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Treasure Beach Walkthrough

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. Sneaky is on a top secret mission. He's here on Treasure Beach looking for treasure! The treasure was stolen by an associate of none other than the sharkmen! Now you must help him get into this mansion and get back the treasure before it's too late! Good luck and have fun!

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Help Zoe I can't get in front door!

AWWW Key in walk way!

Oh good, you found the key! lol!

Im well ahead LOL
ps ya gotta find 5 black balls..
and someone solve that paper clue for me OK

Did you find a map?

and Im wondering what to do about that sharkmen LOL

Gee Thanks Drop LOL I am still running around with a S/D lol

Hi, what's a walkway?

No map and I been plenty of rooms..

Yes Zoe first room in on table.

Arrie the stones in first scene.

ah, the path, lol.
There is a map, on the first table in front of us.

Leroy - first scene under a one of the white bricks on the ground...

Oh S/D was in I on table.

thank you bandy.

Oh, duh, arrie. Map right in front of our noses!!!

got map LOL first room on table when ya enter frontdoor

Black marble in G

SD used on panel in E

The sharkmen are back!

Galloping gargoyles it's selfdefiant!!

Orange gem in E use S/D

Sneaky coin in P

toucan poos a gem in P

Blue gem in P...click on fruit on tree and bird flies to it and drops gem

LOL Tucan poops out blue gem.

blackball in P as well..

Black marble in I

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think it was P..
paper clue table in I
someone solve it for me pretty please..

Leroy, I googled, it's

Drop were in P ??

In C, click on the eggs on the side table in the order of the number on the front of the house

pink gem in C

ball in M

I was Q for black marble.

Third marble in R

Ball in R

And gem order as well dudes!

Sneaky in P

Black balls:
G, I, M, Q. R

blue key in L

Thanksfor coffee milena!

goggles in D

I can not find a lighter or matches!

Where to use marbles?

Can't find marble in M ?

Dazz box in H

@Dazz Ley: in H

green key in Q

You are welcome, dazz

green gem in B

@bandytrc: marble in M top left corner

Aye thanks dudes! Didn't see that box

So where is the lighter?

Got it thanks Casual! Lighter in D also.

missing yellow gem. and matches/lighter for candle in R

I need that pesky lighter..

thanks for the lighter, bandytrc! out now

Thanks, bandy for the lighter

I think gem order in R is
red purple yellow orange blue green pink

but were is purple gem?

Anyone remember were dials clue was?

@Hotzenplotz: did you open the box in N?

Hotz Purple gem came from box of word code in N i think

I think the blue gem must be in J in that box, but where is the hint for it?

oh, I forgot the box in N :)

Oops, I mean the purple gem, not the blue one...

Dials clue in M count stars on eggs

@Zoe: look at botton right corner of paper

What paper?

Finally got all 50 coins (been awhile for that with me)

Zoe it was a paper in J or I i guess, you need some coffee

Thanks Janet I knew it was eggs but could not remember were they were! LOL

Paper is in I - one with writing about commodity

Oh, duh, the paper in I on the table...

Excellent game SD - thank you!!

Out.. dial clue on bottom right of paper clue..

And out thanks for all the help was fun!!

Fun game as always, SD! Thanks!

I can't find a 6 letter clue, help please

For big dial, think clock.

Red. 3
Green: 5
Blue: 9
Yellow: 7

Hotz paper in I for that clue

Wasn't the purple gem in one of the puzzle boxes? Maybe the word one?

Hotz it's coffee from milena in I

That's right zoe! I hid it there))

Yes purple gem in N - 6 ltr word box

Yup, Dazz, I found it after I drank my coffee....

(I had to google the answer too)

Missing yellow gem..........crying here!!

ok, I asked google :) thank you!!

Yellow gem in J - flower puzzle on back bookcase - use numbers from bottom of paper in I

Hey zoe, don't tell janet I stole her 50 coins....)))

Thanks janet! Those numbers are sneaky!


Hey Dazz - tell Janet that you also stole 4 of my coins because I left with only 46....

Rats! Still missing pink gem

Sorry! Couldn't resist))

where is the lighter?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pink gem in C - click eggs based on front door numbers

Hey zoe!!!?? I think janet took my pink gem, Can't find it

Wrong gem let me replay Dazz to see if I can find it.

Janet found it for you Dazz

See what a good friend I am Dazz? Even after you stole my coins, I still help you :-)

LOL Janet!! :P

Once again janet to my rescue!!
Thanks bandy

Hey no big loss janet!! At least you had good coffee))

Thanks janet!!

Anytime Dazz

There is either no lighter in D or I got it already and it disappeared. Where in D was the lighter?

at the flowers on the left bondslave.


A 3, B 2, C 3, D 2, E 3, F 2, G 2, H 3, I 3,
J 2, K 2, L 2, M 3, N 4, O 3, P 4, Q 4, R 3

Thanks so much arrie..I must have hit that spot a hundred times and nothing. LOL hate that.

Self defiant thank you, liked the toucan, and the different way to use the 4 numbers, and the word clue :)

here we go, looks like i,m late on parade

It's doable Pete, some things just hard to find here and there.

Hey don't sweat it two puffs! I'mhere waiting formy next victim)))

I had 51 coins so I got someones.


Did not like the word quiz. It breaks the rules of escape games. An escape game MUST be self solvable.
I don't like anagrams either but at least there are the letters to combine.

Janet there is actually 3 in K. I just played again and got 51 again.

Great game and great hints left here.
Thanks everyone.

In K coins are top left in yellow area bottom left behind chair with black legs and bottom right on edge of carpet by chair.

If anyone's still here, is it necessary to pick up the coins, cause its annoying

I think the coins are optional

Another solid Self Defiant game! I especially look forward to these ones.

Did anyone find a Sneaky Coin? I found 50 normal coins, but no Sneaky....

My comment 9:09 am dude, in P

Lol natalie!! Can I have them?))

Great fun and out thanks SD

Sneaky coin in P....Thank you Selfdefiant! Always a great game!! ThxACxo!

Hi Dazz Ley Arrie NL had a few interruption like breaking the washing machine glass, woops, great game and struugled to find the lighter needed the hints ¬:)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Naughty twopuffs, no breaking here!!

Sorry, I left it in D))

Oh well, here I was so happy to find 50 coins(usually I only get 49 and think SD MUST have left one out) and now to find out there were 51 coins!

Sob, back to where I started - one short :-(

O dear Pete, I do hope the washing machine was finished already ...

and sob Janet, yes, I feel for you ....

I'm with you janet!! let's find that coin! I might have another cup of coffee

How do you get the black ball in M down? It says 'you don't have enough room'.

Jud, is there something in your inventory that you can use to give you more space in inventory. For example, if you already have some of the black balls, put them in the box to free up inventory space.

Thanks Janet - I didn't realise it was the inventory that needed freeing up - I thought I needed a ladder or something.

lighter in D on dresser to left. Not a hot spot.

Great game again, of course, but those places always get me, especially the bathrooms and the pools and terraces. I could lie there and stare into the sea until I look like black leather.

Thanks everyone!!!

@Natalie Kavanagh. Yes, I've often said it's annoying. Unless you get to use the coins in the game, to buy something or the other, it's very pointless and annoying.

It actually makes your score better, the more you find! :)

Geez what's with you guys? They're just coins lying around, only two or three, well don't pick them, people are making a fuss about selfdefiant games these days

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