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Save Your Cat Escape Walkthrough

Save Your Cat Escape

Games4King - G4K Save Your Cat Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have a pet cat which is very notorious and playful cat. One day your cat went out of your house and didn’t return back. As your cat is ill, you have to feed your cat with the medicated milk on time. So use your skill to collect the necessary items to feed your cat with medicated milk to save your cat. Good luck and have fun!

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having a tough time with the l/r lions.

stuck with a knife, screwdriver and paper with hint on it.

Just going in let's hope i can catch up and help

hey jo-ann. the knife is used on the left chair in the room between the two lions.

screwdriver opens door

screwdriver is used to open lock in lion scene

hello k, i don't think it will take you too long.;) looking forward to the help.

found a frog

not in that room yet

jo-ann, is the paper hint you have 5 columns?

POP screwdriver used instead of a key

jo-ann, your screwdriver will open the lock for that room.

I have 2 paper hints now, the one wiht the 5 columns and one with dots

does anyone have any thoughts about where to put the frogs(i have 2), or, how to apply the hint at the right for the lions, or, where to use the 5 column hint?

Where to use hammer?

Paper with dots is used through door with red star above.

jo-ann, the dot hint is used in room below the star, on hte left hand side...put dot in hte corner where there is no dot on clue.

tiquer, the hammer is used on barrel in the "room" under star...to the right of the dot puzzle.

water seed on right of fountain for flower for left tree

now stuck again with a frog, a metal cone, and the 5 column hint paper

Hammer not working on barrel for me. Have to do something else first?

ahh metal cone goes on barrel, guess it is a splitter. Need an axe or hammer.

anyone figured out what to do with the frogs?

Remeber where the metal cone was? Just got 5 column clue and hammer in inventory.

sorry tiquer, you need the wedge with the hammer...it looks like an ice cream cone, but i can't remember where i found it.

Frog hidden in colored flowers on right where the 6 colored flags are.

I think I am far behind everyone. still missing many things and stuck with a frog and 5 column hint paper.

Tiquer, you can borrow my wedge if I can borrow the hammer after.

tiquer, you get the wedge from using the key you get from the color puzzle(think flowers).

where did the hammer come from?

Frog goes on black pot through door you used weight to open.

Hammer from the # code used on the buttons after solving the line puzzle in the left house

tiquer, where did you find the weight?

clue for color to right of barrel is the 4 flowers by the flag. Left to right goes top to bottom.

has anyone done the lions? and, what is the G R T for on the column?

Weight drops from clicking lions.

calgal, apparently you need to find the weight first for door at far right...then you can use the frogs within.

great tiquer, but how do you properly click the lions?...i've tried the paper from right room, but had no luck.

GRT is used later, it is obvious

TY for the place to use Rose (left tree in fountain scene). Could it be any more random?

Putting level by left door in colored flag scene makes something happen in another scene (lame).

what is the line puzzle in the left house?

Boy am I behind.

Solving those angry birds in fountain scene gives frog hidden in left tree. Argh.

pop found the line puzzle. Didn't realize how to click it to make the line.

jo-ann, the line puzzle is straight back on hte wall...you need to move the lines so they connect. start at upper left and the lines will turn white when they are correct.

After placing the two frogs on the black pots by cat, finally use that 5 column clue. Not sure what it did, though. Stuck with a putty knife.

well, i'm at a standstill until i figure out the left/right lions...if anyone can give a nudge, i'd appreciate it.

Putty knife goes on a random spot. Barrel to the left of the one opened earlier.

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have 2 frogs now and the 5 column note

Putty knife gave heart. Goes on tree to right of fountain. Give 4th candy. Whew.

yes, but i'm not getting it...if you pull the l's and r's out and use them by row or by up/down, it's not working.

Oh my, knife is used on a random spot on grass in scene with red star. 1 star rating coming...

Argh, the colors for the 9 dots in the fireplace don't match clue exactly. Two greens, and the brown is what is closest. Eventually got it after zooming to maximum in browser.

Having problems with lions...when I click on one lion, sometimes the other one moves...another buggy game?? I'm done.

And out. Not sure what doing the columns ever did. 9 colored dots give what the cat wants.

same here maximom...i give.

This is the second buggy game in 2 days. I'm ready to take a permanent pass on this game developer.


1 star. So much development effort wasted.

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SPOILER for the lions l/r...i don't understand how they came up with the combination, but here it is...


or, if you'd rather,

lrlrlllrlrl according to the video walkthrough,
so 2 solutions, the first 10 clicks are the same and then you can click left or right. have no understanding of the logic in this one.

LRLRLLLRLRL works on lions

where is the weight and where is the L/R hint for the lions????

hey jenny. the weight comes from solving the lion madness. the clue is to the far right, up high on the left...several words. i don't understand the logic of their l/r order, but there are two solutions...here you go


Lions hint : count the rs and ls in each word on the ckue paper

I think we are a lot to try that but not works (eg 1st word tall ==> LL ) but code not begin with LL

Dazz could you explain please ?

Worst game yet! Stuck with this sword? I quit...

Not a fan. Too dark to see line puzzle, and judging by posts, it's not worth going any further.

Sword goes on the ground to the right of one of the big doors.

Thanx Tiquer for the random places
Thanx januarii for the stupid lions!

hard game, thanks for all the hints!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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