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Potion Shop Escape Walkthrough

Potion Shop Escape

Potion Shop Escape is another HTML5 based point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You went to the potion shop to look around. Once inside, you noticed the door was locked! Now you must figure out how to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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very easy and good

Still need green gem; hotspot above the bookcase, but nothing in inventory with which to break the stone.

Cute game - graphics were good but played it before I realized I could enlarge it in my browser. That helped to see the game better

Nvm - found a second red gem for the key to get out.

Nvm - found a second red gem for the key to get out.

brew potion for plant. roman numerals above fireplace for 4 # code.

You can click on green book on shelf. No hotspots on some items, so clicky clicky on things!

Gotta be a glitch in the game. Go back to the green box again and got another red gem. I can keep going back to get another.

Green gem in book on middle of bookcase

Short but nice.

HTML5 is faster than Flash, but there's one slight problem... the pictures do not scale well. I need to zoom in in these games to maximize the view, and in this game the image pixelates a LOT when zooming in. Vector graphics work better in this sense.

way too easy, desapointing for an SD game

Yeah, that didn't work too well. I couldn't pour my potion on the plant, and I got a second gem from the green box to escape the lazy way. Maybe because I enlarged the game?

I think SD is learning HTML5 so forgiven LOL

Forgiven, absolutely! SD is still the best in town.


is it playable offline in smartphones?

I tend not to comment too much on SD games
I have a great affection for a little mouse well known to you all, I have grown to love butterflies and a certain little ghost and multiple others too numerous to mention
When it comes to variability of games , types of games, Variability of degrees of difficulty there is NO ONE like SD
I have enjoyed every different game he makes
Some are easy
Some are hard
Some are silly
Some feature lazy arse grandpas and gold extorting old women but each have been fun to play
In geenral there are very few bugs and he corrects them immediately we point it out
So I admit I am biased for SD and make few comments cause my comments are not balanced
Thanx for everything SD

Joe M: Very well said! I agree 1,00000 percent!

I have the same issue as @karikakuri: the game itself was very small on the screen, when zoomed in, big pixels were a bit annoying. Otherwise, nice game.
HINT for the game: not every area in game is shown with handHINT

Same glitch with green box. Got another red gem, and out. :(

Same old, same old SD. His imagination was exhausted around 2009 and now he just goes through the motions (and, presumably, people pay him for that). Is his house full of jammed drawers? Is a screwdriver always handy?

Same old puzzles .... yawn ...

Hey Sioban Longs sister
See my note @ 0929
If you are bored with him
Dont play him
Why be bitchy?

Well this first attempt is good.
Keep studing!

You poor sad man, Joe M.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm agree with Siobhan.
SD game are always the same since many years. :-( It's quite boring !
He should post less games but with better quality, like tesshie ou ichima caffee.

Nice one SD. A little small but playable and fun as always.

Hey siobahn! Need a story to keep you entertained? Maybe I should send you a pillownext time you yawn!

Thanks selfdefiant! That was nice game and escape games is nothing without you despite other's noses


SD is getting better and i like the old classic style, reminds me of "old" good game


Thank you SD, not only do I appreciate your games very much but I also appreciate being able to play them for free, something which seems to be forgotten by other commenters on this site periodically.

Awesome game

As I said SLS
Why be a bitch
i guess because u can hide behind your sisters name

She's a troll. Best to just ignore her.

SD's always willing to try something new. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes there's just a learning curve. I like the comment about not playing a developer if you don't like their style. Beats trolling.

Thanks everyone! Yes, I have developed a system for making my games, to some they might seem similar but from many years of developing games, when you find something that works, you stick with it. I have never forced anyone to play my games, well maybe my wife! That doesn't count though. :)

Well, I speak for myself but thanks to your wife for standing by you as you "do your thing" here....much appreciated, Mrs. Selfdefiant. Or should I say Mrs. Sneaky....

Nice game as usual.

It's been a while since I wrote a comment to one of SD's games as I usually don't catch them live. But I want to put this straight: Playing over the years and keeping in mind some circumstances he's one of if not the most talented game developers.

Yes, some things are repeating like the screwdriver to open drawers. Yet you still have to find it, and even other developers have things they bring back in some of their games, e.g. Tesshie's bottles or carts you have to build, not to speak about the lipstick and the key in Sniffmouse games. You can't reinvent the wheel everytime.

Then think about how often SD publishes games - almost every day, and some are for children so they can't be too hard. We have to wait months (Tomatea, Tesshie) or even years (Neutral or Robamimi) for other new games. Compared to the Asylums, are they so much better?

From all daily or almost daily games I just play Mirchi, Games2Jolly, sometimes ENA, and SD doesn't have to hide behind them.

Thank you for all those little fun hours, SD, and best wishes to Mrs SD.

What really bugs me SD is that people pick on you when all our favourite developers even Tesshie E and Ichiban Cafe and Gamershood in the past and Ainars in the past and Angelika and Sniffie have a methodical basic theme that they use.
Thats what makes the game fun and we develop a love for those game styles.
You, SD have multiple differing styles so I dont understand why people pick on you cause some of your games are easy.
I felt I had to say something but appreciate your reticence to get into a pissing contest with bitchy trolls who dont appreciate free games.
And thanx to Mrs SD for being our beta tester
I will shut up now

I just read your post Meritneith
I am 100% with you

Like I said dudes, escape games is no escape without selfdefiant, he's number one to me
Joe, when you speak you clear all the black clouds off,please go on! I will send you a microphone so your voice could be heard))

Well meritneith, of course there has to be repeated search for screwdivers or cutters because I keep hiding them))

Yay Dazz
Luv ya
Thanx for the support

Hey Dazzy
perhaps I should run for US president on the platform of free computer games for All
Oh I cant
Not born here

You're a beloved friend here joey, thanks for your courageous fight against trolls!!!

Vote for joe everyone!!! No coffee break till you're all done

The hint for the green box is not working no matter what order I put the letters in.

Nis34r - for green box - need to anagram the letters - old song "Do you believe in *****?



WOOOOOT!!!! Selfdefiant! I love you! I have been unable to get my computer to play most of your games lately, which has made me very sad, because I adore your style. Yes as some have noted, there are common themes, but the beautiful visuals and fun little surprises are what make it so much fun.

This HTML5 game worked perfectly on my browser. I hope you can make more HTML5 games, as I have pretty much despaired of getting your other games to work until I finally get a new computer, which isn't in my budget right now.

So again, thank you! This game was short, but sweet, and I very much enjoyed it.

BTW, I still have the game playing even after finishing, because I like the music. ;-)

The HTML was slightly glitch for navigation but OK overall. The music took the cake.

This was a bit laggy, but a cute game. I always like selfdefiant games because of the mix. I love the asylum games most of all, but the cute one offs, and the little series are fun, too. Plus there are varying degrees of difficulties. Some games I love, some aren't my thing. I'll never understand why people have to stop and leave a rude comment if they don't like a particular developer's style. No one is holding a gun to your head to play. Concrit is one thing, but almost every comment I've seen from Siobhán Long's sister is bitchy and nasty whether it's to developers or other players. Says way more about her than it does about the people she comments about. Must be hard to walk straight with a chip on your shoulder that big. I'll always be a fan of selfdefiant.

I play games by specific developers because I know what I'm going to get, and know I'll enjoy it. If I don't like a developer's style, I don't play their games. If you don't like chicken, don't go to KFC. I've played almost all of SD's games over the years, and will keep doing so - they're what I expect from him, with occasional little surprises to keep me on my toes, and always a fun little escape from the real world. Thanks SD.

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