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Purple Car Escape Walkthrough

Purple Car Escape

Games2Jolly -  Purple Car Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. A couple planned to celebrate their anniversary with their family, While they ready for a journey they missed their car key in home. For that, use your intelligence to find the car key. Good luck and have fun!

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No key needed to enter house

Note you can turn right inside house

not working, lots of solutions possible

Must be a smoker, can't blow trumpet by myself, LOL

Arrows are read left to right, disregard that the right arrows are higher.

Still won't load Bad URL?

Use fishing net on stump in front yard

Finally !!

Telescope puzzle starts with 0, none of the colors are left on the bottom.

air pump for trumpet. pump is under left lion picture (soldiers for clue)

not working either. Maybe there is a hint you have to see first?

One of those switches turns on the ceiling fan

Hint: For the 7 letters puzzle, note which letters are there.

2 1 6
7 3 8
9 5 4
ans for 3x3 puzzle

Is the one that works. Saw no hint, I think puzzle is just bad.

finally out...

thank you Rahuman khan and Tiquer

Colored lines between letters and numbers are for the colored stars. Out. Bad magic 15 puzzle ruined game.

I did 315,864,729(in a column did not work) and also did not work. Again the same error. The author recognizes only his solution to the puzzle.

thank both of you for the 3x3 combo.

I can't get the book "time" puzzle and my eyes are going haywire with the blue and red .... help!!

If I remeber correctly the pentagon was all blue. square 3/4, circle 1/2 and star 1/3

Forget "time", 3 o'clock is 25%, 6 is 50%, 9 is 75%, 12 is 100% colored.

Magic squares usually have at least one number fixed in place.


tiquer are u still around?

The number grid was too difficult. Maybe an anchor next time?

The number grid puzzle was frustrating because as it is set up there are too many possible solutions but only one that will let you pass. What is also misleading is the 45 in the lower-right corner; it that had said 9 (as in, the sum of the numbers along the diagonal is 9), then there are only two possible solutions:

Without that, there are at least 8 possible solutions and it was a pain in the arse to try and keep up with which ones you've tried and which you haven't.

Other than that one puzzle, the game was very good. I had a little bit of hard time figuring out that the thing in the front yard was a fish pond, but everything else was well done.

Binocular puzzle is horrible.

It took me a while to see the scroll in the bluebirds feet. :P

Glad I'm not the only one who hides their keys in the roof of their house...lol.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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