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Preschool Kid Escape Walkthrough

Preschool Kid Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Preschool Kid Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, a kid has been locked inside this preschool by mistake. The kid is unable to open the door. You must do something to help the kid escape from the preschool. Interact with objects and solve puzzles to open the door. Good luck and have fun!

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Front right room:
stick under fence, key on fence, paintbrush in bag

3 # scratched on wall in start room next to colorful buttons.

Lots of places to zoom in, but nothing to do.

Have to quit for now. Guess i'll come back later.

Come back maryd02893 - we can get stuck in company :)

Key is broken, needs lower part.

3-numbers in scene 2 gives artist's brush

Chameleon on table leg

Zu I will be stuck with you also LOL

Lots of puzzles/hotspots in classrooms via upper arrow right.

I tried to wack the lizzard with broom or stick but no!

Check out coloured numbers on toy (right of start scene) and use on wall numbers in scene with R/L puzzle.

Sliders puzzle at base of radiator - same scene

Hi bandytrc : )

Several letters puzzles too - no clues yet. Unless I've missed them

Zu how to work #'s from toy?

use brush on 4 letter puzzle above locker

Look at the colours e.g. 3 and 0 are green. You can only change the red and blue numbers on wall puzzle. Check out what those are

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Thanks Zu!

Ty sysin3. Hope we will find word hint soon : )

Picture clue just above 5-letter puzzle

this one is pretty frustrating

4 numbers from using mop, no idea where to use them

Use squgee on floor in right room

Where did u use mop, sysin3?

Ty bandy : )

On green floor Zu

Not sure if that's meant to be a one or a seven - but tried both on keypad and nothing happens.

Use numbers in revers (it is a 7 btw) and keypad works

Got ink and magnet now Can zoom in on toybox and candle.

Got book - ink soaks up spill for number clue - awesome!

I give I don't get any of these clues.

Zuleika, how does the numbers on green floor work on keypad?
I can see 4573 or 4273, but it doesn't work forward or reverse...

Orange rucksack gives pen. Pink one gives small box.

bandy - what are you stuck on?

clue for red green blue buttons in new room with yellow tables. far left of the window. push buttons 1 2 and 3 times

Each number is rotted or reversed or flipped. Different 'rule' for each. Key in from the 3 - going R to L


I just have broom and key that is it?

magnet used under left locker

pen is actually pipette. Sucks up ink spill on floor in new corridor (with smiley faces)

finally poked the lizard lol just had to find the right stick

Use mop ( i thought was artist's brush) to get scroll from spider's web in new corridor.

Stick under table in room with red-blu-green clue

Word clue from lizard used in room with lockers and dolls. Gives hammer.

ok, I tried to brute force any combination of 4573 on key pad with no luck.
I give up too...

3754 Hotz

It is mirrored

Use key (from magnet under locker) on little cupboard in start scene0 for symbol.

hammer breaks glass left side of room with blue ball

Can't get the colored # to work in any combo.
As i read it, the 4 and maybe 2 are red; and the 1 and 8 are blue.

Not sure what to do with clock in lizard room

Mary I think blue was 18 and red was 04

I'm stuck again, have hammer, scroll, broken key, and a bowling pin. had a lunch box but knocked it off table for a clue but nowhere to use it

bowling pins go in pouches above left locker

Ty sysin3 - missed that hotspot

it was, thanks bandy. but i still don't know why. 0 was green, not blue.

ABC dial puzzle just line them up in order. ABCDEFGH

Puzzle behind glass (just put in alphabetical order) gives another skittle

Anyone use clue from book?

Use ink dropper on locker 3 blue patches

Now to find the clue for it though LOL

Ty bandy. Still looking for quite a few hints - and need screwdriver...

Still have lunch box also?

@bandy - use book clue on 4-letter puzzle in classroom with 1-2-3 (red blue green) puzzle

Book give 4 letter word clue

LOL Zu just found that !

Yes - I still have lunch box, and scroll hint. Suppose we need matches for candle too

This is a ruff game!!

Don't know what to do with toybox and haven't worked out 3-number clue for toy tent

Still several hot spots but nothing to use?

I may have to take a break and return later. Too much else to do and this is distracting me, lol.

See u in a while. Bye for now ; )

Ok Zu I will try a bit more.

Put lunch box on table far upper right room. ( no hot spot )

thanks for spilling my lunch box bandy ;-)

LOL Sysin3 Now what to do with it ?

no idea

i think G B B may refer to girl boy boy in toy room, but i can't work it out

I think it was b/o/p gave me my first coin

Well I tried shirts and ABC colors but ?

Nope Brett that does not work?

Sorry Bandy, i got it but now i cant remember the order:(

Oh well I am out of here too much crap for a game.

That is ok Brett I had enough of this game. GL

the lunchbox goes on the right table in the room with coins

rice, sandwich and pizza for letters of cabinets
BCA for colors GBB, the colors of the letters

the three dolls on the table, it works for me
the middle top, the other two a little lower, equal
He gave me a key

Sisli where did you find a hint for the dolls on the table. I have been trying just moving them but I must need to see the hint first.

POP got the dolls, move the middle on down one first.
key is for truck on floor in toy room where basketball is.

Truck moves and give slider clue.

Where do you use the clock clue?

use the knife in a ball in the room ABC
use the tennis ball to get the red pencil
use red pencil on the colored circles on the wall

paper with > on it gives 5 letter clue from coloured circles on wall.

still haven't used clock clue or found hint for pink arrows either.

Pop animals hint is for pink arrows! 3 coins now.

i think the clock was part of the alphabet circle, no longer active

anyone see a hint for the blue grid on the wall where lizard is?

There are 2 clocks. One above green door is set at 2:00

The clock in the last room that reads 2:00, this is the one i meant

need one more bowling pin and one more coin.

there is a hot spot on blue bottom part of slide too. can't do anything there either.

Oh still need a screwdriver too.

How to use animal clue for directions? Been trying l,u,d,l,r?

animal clue is LDURL

Thanks, that one wasn't super clear to me.

clock set to 2:00 is for left/right red buttons.
push large one 12 times and small on 2 times, gives last coin.

I made it out!
Wow, long complicated game.

clue behind screwdriver panel is for blue grid, use only the middle 3x3 section on an angle.

Wow Guys
I am impressed with all of you!
I struggled with this one
Even with all great hints had to resort to WT

Colored numbers puzzle is wrong it's red-red, so 44 but the solution is 04 (green-red).

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