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Mirchi Escape The Rabbit Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape The Rabbit

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape The Rabbit is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to help a rabbit in the cage in each stage and escape from the forest. Rabbit needs your help now to escape from the forest. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Game has been updated.

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Another Mirchi for lunch! Great!

Oh, just seen that, hi Rüdiger! Strange playing Mirchi games without Dazz, isn't it?

Hi Meritneith!
It is! Where is she? Haven't seen her for a long time ...

Do you have an idea with the birds on the tree and the arrows?

She seems to be abroad for a few days. Hope she returns well!

I'm now in the fourth scene with the door and the maths. Just wait a second!

Okay, I've just arrived in that scene you mentioned. Rushing in.

Got it! Look at the colours of the arrow box. There's only one single bird with eache colour and it's either looking to the left or to the right. Put the arrows into that direction and ignore the other birds.

The worst you can do in this game is overthinking, LOL!

Thought this was easy until got to the 4 numbers in the tent. Presuming the clue is the letters on the Forest sign, but cant make anything work. Any hints please?

Great game! Thank you, Mirchi!
A bit tricky this time!
Very vanguard music! Liked it!

Hi Sue, A=1... ;-)

Hi Meritneith. I tried that, in the order the letters are on the sign and also using the 1, 2, 3 ,4 clue, but it's not working. I am obviously missing something obvious LOL

NVM Got it :) Thank you

Out now, very nice game with all levels from kidding to quite hard.

For the music: Far back when I went to school I chose music for major subject in my senior classes. Our teacher loved postmodern classical music so we had hundreds of lessons listening and analyzing music like that. And concerts you left with hurting teeth...

Thanks Mirchi!

In the tent is a pink ball. After it's in inventory don't click it until you need it for the box. My pink ball disappeared twice.

A few coding issues. Occasionally when clicking the arrow for the next scene, the game would launch a new window of the same game. Other than that, good game!

A few coding issues. Occasionally when clicking the arrow for the next scene, the game would launch a new window of the same game. Other than that, good game!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hello players, we fixed the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep playing escape games. Thank you.

For the math door, the answers are 1 to 6. That is the order in which to press the left and right buttons.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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