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Abandoned Ancient Cave Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ancient Cave Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Ancient Cave Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. You have entered into beautiful underground cavern, with some precious gemstones, but what you get is the opposite, not beautiful, but scary because you are trapped down there, and you have to find a way out to back it up safely. Good luck and have fun!

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another "hit tab" game.

Hey Roberto!

Found 2 senseless notes.

invisible key in scene 2 middle bottom.

Formula solution for last scene: AxBxC A+B+C A+B C-B

Have placed 40 gems, have one diamond and no spot for it that I can see. Need to find 4 more gems. Going blind.

Missing one turquoise gem, need hidden hotspots for one emerald and one diamond.

All gems found, diamond goes with other diamonds in very dark hotspot in scene 5.

Absolutely cannot find spot for last emerald. Thought it might go somewhere in room 2 with other 4 emeralds, but so far no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

How in the world did you get the E-F-H clue??? I have lots of gems, but noplace to use them!

calgal071, 1st translate the letters into numbers (E=5, etc.), then try to figure out whether you multiply, add or subtract numbers to get solution. For instance, EFH would be 568. Multiply 5x6x8 and you get 240. E+F+H=19

I used the BCH=DHACEE as my hint.

It is also helpful to know that GamesBold almost always uses the same clue for the solution.

Once you get the formula correct, then all the hotspots will become visible (except for that one pesky emerald!)

If you want me to spoil the solution, just ask!

where come 40/45 gem slots from? only have 15...

HI AlphaOmega, we meet again! You have to solve the puzzle in the last room to get the other slots to appear.

ah, thx (how about refreshing ΑΩ ;-P )

way late here, can't think anymore, plz spoil Maximom thx ☺

OK, here's the solution: 24019112, translate into keyboard symbols, @$)!(!!@

The problem is I have no more spots to use my gems. Have a full inventory and cannot go beyond 6th scene because cannot get the key.

how the heck did you figure that out? Even when I read your explanation, I don't get it :-(
(as I said, way late here...)

there's a paper in each scene (use tab)
don't understand why such long numbers...

Roberto, the only thing you can do is start over and just find keys until you get to last scene, or at least don't fill inventory.

I also had to start over, 'cause my inv was full with no more plade for key...

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Concerning the solutions, the clues in each scene work out the same, but I always pick the easiest, in this case BCH = DHACEE. I translated the letters into numbers and got 238 = 48 13 5 5

2x3x8 = 48

2+3+8 = 13

2+3 = 5

8-3 = 5

You would have to solve several of the clues to confirm the pattern, but GB uses the same solution most of the time.

Ok, restarted and placed all gems. now what? No exit?

hmmm. just found another green drop gem but no place to use it!

I only was able to place 44 of the gems. Where did you place the green gems? I couldn't find a spot for one of them. I think once you place all 45 you should be able to exit.

Same here! I think there are more gems than places to put them. I give! Thanks for the help!

Well, I think I am going to call it a day. Maybe someone will post later on where to put the last green gem.

at last the penny's dropped - thx Maximom for your explanation ☺

Seriously, guys. Call me a reason to play GamesBold and coolgames8 projects. Because it is very frustrating timewasting with no exit at 85% of all their games.

cannot find key in room 5.. anybody remember where is it?

Found the place for the last green gem: in room 2, next to the left arrow!

Thanks 4ine! No clue, no spot, no sense. I don´t know how did you find it!

Anyone still here? I can find all the paper clues, but in Room 7 where is there a place to put these answers?

Based on your frustrations, I left one spot open in inventory. Have only placed about 11 gems. Can see about 12 more things to pick up. (Even though I'm still glad we get these pretty games, this is just stupid not having an inventory that scrolls to accept all items.) Yes, too frustrating.

I'm with nomelted. . . what a waste of time when people can't complete the game. Peppy music doesn't compensate for the game being silly. Red X for me too.

Thanks to 4ine, I was able to place last gem and escape. I agree with other posters about the frustration with this game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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