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Alien Resuce Escape Walkthrough

Alien Resuce Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Escape Game: Alien Rescue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. An alien has landed in a wrong place and he is in trouble now. He has been kept in a confinement and he is not able to go back to his planet. Have pity on the alien and help him escape from the confinement and go back to his planet. Free the alien by solving puzzles and interacting with objects. Good luck and have fun!

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ooh first in hope to resuce the alien

collecting eggs mushrooms & stars

got 3 eggs in the nest need another

joined 2 pieces for hammer

2 pieces for axe doesn't break the door own

used axe & found place for mushrooms for last egg

the axe look like thing reveal a door for the mushrooms

shovel gives you the last egg

smased a dome but nothing happened help

Pete have you got the hammer yet

yes i did...nothing happened and dont know what to do with the brush

got the brush not found what to do with it yet

use the brush on the roof where you found the handle for the hammer

got the number code by using brush

brushed the bits that look like roofs where one of the sticks was got number

numbers didn't work for me...:(

no,no # code,what is it?

yes,# code for the right tree !!!!!

doesn't do the numbers puzzle

got the color code and the red star

got it where to magnify

i think we use magnify twice

need one more star can't find anythin around the dome or below

yes it's till in the inventory but where

still lol

use the magnify on the left tree for the # code !!!!!

and out,alien is freee :)))))

Use the magnifer on the building between the pink crystal, and yellow star

left tree no hot spot

& out Alien now recused

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hello Yvonne did you manage to use the magnet

Hi Joycy, wasn't ignoring you, had to leave, I did thanks :)

the way you use the inventory is tedious - I use to like these games - but not now

Looks like FEG has convinced
themselves that this new
inventory is a winner.

I like the old one better.

Was a decent game until the end; you had to use the magnifying glass a second time randomly on the bottom half of bush along the bottom-left of the screen. No hot spot, no indication that anything is here, nothing... the rest of the game was bit of a pixel hunt as some of the hot spots were really, really small.

The magnifying glass was a bit random with no hotspot for the number. The scene was really pretty, and the game was enjoyable, although the inventory was a bit annoying.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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