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3 Frogs Escape Walkthrough

3 Frogs Escape

Games4King - G4K Three Frogs Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Three frogs was trapped in a house which is between forest. Frog's family is trying to make the frogs out but they can't. They need your help to escape the frogs from there. Will you help them? Use your sharp minded to escape the frogs from that house. Good luck and have fun!

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really enjoyable game, g4k. thank you.

hi (again) ev1 ☺
finally caught a live one!

sneaky dark passage

Screw driver and key...now what?

Been catching up on older games, but I'll "hop" on this one I guess. (:

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Screw driver, of course

just, the first screwdriver opens a couple of doors to the right...insert into keyhole and rotate.

when you find the gift box, don't be surprised if it has more than one "gift".

& again - as almost always at G4K, I'm already stuck at the beginnig LOL
only have key that doesn't work on keyholes...

SD from where?

hey alpha. note the time in the center and the clock to the right. ;)

Monica, use the clue (12:45) on the clock in the scene to the right of the first.

One frog found... two to go, if the title is to be believed.

gah, didn't notice that you can click clock numbers, thought it's only a colour hint...

No gift box but lots of things, frog, stars, a couple more keys...

I,m stuck with jar, match, tap and frog

nice 4-9 puzzle

think coordinates

there are a lot of keys in this game...i just kind of wandered and tried them all until they found the right spot.

willow, there will be 2 candles and 2 lamps to light...the candles will come first...the jar and tap are needed towards the end. you'll need 3 frogs.

seraku, just read your initial comment. :P

Thanks Cate.I miss 2 diferent stars:a green one and one by the stairs. And what about BC DA clue?

you're welcome, willow...take a peek at the room at the left arrow of the bc ad room. transpose the letters to numbers. the stars are at the very end...they'll show up as you move along.

Okay, G4K, no Twinkie(TM) for you. Just had to restart the game because the screwdriver is lost if you click away after using it.

stuck with 1 frog, jar, match (2 candles lit) & valve
don't see a left arrow in BC AD room...

oooh noooo, seraku....there are two screwdrivers...i mentioned that up top...the second one is in a hidey hole spot...it's in the scene with the stars and stone wall.

Actually, the problem is when you try to unlock the left lock first. You cannot then unlock the right one.

okay, alpha, hold on and i'll replay real quick...i may have screwed up, but i thought it was the room to the left of stone wall.

& where to use gift arrow hint?

yeah, that would be my "other left"...sorry about that...the number bd/ac slots are to the left arrow of room on right of stars.

the gift box arrows are used when you get in that room.

progress LOL! found 2nd SD in stone wall in BC AD room

thx cate for replaying ☺
now I only have to find out, how to get in that room LOL
(missing 1 golden star, if it's necessary to enter room...)

woohoo, alpha. that should give you what you need to get your fourth gold star and into the room right of those stars...and, THEN, you'll see the room to the left.


unscrew pic for creature

then everything falls in place (at least it was for me)

water takes long...

you are so quiet guys, are you all already out?

Any hints on the number pad in the room you get to from the middle door? I've already used the four-nine and A~1 clues. Do the backwards numbers come into play?

seraku, that number will come when you put the light bulb from one lamp to another and the number will shine on the wall. it is 4 digits.

where did willow go?

This comment has been removed by the author.

cate, okay then I am truly stuck. I have yet to open the door next to the 12:45 clue, nor the panel in the scene with the number pad I was talking about (though I assume that panel is connected to the number code). There's the lever next to the painting that doesn't move, which I am guessing the gift box clue is for.

turned frogs, got star, still missing 2 for frog door...

did you find out everything by yourself?

a yellow & a green exactly, also another creature

Sent that too soon, there is also the second of two holes with the shape like a circle with arms and legs running. I am worried that I was suppose to unlock those shapes in the other order, similar to how the first screwdriver must be used.

the lever will move after exchanging bulb

yep,alpha, but there was no one else playing, so i kind of got into a solo groove with no distractions...i think it makes a difference.

did you backtrack and get the star wtih the piggy?

