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Oddball Escapes the Biosphere Walkthrough

Oddball Escapes the Biosphere

ArtKivez - Oddball Escapes the Biosphere is another point and click escape game from Art Kivez. Oddball got separated from his family while on a tour of the biosphere. Unfortunately he was locked inside. Help Oddball escape the bio sphere! Good luck and have fun!

Play Oddball Escapes the Biosphere

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hi all :-)
slow loading...
(seems a big game)

Pot behind cactus

Hey alpha dude!!!

LOL The vine is funny!!

This game is cracking me up!!

# hint used in highlands room

funny game LOL

stalagmites/-tites for arrows

you can get a potato from garden

Cave has clue for arrows:


Use FT # in control room

Now looking for some water?

Ant farm for 4#:


Frozen sign for mountain environment

Looking for some colored hints Need 2 ?

Get wat from cave and use on hivhway up, raise the temperature

have a boiled potatoe now

faucet for cave will help

Boil potato then turn back to normal to take it

powered wetlands

Boiled potato forpower station between wires

Use ladder in wetlands

now you can take step ladder - bye gator

Still no color hints?

have a look at submarine

Just saw that AO Thank you!

Hexagon color hint on boat, make the others yellow


other colour code under water

ah the infamous sd LOL

Click on the monkey to transport you

Starfish for closet


My S/D won't work on gate underwater?

you can't exit the submarine

a submarine with an arm...

Attach the sd on the submarine to open

Humm moved the arm but?

very nice game :-)

Do that before diving

OOHHH Thank you Dazz.

I liked this one was good!

See you later dudes!

crap game, sd do not attach to the submarine

Agree akofod, this part was annoying, you need to be on surface to attach it

Cute game and funny dialogue

Great game. I enjoyed this a lot.

This comment has been removed by the author.

A wonderful game) is Not immediately able to find a potato and stick a screwdriver)

Great, fun game! Look forward to next episode, thanks ArtKivez!

In which Selfdefiant shows his sense of humour

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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