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Abandoned Haunted House Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Haunted House Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Haunted House Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. You arrive in a residential complex with old buildings, your friend invites you to get there, they want you to come into play hide and seek, when you're hiding you go into an old house that was reportedly very haunted and full of ghosts, you get stuck in it and now is the time to find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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Red X for me. Can't figure out how to get out of first scene. Why do I continue to torture myself with this developer's games.

To start, put portal key on fuzzy brown spot under inventory bar. Be careful not to fill inventory bar before needing items. Place specific objects in each room to reveal spots for inventory items.

HINT: For 5th portal key, place 2 crystals in room where you place face, next to bed on nightstand, under fringed lampshade.

Im stuck on the o1 puzzle, put the colours in but them what

Monique, you also need the numbers..they are in the 5th room.

I'm stuck. Have opened all rooms, placed all objects except for missing 5 circular necklaces. Need to activate seeds. I think a bucket may be needed for well in room 5 (to activate seeds with water?) but my tired eyes can't find one. Help anyone??

How to put face wall statue?

The bucket was just on the floor somewhere early on, it is tiny and hard to see. you water the seeds. Thanks for your help Maximom

Face wall statue goes in room with fringed lampshade, right of fireplace under inventory bar.

Thanks Monique, I will keep looking, I'll try putting my magnifier on 400%!

Found bucket in opening scene in right doorway, thanks again Monique!

and out..nice, glitch-free game.

Can't place the face... Must not be trying the right spot?

OK, there are 2 rooms with fringed lampshades and fireplace, (sorry!). You want the room with the open windows (the other has curtain).

Ahhh... no wonder - missing the portal key for that room I guess

Did you use the arrow on the bulls-eye and solve the circular puzzle on the nightstand?

no - haven't found arrow

The arrow was in the bedroom scene with the circular puzzle, somewhere in the middle. I had to use the magnifier to find it because it was really well hidden.

Thought I'd give it another try with Maximom's hints (thanks for getting me started!) I have the 6th portal key but don't know where to use it. What do I do with the 2 red balls in the room with the trees?

Hi Puffin! The 2 red balls were actually a clue telling you to place 2 crystals to get a key. Once you have the last key, use it in the white portal in the 1st scene.

help with number - circle clue



For number-circles, you also have to change the colors. Clue for colors is in room with the trees (center under inventory). Also, I think 9728 goes on the left and 4536 goes on the right.

I put the 9728 in the left column, the 4536 in the right.

Thanks Maximom, that finally worked. I may have been trying the wrong portal key.

I can't find the 5 key help please

Inventory full of things I cannot place. Unable to pick up anything else because inventory is full.
EG24, if you are going to dump developers for being repetitive and ad links, how about looking to getting rid of ones who consistently rate in the "poor" range.
I know that's why you took the ratings off the main game listing page, so we would have to click on the game to see how many stars.
How about showing some amount of RESPECT to your long time players?

you need to place whatever you have to make space for other items

Where is face wall statue

I have two portal keys, face, bucket, arrow. I've solved the line-segment problem in the room from my second key.
How do I get any further? I didn't get a portal key from the puzzle.
I haven't seen a bullseye.
I'm missing something obvious - but what is it?

POP! I found the key in the second room

finally managed to get out - thx guys for your hints & CG8 for a bug-free game ☻

Hoping for the power of pop.
I've now found 5 keys. Placed lots of items, solved puzzles. But in the room from the 1st portal key, I haven't found an item to trigger the silhouettes. I have leftover items and no sixth key. Any ideas?

POP worked again. Tree from room 2. I was puzzled with all those little trees too.

some more hints to save you from clicking everywhere to find hidden places for

- tree, goes in centre of the other small trees
- door, goes at middle passage in 1st scene (where you use portal keys)
- lion head on pedestal, goes on table in corridor scene with turning sphere
- broken pillar, goes in scene with dart board (bullseye) right of door
- eye, goes in fireplace in room with lines in circle puzzle
- moon face, goes above bed in scene with 2 windows at right side, 1 half-covered with curtain - face is from right window in scene with tree circle

(once you found the stuff... GL!)


...can't find 5th key :(

take the crystals I'd already placed back...and place them on the nightstand in room 4, for 5th key.

Hello) can't find a place for the sixth key.

Found the Sixth key for the portal in stage 1)And the end of the game)

Hi, where is the sixth key? Clicking clicking clicking in stage 1 but nope....

