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6 Doors Escape Walkthrough

6 Doors Escape

FirstEscapeGames - 6 Doors Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. Are you ready for the six doors escape challenge? In this escape game, you will be presented with 6 doors to escape from. Yes, 6 doors! You think you can unlock them all? Then go ahead and solve the puzzles and unlock the doors. Collect objects and relate them in the right way to achieve your gaol. Good luck and have fun!

Play 6 Doors Escape

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pink wheel behind a stone on the wall under left window

note the numbers above doors for an earlier puzzle.

use shovel below door in 4th view and "black stone" on pipe (bottom) in same view (on the right of tree)

use machete on bushes right of door in 5th view

in scene 5: use number above door on 'clock' code left of door

Hi Hotz, tried that but how ? 4 numbers but only 2 circles to turn

Hi seb, put both ring marks on the numbers. this "clock" just has 8 numbers, 1 is at top.

Ok ! thanks a lot

put 3 green "sticks" in 5th view to get sd

use crowbar on roof in 6th view

use hammer in 2nd scene, left wall

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good game...thank you, feg.

put blue buttons on wall between 2 windows in 6th view

grey 9 on wall 6th view (on the right of door)

Poor game - lots of mindless clicking.

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Not getting the 'clock'. How do you place the markers. Have numbers but not understanding hint.

Thanks Alpha-Omega, for mentioning
in a previous FEG game that you needed
to turn on your "Magnifier".
It's found in the "Ease of Access" folder
in the Start Menu.

"Magnifier" makes FEG games much more
bearable, when using this tool!

YW & indeed Kev ☺

just (way too late...)
turn both markers to the numbers/positions given (8524)

circle has only 8 positions, 1 is on top (North) - hence


8 NorthWest
5 on bottom (South)
2 NorthEast
4 SouthEast

& click OK between each number step

found #1 button in s2 bottom right on stairs

my last green thingy was in wall in same scene as their slots

beautiful music btw ♥

thx guys for the hints above (used for my hotspot hunting ;-) ) & thx FEG for the game & that you don't cut the tune at the end ☺

Well now...this was a very good FEG game! I really liked it. Hot spots were hard to find in a few cases, but overall good game. Thanks!

Well, if you are not going to have hot spots for where to use some of the items, at least they made it easier by letting you basically try and use the item almost anywhere on the appropriate screen and it would work.

Overall, this was a pretty good game.

"8 NorthWest
5 on bottom (South)
2 NorthEast
4 SouthEast" not working in my game, out by big red X

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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