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Escape from Fort Yard Walkthrough

Escape from Fort Yard

Escape007Games - Escape from Fort Yard is another point and click escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you are trapped inside the abandoned fort yard. The fort yard was abandoned long time ago. It’s a great challenge for you. Collect the necessary object and solve puzzles and try to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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Look close at arrow buttons for things to pick up.

tricky little piece of wire or string in the 3rd room left of start scene(where the round door with keyhole is).

Only one battery needed for flash light

Just a thought 007 games could you # the scenes ? Would be a big help!

so many Selfdefiant clones...
(among them, he's the master)

Hexagon and torch second scene dudes!

Stick used in scene were it is painted Queens above door.

Hexagon and handle under color clue

Little red bar looking things go in start scene

Use magnet and string in hole start scene

Hammer head: go last right then click behind

little tuft of grass to keep an eye out for in last scene.

Swords used on box with 3 holes

Use Flash light after key for word clue

good game, thank you 007.

Can't find last sword??

my last red bar thingie behind fallen chair of 2 in scene with red dot puzzle - also hint for box in inventory there on wall

Got it in grass LOL

or more coloured dot puzzle & not chair but table half (zoom)

bandy, did you get the one cate gave clue for 10.29?

Yes yvonne thank you I was looking for something to cut Grass with LOL

That was a good game!

use hammer in green David / exit scene (zoom)

someone remember where string is?

AO, cate's post 10.29

ah thx missed that comment...

again a pretty confusing navigation...

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AO It was in the grass were word puzzle was

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where is the clue for the ball with the hexagons?

hint for box in inventory on wall where coloured dot puzzle is with fallen table halves

string: near the down arrow in scene with round safe for which you need a key

clue for 4 pentagons on wall, center up, in scene with colored balls puzzle

Thanks. I must have looked at the wall a dozen times.

Ug, needs a skip button for last button puzzle. Xing out. :(

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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