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Mr. Hint Escape 9: Coin Escape Walkthrough

Mr. Hint Escape 9: Coin Escape

HintSan - Mr. Hint Escape 9: Coin Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Hint San. In this game, you are locked in a garage. You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. There are three possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Language barrier may be a problem!

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get coin under desk

im stuck with rgbyrgb did it in frame and arrows and nothing happens

go it! look arrows direction on frame

Stick at plant

stuck in 1 green 1 orange 3 yellow and 3 red i dont know what to do i tried everything help!!

I'm at the same place

me too!

i have like 24 minutes stuck there.. need help

got a key from 4 letters.

roberto please explain

numbers on coin means the letter of color.

1 green = G, 2 orange = O, and so on.

i did it but dosent work.. GOYR

Thank you Roberto.


got a sd and another silver coin.
Wrong word jonatan.

1st letter Green, 1 letter Orange, 3rd letter in yeLlow, 4th letter in reD

Now I have 3 silver coins, 3 gold coins and the color clue.

Use on corners of picture.

got a big coin and out! What a wonderful game!!!

And out.

Excellent game, so cute.

Did anyone open the right-most CB? It's still locked, but you can leave. I figured it's a bonus of some kind (to get an ending better than "Very Good"), but I can't see how to open it.

Ah! Got it. Had to use the flashlight again.

Simple question: Instead of giving some table of translation, which one doesn't even know how to use, why don't you just give an English version?

'cause it implies more work!
Anyway, save that page in the bookmarks, it's gold!!!

no language barrier, all in english

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What to do with the BLUE. GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW , RED, PURPLE, clue? Must have to do with the picture on wall with the colors. but the coin had different numbers ... stuck

Pop. Use color clue on L/R buttons. Blue (2) = Left, Green (2) = R etc...

So i got the stick and then the coin, but now what??? I've put the moon coin in the moon slot repeatedly, but all it does is light up 5 green lights. can't find anything else to do. Would really like it if someone could leave a few more clues! I'll bbl.

put a coin, after light in green look at coin (hint on it) and repeat that for each coin :)

Where are the other coins? All I have is the moon coin with the mark on the back.

put moon coin in moon slot on wall, take it back and look letter on coin, repeat 5x = word clue for moon box on cb ==> star coin

ans so on, put star coin in star slot, look at clue on coin each time for another code...

Dunno where I was in the game - probably close to the end - when my time was suddenly up.
I never realized it was a timed game - and, atlough I like this developer's games, I'm not gonna redo much of this game just to reach the end...

That was an unwelcome surprise.

running out of time is first of three endings.

not getting silver star clue with green horizontal and vertical lines and 6051.

how to get key from coinicon painting? Where is screwdriver?

add green bar on number of coin (eg 6+ vertical bar = 8, 1+ horizontal bar = 7)

you need all the coins to get key behind pic coin icon

@seb thanks. moving on.

where to use silver moon clue of nine colors?

picture on wall. click corners (red and blue makes purple) etc.

red button under dresser for bonus coin.

really enjoyed this one...thank you, mr. hint.

There is a bug where one gold coin is lost. Have to replay.

don't forget to pick them up from slot machines

Out with no help, though forgot about last cabinet. Was stumped with lime green color, then just tried the corner between green and yellow and it worked! Great game. 5 star.

Notice the symbols on each puzzle, and the color of each. It points to where clues are used.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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