ah, one number pad was not used yet, the one after middle door of the 3

it's for the 4# code from placing bulb

ΑΩ, I assume the lightbulb in question is the one from the room with the eight plump stars. I'm missing one of them, so that may be where I am stuck.

you need to have light off with the lever in room left of frogs, before you cant take it

last star will come after placing 2nd creature

seraku, you only need one bulb...switch lever, take bulb, go to far right and place bulb, switch other lever...go take a peek where you placed the bulb and there will be a four digit number for panel by door on porch, through middle door...it will open the little cabinet to the right.

phhllllt...glad you found it, alpha. took me too long to retrace, before you figured it out.

is it the end when placing all plump stars in colour order from lamps? if so, will wait to leave game open for a while...

cate, I should have been more clear. I have no light bulb to begin with. I think I may have use the arm-leg-circle thing in the wrong spot. I hope I do not have to restart a third time.

alpha, are you out?

seraku, it doesn't matter which order...for the screwdriver or for little creatures. have you gotten into the right room at the top of the stairs through the "4-9" room?

and, by the by, as with the screwdriver, you will get 2 creatures.

seraku, have you found the 4 gold stars?

supposing that out is after placing plump stars in order, I'll stay in a bit to have the rooms available

here is a short walkthrough for the bulb madness, seraku:

collect 4 gold stars to place and open the door upstairs at right. go to that room, follow left arrow and on wall, flip lever.

go down stairs and up to left room. collect bulb.

go to the far right of game, go through middle door and place bulb. back out and go to first room with the "picture" on it and flip lever...go back to middle room and see number to use on panel on porch.

cate, many thanks for your patience... no, right room at top of stairs is still locked, and I am missing one gold star.

Here I thought this would be a search for three frogs, and now I am chasing down gold stars. (:

it's close, alpha, and you wer smart to think so...when you open the door, that is when you get to use the slow pokey water...it gets you a key to take to the right and then, finnallly, you're out...so, go ahead, live a little and open the door, you've still got the water to pour for key.

gold stars...

on the porch through middle door.
left room up the stairs.
cabinet in middle room with creature above it.

and, the fourth...alpha, do you remember?

cate, those are the three I have gotten. Hopefully, ΑΩ can fill in the blank for me.

from turning the frogs, found in another room? not sure...

how are you doing Seraku?

hang tight and i'll run through again...i am the poster child for why one should write things down if one is to be of any help.

ΑΩ, still looking for the last gold star. I've started a copy of the game in another tab just to confirm if the order in which you use the creatures matters. I can, however, confirm there is a bug with the green screwdriver. If you do not click on the screwdriver after using it on either of the two locks, you do not get it back to use on the other lock.

Finally... order does indeed matter, so I reassert that the game designer does not get a Twinkie(TM) on this one. But I am out.

good job Seraku!
also for me, it was fig. a forceps delivery LOL
but I liked the game - thx G4K
& thx cate for guiding us thru ☺

I don't understand the 4-9 clue. Please spoil for me.

Serenna, have you found the paper with the 4x4 grid of numbers? Look up the numbers by pairing the letters: F&N, O&I, U&N, R&E. (For the two rows with N, the first one goes with the F.)


This comment has been removed by the author.

seraku, i want that twinkie! ...have run through this game numerous times tonight...played both ways and didn't have a problem with order.

glad you made it out! :)

cate, for putting up with me, you certainly deserve a twinkie! (:

4-9 grid


btw, you also can take the other N as first (like I did), it gives the same number

ty for your help Seraku

as much as i enjoyed this game, i can not be here another moment. roger. and. out.

CU cat & thx again for your patience ☺

oops *catE ☻

it was fun, alpha, so glad you showed up and i could help for once...i'll be looking to you for help the next go round.

Can anybody help please? missing last gold star, and last coloured star, have pot, frog, match and valve in inventory

You can only get the 4th star if you use the symbol in the the room at the top of the stairs, that's through the middle door. I had to start again to find that out, as had already used it, before opening middle stair door.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't understand how to use Four-Nine hint paper.

see comments
- Seraku 6/22/16, 6:57 PM &
- AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) 6/22/16, 7:01 PM

Found it. It's F-N, O-I, U-N, ...

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