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Real World Escape 156 - Little Witch Walkthrough

Real World Escape 156 - Little Witch

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 156: Little Witch is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some little witch who has a problem. If you will help her then she will help you to escape from the room. Look for different objects and hints that will help you to solve different puzzles. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons to unlock the exit. Good luck and have fun!

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Finally got a live one - Yeah!!!

same coming now LOL

Give honey to bear

sneaky mouse on bookcase on statue thingie LOL

Good morning everybody !

looking for honey now..

When zooming in on armchair, don't miss the mouse drawing in the plant.

not getting the 4 doll direction clue??

I put drawing on sniff paper LOL

Hi there! Slow loading...

Hats go on dolls. Thought the eyes on the statues were for the dials but somehow not working.

Hi meritneith !

Eyes on dolls must be combined with another clue- Need a paper with 4 numbers in degrees.

You have to enter the number codes on laptop + eyes on the statues (than you have clue for the dials)

Snimou and stuck. Got 2 # on tv and eyes on statues.

Sure you already know it but after giving honey to bear his feet are the clue for the LR statues in start scene. This gives direction hint, a mouse and THE LIPSTICK

@Emmes look outside for the last two numbers

Get saw under tile outside. Use on wand.

Laptop ?

Missed the outside view ! Thx for the hint !

Use stick in side of lamp right of witch.

may I join in? Wand??

´Looking for the laptop too.

Green line on table from lamp is the slider clue.

I don't have a laptop either

laptop above colour code puzzle

Laptop is on the long shelf above the 4 color puzzle.

Found it while looking for the wand. ;-)

Laptop is on board in last scene

Thx again for the laptop hint. Seems I have missed a few views....

You get wand after putting the arrows and giving the magical drink to the witch.

thank you I have found laptop

... stuck with stick..

Stick goes in the lamp to the right of the witch.

Easy after finding the laptop. Out now! Thanks for helping!

Leroy - after using saw on stick - put it in the lamp next to the witch

stupid me LOL forgot that "holey" block..

Leroy, there is a hotspot at the bottom of the lamp.

and out finally.. Ty all

The laptop was indeed hard to find, out now too. Thx for all the help and a really good game !

Thanks peeps for the help....I made it to the end

That was excellent- a bit harder than most Sniffies

Loved it!

What a lovely way to wake up! Thank you Guntars! ThxACxo

Great way to get rid of a hangover.
Thank you Guntars.

Saw under the stairs, click the tile after _4_3

Blu hat behind Black picture, didn't see that

Black key beside books behind the old witch dudette

Direction hint not working? Oram i in the wrong place?

Thanks for your hints guys!

Stick gives hint for sliders

My last sniffie came from paper which was on crossed cb, mouse drawing on pot beside the chair by balcony

Great one again! Thanks Guntars


After checking the door (no luck this time) you take the obvious Sniff1 and start to explore the shelf in front of you.
You carefully note down the stances of the four figurines then turn to the right and inspect the comfy looking chair.
This doesn’t give you much but you notice the drawing of a little grey mouse in the plant pot and pick it up.
You wander outside noting down the two numbers on the floor and being very observant you detect that one of the tiles looks different from the rest.
Under that tile you find Sniff2 and a saw.
Back inside you play with the pictures on the table in the corner until you manage to grab a blue hat.
That’s all for this scene so you turn right again.
After a quick chat with the witch (boy does she look like a bulldog chewing a wasp!) you grab the black key from the shelf and head off looking for somewhere to use it.
You find the keyhole in the middle of the next scene and end up Sniff3 and a pot of honey better off.
A close inspection of the left side of the round shelving reveals a hungry looking bear so you feed him some honey and note down his paw hints.
With a second look at the shelves you spot a nice sculpture and turn it round for Sniff4.
Poking around the cupboards on the right you spot a big X above the footballs.
This panel opens to give you a piece of paper and you quickly realise that if you place your mouse drawing on it you will get Sniff5.
Back on the shelf by the door you use the bear paw hint on Dumb and Dumber to get Sniff6, the lipstick and a directions hint.
Surely the hint on those eyes will open the arrow cupboard by the footballs.
Oh no it won’t.
Not to be put off you head back to the door and use the lippy on the mirror as usual.
A whole bunch of goodies awaits you when you follow the hint to tweak the budgie’s tail and you are now the proud owner of a red hat, a DVD and Sniff7.
Playing the DVD gives you two more numbers which you combine with those from outside to make a 4# code.
After a seriously long search for a panel on which to use your nice number you spot the MacBook on the left cupboards and key in your password.
Aha! Now you know how to adjust those eyes to open the arrow cupboard.
Your persistence rewards you with a cyan hat, a magical drink and Sniff8.
Giving the drink to the witch makes her no longer look like someone has been chopping firewood on her face and she repays you with a magic wand and Sniff9.
Well there’s no way you are going to wander around carrying that so you saw off the twinkly bit and try out your new magic stick.
Oh dear. It looks like you have got your stick stuck in the base of the lamp.
Never mind at least it has illuminated the clue to the slider drawer where you find a green hat and Sniff10.
The four figures by Dumb and Dumber that you were convinced were a clue for something actually turn out to be the perfect place to hang all those hats you’ve been collecting and you use the resulting colour code to obtain Sniff11 and the double f.
A quick bit of ffing gains you Sniff12 and you happily exit the premises saying thank you to Guntars and hitting star number 5.

Would love to have that magic drink, with it i can turn into sneaky dude and nick my friend's wand)))

Austen64, nice, like your humour :)

out by big X

Really enjoyed this, a shout out to Guntars.

Clever episode, thanks.

Excellent game. Thank you

Don't know how to combine the eyes with the laptop clue. Got excited when I saw the walkthru above. Thought that would give me the spoiler, but nope.

Never mind. Figured it out.

So glad to see Real World, but missing Butterfly Escapes... :-(

This one required a little more brain power. Loved the little twists and turns!

Thank you guys for a great comments.
Austen - really nice wt :)

Agree with you mrs. Mom, angelika's are way cooler

Auten great walktrough with lots of humor!
It took me ages to translate the green line on the table to the slides....feel kind of stupid....

So much fun! Thanks, Guntars for all the Sniffies.
Best warm wishes to Angelika. I will patiently wait for her wonderful games. <3

Thanks, Austen64 for fun w/t! So nice to see some familiar gamers. :)

Harder than usual, but very good. 5 stars!

Yvonne, Sniff, Manon and Firefly thank you for the nice comments.
The Sniffthroughs are fun to write but do tend to require a few drinks first!

Excellent Game as always!! Out on my own :) Thank you Guntars :)

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