L/R from the leaves on the wall, Y/G code from the pics, numbers from wall, no result.

yes, same here, and no idea about the strange clock, giving up and rushing to work... will check back later

Y/G code works if you count right.....

out with 4 leaves

Could leave without having opened the # or L/R drawer, weird. Only code that worked was the Y/G one.

kevaus, did you manage to open any of the other drawers ?

same here, none of the code worked but green/yellow, left with 5/8 leaves

for green/yellow: Yellow #s are 3 4 5 6, green #s are 1 2 7 8 9

i did manage to get 3 num drawer open 1st time,but can't get it open this time

also can't get leaf off man in toilet

The clock indicates that left leaves are x 3 - so LLL R LLL LLL R - gives me 6th leaf

Hi... For the L/R code, you have to follow the leaves on the wall AND the clock... There is one step between each leaf on the right side and three steps on the left side...

Each number not leaf ^^

hmmmm, you can make L, S, M from the #s on the wall - but 7,3,5 still doesn't work - not sure but I might be on to something

i brute forced it 1st time around,but can't seem to get it now

in toilet the man shows where to find a leaf (follow his finger) ;)

The three-digits code does not begin with 7... I have checked all the combination between 700 and 800 unsuccessfully... It is very hard, this one!

Eureka! 753 are the three number to find in the two frames on the wall... 7 has one leaf... 5 has 5 leaves and 3 has two leaves!

great ! thanks

nice goin', Cerkill! I'm still missing 1 leaf, but I think I'll say I'm done. Good game!

btw why do the Japanese games get moved down while 8Games and other inferior ones stay at the top of the page?

out with 8, there's one just outside the door

The leaf in the toilet is on the floor. When you get to the man on the wall ignore the leaf on his butt and click just above the toilet seat.

The last leaf you will find it when you will leave the room... click bottom left in the door before exiting.

finito Open The Can!

close drawers first to be able to leave zoom

funny toilet scene
& tricky!

thx for the wonderful music

put leaves on wall number

you have to find 8 leaves

very nice game, a bigger screen would be fine
(even with max zoom)

thx ev1 for the hints here

Game keeps freezing on me?

753 didn't work for me :(
Couldn't take leaves from guy in toilet

look at the 2 leaf pics, count how many leaves are making the number 7 (1), same for the other numbers

in toilet click seat, then follow the green arrows
(start with going to the right)
dude in toilet is pointing down, look there

Well... this one definitely isn't one of my favourote games from this developer :(

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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