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Mountain House Escape 3 Walkthrough

Mountain House Escape 3

Games4King - G4K Mountain House Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you are trapped inside a lonely house in a mountain. As it is the only house in the mountain, you can’t seek for any help from others. You have to escape yourself from the lonely house. So use your puzzle solving skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the lonely house. Good luck and have fun!

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Well this don't look good I am stuck and can't even get started. LOL

Stick goes in hole to the left of door. Colors go above door in arrow order.

Placed one stick in left scene I think I need another?

Thanks Tiquer!!

Looking now for one more disk ?

For helmets it is position of horns, not that horns are facing up or down. Confusing.

Disks go in window frame. Stuck.

Oh wait, I have pliers hidden in the far right of inventory.

Key goes on right of scene with big grid of colored squares.

Red leaf hidden in room through bars, between the 2 key holes

when you open left door with colors code (hint papier start view), return look at paper, another code now

351624: push 3rd green button, then 5th, etc.

@Tiquer where are yound pliers please ?

2nd stick in room with EMP clue


I can't get those arms ( L/R ) clue to work?

Secret compartment in the left cabinet where the 6 stars go. Nothing there?

Where is the CLUE for the L/R arms??

Jenny I think it second clue on paper in start scene ?

After you use one clue from it go back and look again for another clue.

I thought that clue near the open changed, but wasn't sure.

What do I do with the coloured squares grid 1 right of start scene?

Clue paper with shapes I think goes on 4 colored disk puzzle, look at middle of colored gems for shape.

Haven't used those colored grid of squares to right of start, yet.

AHH well good luck I am out of here.

I am stuck with a key and a paper with coloured #'s

Ill Be damned I tryed one more time and it opend.

Colored gem puzzle is a pain. They move only clockwise, so plan well. Line them up using left 4 holes in the row. Right hole is left empty.

Don't forget to turn the flashlight on

Math answer goes on 4 stereo-like bar puzzle

got the L/R ==> pliers and 6th symbol
spoiler (from face view)

R blue, L red, R blue, L red, R red, R red, L blue, L blue

seb, thank you very much for your hint to look on paper for second clue!!!!

Thanks for all the hints here.
but I am stuck again. used key (right of coloured squares grid) but now I am left with coloured #'s paper and shapes clue, leaf and green thing.

Side activity: Hyperloop test was cool

Jenny, I'm stuck at same place.

No idea what to to with times paper either.
or the 23 from the TV.

I also have the soccer ball where those items go.

Thanks Tiquer at least I am not alone.

Where did you get a soccer ball?

Haven't used that calendar in the room where colored grid is. The faraway view shows a colored calendar, closeup shows no colors.

I think soccer ball was in the puzzle with the bar. In room behind where bars where, and to the right. The 7 green buttons were in that room, too.

Could those colored numbers on clue correspond to 4 days on calendar?

Yup, that was it!

And I'm out. Last two stars come quickly at end. I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for the hidden cabinet.

What do coloured #'s have to do with calendar? I don't understand.

What hidden cabinet??

The grid matches the calendar format. Ignore the squares already colored, color the 4 dates with the color on the note.

Purple is a few clicks past pink, I had trouble differentiating between the two colors.

Score: 54979

Hidden cabinet was in the room where 6 stars are placed, where the flashlight was used.

Don't know why this game is only rated 3 stars now. It works fine.

Thanks again Tiquer!

This game is very linear, the clues left here should be about the order you'll also progress through the game.

Wow what a game G4K! Tiquer some great hints TY! Thanks G4K and as always ThxACxo.

Thanx guys
Could not have done without you
Cant blame the game for my incompetence
Agree with Tiquer
Linear game!

can't get the green buttons to work.

Have a tv remote and the new paper clue 7831/4265. don't know how to procede

@Ginner -- 351624: push 3rd green button, then 5th, etc. I'm not a fan of this type of clue since it can interpreted two ways (actually three).

I am stuck after getting through the door. Have new paper clue have no idea what to do with it, 4# code or the 4 gems order. Let alone the calendar and the color box.

well I finally got the paper clue to work for the arms. For others the top number is for the red arms and the bottom for the blue. On each set the numbers on the left side are for the left side of the color it goes to. So 78 is for left red side. 42 is for left blue side. Hope this helps someone.

Color digit clue is used with calendar and color grid. Where the number is on the calendar is where it goes on the grid in that color. So 3 which is orange will go top row all the way right top of blue column. And so on

my no. for the green buttons is 351264 and I cannot get them to work. any ideas?

Press in this order: 351624 so 3rd button first then 5th button, then 1st button, then 6th button, then 2nd button and then last is the 4th button. Hope that helps

I'm stuck with a shapes clue, can't find clue for sliders, need flashlight and 2 more star things.

jenjen, the shapes clue is the clue for the sliders...look closely at the image on each button.

when you do the colored button slider thingy, everything will fall in to place. you'll get the flashlight which you can use to get the clue for the 4 column counter.

Slider where 6 green buttons are on the red desk? I don't see shapes on the buttons. I tried the number of sides for the shapes and the number of letters in their names.

I am so dumb just realized there were shapes on the gems for that slider. Thank you so much for giving that hint so I would go check it again.

sorry, bit of confusion. go to the scene with the tv and the 4 colored slider buttons underneath. look at the images on each one and put them in the order of the clue.

Yup I got it see above. Thank you once again. I've been working on this one so long my brain is drained. lol

you're welcome. and, i know what you mean...sometimes i have to just walk away and clear my head and then come back to it. :)

That is the weirdest looking snake ever. I'm about out. januarii R do you need any more help?

Cate yes same here. I just get so stubborn because I don't like to give up. I don't like to watch the W/T or look at the clues left by others. Sometimes I just need a kick start to get going or get going again. LOL!

yes, i'm like you...i figure there is a solution and then bang my head against the wall because i can't figure it out...a little nudge is always nice.

I bang my head again when I realize it was right in front of my face. LOL! See you in the next one!

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