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Escape From The Lanesborough Walkthrough

Escape From The Lanesborough

EightGames - Escape From The Lanesborough is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his trip, a tourist trapped inside The Lanesborough. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hello robert! having a tough time with the 4 number paper/grid thing.

ah, got it...you have to make a "path" of green lights from one number to the other. if you get it right, a colored light will show at bottom.

put candles in room with blue/red/yellow/green square puzzle

Arghh - I missed a scene!

I love toad in the hole!

Cate how to make 4-4 work for last color?

NVM Just erase the others around it .

the 4-4 you just click on the remaining red lights...i think there are two...it's a straight line down.

Anyone use the flash light yet?

good game eightgames...thank you!

yes, bandy...use the flashlight on the row of 5 glasses that you acquire.

Just found that thanks cate!!

you're welcome.

just going in will try to catch up

lots of stuff on the tables don't forget to strike your match

hmm got some galsses no spanch though

should have said firestick for match

LOL the key was there the whole time.

LOL what a menu (2nd one) ;-P

fish for bar puzzle below 12345 red squares
(thought coloured lines as a hint, doh)

lovely tomato's counted my pips

at 12345 red square puzzle connect the corresponding numbers with green squares (start on top) as per assembled paper pieces for colour hint

missing one galss can't get the full red squares to work with the clue

got the blue & orange lit up est not happening must be dong something worong

red square puzzle example first 2 numbers on paper


start on top below 2, go 4 down & right to 4

got the blue & orange lit up est not happening must be dong something worong

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

duh wasn't doing the L shapes

thanks Alphomega got the first two that way the others stayed dunno how I got them lol

strange 2 of my previous comments came up again I deleted them

yw joycy

sometimes blogger has a hickup...

well got out anyway nice game

rats! my calculator in game doesn't work properly (darn touchpad)...
can't finish game :-(

AlphaOmega you have to press the + button to get the answer

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Finally! The normal scroll of the items bar! Thanks!

I'm not really sure how I solved some of the puzzles but it was fun!

Hate the stupid revolving puzzles that seem all too prevalent in these games. They've been done to death and show a lack of imagination. That said, I won't score it down as it had a skip button, and otherwise it was a great game. I just wish the developers would come up with something more original and clever than spinner and slider puzzles.

Escape Games is the best game everywhere throughout the world. I love to play puzzling and thriller games and escape game is a full bundle of these.

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