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Rain Escape 4 Walkthrough

Rain Escape 4

Twinkle - Rain Escape 4 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Twinkle. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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In we go !

Paper behind pink cb.

Hit the frog with the hammer, but I don't get the blue/pink code.

Use the snail on the paper.

nice game, i had trouble thinking the purple was a U its not.

Don't leave when you open door.

Hi emmes and handy!

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Hi guys ! Any hint for the L/R code ? BB PP B doesn't work.

Hi Dazz !

Emmes see where your frog lands

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Wow!!! A lollipop!

That's what I did but it doesn't work. What is supposed to happen ?

Emmes make sure your hammer is bolded, rainbow should appear with a little present for you

A rainbow appears and you get a key

Hammer is bolded but nothing happens. Will restart later to see if it works then. Thx. for the hints.

Lily pads corners for picture:

Bl, tl, bl, bl, tr, br

Hit him five times with hammer bolded emmes!

Sorry! Six times

Is the snail paper related to snowman dude? Lollipop turned outto be a handle, rats!!
Can't work it anywhere

late to the game (as usual!). stuck - same position as Emmes I think. Number clue from snail paper?

Hi rob! For theblue pink buttons, hit the frog with your hammer six times and see whereit hops to

Got the frog bouncing around, but when I go back to the buttons nothing happens. Must have to activate it first...

I didn't open the door


Don't look at me, I didn't take anything!!


I replayed the game dude!!

Word code:


and it finally worked after doing the same pattern hundreds of times - got my key now!

for code frog count start position (blue) too (before using hammer )

For perfect end, dont leave after opening door, but go back and check the robot doll pattern for new number.

Now i read this?! I already left!......😭

For the frog: select hammer and hit frog. For the B/P buttons, UNselect hammer. That's what finally worked for me.

Snailpaper clue combine with snowman dudes figures gives number for cb.

Escape Games is the best game everywhere throughout the world. I love to play puzzling and thriller games and escape game is a full bundle of these.

well glad to see others were having difficulty with the frog and flowers clue. did what posters suggested... didn't work so i just kept clicking on the pink and blue until it finally gave me a key..... odd

picture clue isn't working either
leafs show going down bottom left, top left, bottom left, bottom left, top right, bottom right... nothing happens

Make sure your cursor is on each corner dude!

Dazz Ley i did, still didn't work, :(


I only viewed the clue and clicked making my cursor at each corner, should open

Are you sure the picture moves each time you click?

Welcome back Twinkle - always nice to see a new game from you.

anyone still there? how did you get the paper/snowman clue? i see 7 stars, 3 squares and 2 circles. How did you come up with 543?

Sorry LORdesigns I'm too late, but on the snowman there are 5 stars (orange) 4 total circles and 3 total squares

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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