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Locked Horse Farm Escape Walkthrough

Locked Horse Farm Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Locked Horse Farm Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, you have to help a person who is working in this horse farm. He has been locked in one of the rooms by mistake. You must do something to help him escape from the room. Search around the farm and gather things that can be used in solving the puzzles and helping the man escape. Good luck and have fun!

Play Locked Horse Farm Escape

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Not good stuck in first scene Have a key but no place to use it?

AWW There is 2 keys!!

2 keys in start scene

Me too Bandy. Also found 'pause button', wooden circle and 1 horse shoe. Can't find anything else to do here.

The slider/number clue in the first scene is used twice.

Can't get slider to work?

The man with no name!

Do the slider the other way up Bandy.

OOPPS I did not notice the #'s on slider clue now it works LOL

Concho goes on puzzle in scene were horse has butt towards you

Last scene right I might add.

The ABC paper is the clue for the nightstand buttons.

Now what to do with ABC Hint?

Ask and receive LOL Thanks Bear!

The two letter clue is up in the right hand corner of the scene with the single horse and cactus.

The coloured number puzzle on the box is from the rows of horses clues all over the place - but red is wrong. It's 2.

The wooden triangles go on the door where the cowboy is.

The horses/color clue is correct. Only count the biggest circles.

Where did you get a paper for the abc hint?

I need one last triangle. I'm guessing it is inside the slider puzzle, but I can't get it to work.

Aha Bear - you mean the POSITION of the big circles? I was counting the number of all of them. That makes sense, as the big circle is at the end of all the colours except the red.

Does red come from paper hint?

Try the slider the other way up, Bear.

Most likely a hidden key, Jenny. They are craftily hidden, almost invisible.

Bear look at #'s in slider hint

Yep Bandy.

I just used 3234 on the slider and it worked fine. Strange, it wouldn't work before...

Thanks Clodagh

Finally out.

I have used all the keys 3 I think. where is clue for cactus barrel? and I still need 2 triangles and where is box for horses found around?

I am so sick of this proofing I am not a robot I could puke!!!!

The clue for the cactus is inside the colored circles puzzle.

Just click and drag the circles to move them.

Missing one coloured circle too, and one horseshoe, but thanks Bear.

Jenny, did you get the circle last scene above the door?

Yes thanks Yvonne.
I finally looked at a walkthrough and made it out.
Thanks for all they help.

I can't get the ABC hint to work for the buttons at all. :(

Oh.My.God. I just tried the EXACT same combination of buttons in the nightstand about 8 times, and then the 9th time it worked....SAME COMBO. I hate this game.

Same thing with the last door. Entered the EXACT SAME COMBINATION 3 times before the game would open the door. ARGGGHHHH

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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