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The Overlook Hotel Escape Walkthrough

The Overlook Hotel Escape

CrazyEscapeGames - The Overlook Hotel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Crazy Escape Games. You were exploring the Overlook hotel, setting of the terrifying horror movie “The Shining” when suddenly strange things started to happen, odd noises and scary whispers from empty rooms. Its now time to leave, and fast. The problem is the maze, you cant get through. Solve the puzzles and brain teasers to try and find the map and make your escape before its too late, beware room 237, evil lurks. Good luck and have fun!

Play The Overlook Hotel Escape

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Goin in

Graphics are terrible in the beginning. Not progressing. So far no stars. I may not even bother now. I never liked this movie to begin with.

Yeah I'm done going in circles.

I need a password for room 237. So far have a key and a locked box but they don't go together

Can't figure out what the word is supposed to be behind the picture of the old man on the staircase

No, don't leave me alone in the Shining hotel!! My brother made me watch this movie when I was WAY too young and it scared me for YEARS!

Also, the picture that says "You Can't Leave" is actually the number clue for the elevator (count the letters in each colour)...this gives you the 3-dig code for room 202.

Oh wait, I think you guys are already there. Are we all stuck in the same place?

I think the SLOWDOWN clue has something to do with the letters in one word being counted from the beginning of the alphabet (eg A=1, B=2, etc.) but from the end of the alphabet on the right (Z=1, Y=2, etc.). So S on one side (the 19th letter starting from A) corresponds to E on the other side (the 19th letter starting from Z), but I don't know what to do with this information.

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The word 'slow' is written downwards. What is 'evig' written in the opposite direction? That's the password for room 237.

Sister--Wait, is the clue "GIVE"? Because maybe I was way overthinking it. But where would we use that. OHHHH!! Is it GIVE UP? Is that the password for Room 237?

OMG IT IS! Thanks, Siobhan's sister!

Okay, I'm out now, but it still said I failed. Whatever. No snowy chase through the hedge maze? What a rip off.

I loved the concept of this game, but it could have been a lot better.

lol I'm liking it. a game that actually made me jump

I really didn't want to look behind that curtain

I really didn't want to look behind that curtain

what to do with the sword? still haven't found map

the curtain won't open again can't get a 2nd scare got in the room found the box I;ve got part of a key looking for the other bit

got it solved the murder at the door

tried to slash the bath curtain with the sword to no avail

pop used the sword strange ending I only got 1 star funny game lol

sword goes on balloon upstairs gives you map i think its a map

well i got one star and a fail for my efforts, giving it another try.

Crazy escape game is right. Interesting, but somebody tell these folks you don't need to go to such lengths to scare the hell out of people.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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