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Living Room Escape Walkthrough

Living Room Escape

Flatsan - Living Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Flatsan. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Color code opened the image on the same nightstand

Color spinner set.She twirled and stopped. For the flower pot tip. Where is it?

Understood) To the picture on the wall)

Cute game)

I am not getting the color code?

3 color code came from Italy - flag. I do not understand 5 number code - I put key in and push button, I see 5 colors and hearts but combinations from up to down and opposite are not working.

bandy - sneaky panel on left of coloured hearts

from up to down it finally worked! POP

Color red white and I do not remember what. In the picture on the big circle to three small color images.

Sorry. Green ,white red. The painting leaves,onion and cherry.

Cute game

in cb near door (opened with colored hearts position after pushing button in cb) put blue thing and use lamp to get number code

good game !

I enjoyed this very muuuuch!:)-

Can I have a walkthrough? I'm stuck.

Oh suddenly understood Nafanja's clue about the 3 colours, thanks!


1. move cushion on floor & pick up blue "bookmark" to be used later
2. lift up cushion on couch and take red handle
3.watch red cabinet and funny "speaking" flower, look at picture on wall
4. room2, book in shelf note cover pattern, copy numbers in inner page: how do they refer to funny flower?
5. go and open red cabinet in room1, there's something in the jar, click on it
6.in room 2 there's a stand which look suitable for pinwheel, but it doesn't stay there
7. picture on top of yellow cabinet has a hint on the back that opens the 3 buttons cabinet door.
8. go back to "speaking" flower, use numbers from book to work out the the 3 colour-hint for cabinet door.(It is a country's flag)
9.fix the key to the handle & open blue door in room3. Switch on, look at the colors of hanging strips.
10. open the other blue door in room3. Five numbers, hmmm. Go back to hanging strips and count the position of the same color of the flower on top. (the first is 3)
11.input the numbers, you can finally place your "bookmark". Wait, use the torch there and read 4#. They open last door of yellow cabinet. A pin for your pinwheel! Place it on stand!
12. Inside last cabinet there is also a picture of the pink vase on shelf. Move it and see the color hint.
13. They're the same colors in the pinwheel, notice the position of the points (as if they were arrows), not down the sequence according to colors behind vase. (the first is bottom left)
14.Click on the corners of picture in room1, you'll finally get the golden key out! SPOILER

bl br tr bl tl tr br

thx Giuse for the WT :-)

Thanks Guise A!

thank you Giuse for the walkthrough x

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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