I'm out. I had no issues with the game this time around; some of the items were hard to find and of course figuring out where to place some items was a little hard, but that is exactly what I would expect from a TG8 game (that was properly coded...).

deprinses ,to place all the objects,a tricky thing to put to the left ,the upper left corner. Do puzzles, put all items and use all items, the key appeared in another scene.

Full Walkthrough Spoiler

Scene 1 – Hallway
- Take sideways looking pillar (“Broken Pillar”) from just above the blocked portal (Blue oval with white in the middle).
- Take the “Portal Key” (white-colored Ankh) from just under the inventory.
- Take the “Empty Bucket” in the doorway just above the blocked portal.
- Take the “Crystal” below the two monkeys on the right.
- Write down the clue for the dials from the left wall.
- Note that there are five light-brown spots scattered across the screen. These are where you will use the Portal Keys. Use the one you have on the spot at the top of the screen. Click on the bubble that appears to get to scene 2.

Scene 2 – Room with 5 trees on the bottom
- Take the Portal Key from the center of the room.
- Click on the blurry writing in the top center of the room. Write down the colors you see in the order you see them.
- Just to the left of the brown spot (which will take you back to scene 1), there is a hidden object. Keep clicking until you get a “Wall Statue” in your inventory (looks like a Man in the Moon with a Cannon for an eye).
- Click on the two pink dots in the upper left corner. This is a clue that you need to place two crystals to get another Portal Key at some point.
- Click the brown spot to get back to scene 1. Use the new Portal Key on the bottom spot. Click on the bubble that appears to get to scene 3.

Scene 3 – Bed Scene
- Get the “Arrow” from just above-left of the fireplace on the wall.
- Get the “Ancient Tree” from just above the headboard.
- Click on the grey circle on the bedside table on the right side of the screen. Click on the dials to orient them so that it looks like the clue from Scene 1. When you are done, a portal key will appear in the white space to the right.
- Just above where you got the portal key, there is some fuzzy X’s and O’s. Click on it, then write down the clue.
- Click the brown spot to get back to scene 1. Use the new Portal Key on the leftmost spot. Click on the bubble that appears to get to scene 4.

Scene 4 – Scene with Target
- Use the “Arrow” on the target. A new Portal Key appears right in the center of the target.
- Get an “Ancient Door” from the bottom-right corner.
- Get a “Crystal” from the bottom of the screen.
- There is an orange box with O’s and 1’s. You can’t solve this puzzle yet.
- Click the brown spot to get back to scene 1 (it’s at the top of the door). Use the new Portal Key on the middle spot (at the top of the doorway). Click on the bubble that appears to get to scene 5.

Part Two:
Scene 5 – Another Bed Scene
- Get the “Eyeball” that is half-hidden under the inventory at the top-left.
- Get the “Stair Statue” that is half-hidden under the inventory at the top-right.
- Place the “Wall Statue” at the top-middle of the screen (between the fireplace and the standing statue). The empty slots for many items will appear, but the ones you care about right now are the two tiny circles on the far left. They appear to be on the top-shelf of the nightstand. Place the two “Crystals” here to get the next Portal Key.
- Click the brown spot to get back to scene 1. Use the new Portal Key on the far-right spot. Click on the bubble that appears to get to scene 6.

Scene 6 – Scene with Well
- Put the “Empty Bucket” on the well. It will turn into a “Filled Bucket”.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.
- Click on the wooden cart on the lower-left. A number clue will appear. Write the clue down.
- Place the “Stair Statue” on the wooden cart. The empty slots will appear.
- Click the brown spot to go back to Scene 1.

Scene 1
- Place the “Ancient Door” in the center of the hallway. The empty slots will appear.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.

Scene 2
- Place the “Ancient Tree” in the middle of the five small trees. The empty slots will appear.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.

Scene 3
- Place the “Eyeball” right in the middle of the fireplace. The empty slots will appear. Note that there is a hard-to-see slot for a “Stone” the left of the bed.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.

Scene 4
- Place the “Broken Pillar” to the right of the door. The empty slots will appear.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.
- Use the color clue, number clue, and XO clue on the orange box. ‘9728’ goes along the left, ‘4536’ along the right. Get an “Ornament”.
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.

Scene 5
- Use the “Filled Bucket” on the light-brown bean. An “Ancient Fruit” will appear.

Scene 6
- All of the items and slots should be visible, so it is now a matter of just finding them and placing them. Once you do, a Portal Key will appear to the right of the well. Place this last Portal Key on the blocked portal in Scene 1. Click on the unblocked portal. Win.

good job F1 - thx for taking your time to make a WT ☺

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