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Ajaz Escape the Unfinished Rail Walkthrough

Ajaz Escape the Unfinished Rail

AjazGames - Ajaz Escape the Unfinished Rail is another point and click escape game developed by Ajaz Games. A train is approaching the station. Your eyes spot a broken track ahead of the train. Quickly find ways to fix the track by finding the clues, hints and puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun!

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Well I should be working, but here I am (feeling guilty) ...

SD from shapes puzzle on train

Zuleika, it's okay. Tell your boss that you are saving lives by fixing broken rail lines. It might not actually be in your job description, but it certainly sounds important. (:

Lol Seraku - I should maybe introduce him to escape games, that would be easier : )

Looking for place to use hammer ...

Ah - should have seen it - in first scene

This comment has been removed by the author.

Tape gives 6-letter hint

This forum really needs an "edit comment" option as opposed to relying on deletion. The hammer does get used twice, once to fix the alignment of the rail and then at the end to lock it in place (although you need a bracket and bolt for that).

Still have hammer in inventory - second place to use?

Star from blue circle puzzle

Letter N from 4235 puzzle (check 'wheels' in train compartment)

Use handle on round box in S1 for 3-colour clue - gives last triangular piece.

Just saw your comment Seraku - u r ahead of me : )

Wondering where to use magnet?

POP - found place in train compartment. Magnet gives key.

Got bracket, bolt, fixed track - and out. (Sighs) back to work.

Ty for help Seraku : )

enjoyable relaxing game - thx Ajaz ☺

lol redneck engineering put a screw in with a hammer rofl awesome game :) tyvm

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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