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Amazing Graveyard Escape Walkthrough

Amazing Graveyard Escape

Games4King - G4K Amazing Graveyard Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were trapped inside a graveyard at night. There you found a house which belongs to the undertaker of the graveyard. Unfortunately the undertaker is unavailable and so you can seek help from him. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the graveyard and also from the undertaker’s house to escape from the graveyard. Good luck and have fun!

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yay opened a door..

Crowbar and symbol middle left

Crowbar for hole leftf

Flowers go in right scene

Looks like we need a bunch of eyes!

cant find crowbar LOL

Leroy in middle cb first scene bandy hid it there!#

today nothing works LOL can't even make the colours...

Alpha, first i hope you read the help i gave you for robot thing in wow games
Second, forthe 4 buttons first scene, tombstone far right is the clue

TY Mr clown I found it LOL

Got all 4 eyes now

Hehe! Yw:)

LOL Drop!!!

yep about robot thingy - it worked to clean cache
thx Dazz

Hates spinny puzzle already..

Eyes for trees for clues

Is WSE clue for 4 pink dots?

don't see any tombstone - no door open till now LOL will stay here forever ;-)

Names and dates give letter code: from oldest to youngest, only capital letters

Yep if you do it right LOL

Alpha far right scene after the stupid animal puzzle

A little hint: press each button once then press the middle

well, it seems you're way far ahead of me Dazz...
still in first 3 scenes
(or am I in another game???)

far right from start was sneaky..
ya can go forward 2 rooms..

POP progress - place flower pots on stumps in right scene

What have you got alpha? Did you put flowers in last right scene on ricks? Gives you handle for door same scene and another symbol

UUGG Butterfly won't stick to door?

Finally had to get the right spot I quess LOL

colour codes killing me..
I did get the 2 colour one..

Rocks, sorry!
Im still struggling with the color code

that seemed odd as I backed out to find it open

and the 2 eyes are spooky LOL

Anyone use the ax or knife?

Nsw letters for the 4buttons last right, read column by column and get knife

This comment has been removed by the author.

Let me ask this way were was hint for 2 colors on tomb stone?

Iron ball for hole flowers scene

Bandy, those are used in first scene:
Pryc clockwise

Ok use ax in far right and all the way up on stump ( Big tree needs eyes )

2 colors: left one was pink but didnt see the other one

Dazz the tomb stone that needs 2 colors.

Paper with color clue and directions for the signboard far right tree scene, been wondering where you got ax bandy

Use the statue head in left scene with 2 color tombstone. ( need one more though )

red blue or blue red bandy..

so stuck. have chest, need key. have knife but where to use. Where do colors of lamps in first scene go? And what is clue for 4 colors on tree in first scene?

Pink and something?

look flashing lights first scene..
then back out..

what to do with 3 number paper?

4 eye-directions for tree eyes (just click to stop them)

the light clue goes left and forward left side of graveyard..

Jan a, key for first scene, my comment 12:42 am

I do not know what you mean Leroy. Can't zoom on light poles in first scene.

Not working Drop Maybe need the clue first?

I have only 3 scenes. put flower pots and got a handle but there is no door for it anywhere. Where do the flashing colours in start scene go?

Hotz! I think for the numbers last right scene, find the sums

put lever between letter puzzle & butterfly slot

jenny, you can go ahead from right scene

so confused. PRYC does not work on tree in first scene for me. And left side of grave yard was the two color. already opened that.

Royal blue on left side and ? on right had to BF it LOL

thanks Dazz

I also used crowbar on manhole left scene it rose up but nothing happened?

I can't go ahead in right scene at all! Believe me I have been trying.

Nope lever does not go either.
I am going to restart and see if that helps.

enjoyed the game. thanks g4k.

bandy, are you still working on the 2 color code for left tombstone?

Jenny you need to put the star looking things in first then you can zoom in to do the spin puzzle.

Got It Cate had to BF IT LOL

I am about to give up. Clues being given are not helping at all. There is more than one place for colors so if giving clue be more specific. I do not know what colors for the 4 color gate in the grave yard. Or for the 4 color dots in a diamond shape on the tree in the first scene.

Jan a, did you see the tombstone right ladt scene after graveyard? Click on each circle

Jan A left side of tomb stone royal blue and I had to BF the other side. That help?

It is working now after restart. This time I can use the lever.
Hoping to catch up to you all soon.

Still no place for knife?

well, just so's you know why...it's the 4 color lamp code in opening scene...you have green/cyan. simply punch in blue/red.

7,12 left
14,11 middle, 13,18 right

The cross with the green balls that move? Only other one has numbers. Already opened the door on the crypt in that scene.

Pumpkin for the hole, then?

TY Cate !!

oh you have got to be kidding me. those green balls have to be clicked over and over until they go in the hole? Why can someone not just say that????

Jan A the cross move all the green balls to the center and that will give you clue.

Jan a, the tombstone has 4 balls, move them in the middle, they will change, that is for the color code in beginning scene where hole is

Ok, cluck on the hole again for another pumpkin then use knife

jan, maybe this will help...

for the diamond shape in tree in first scene- this comes from the cross/headstone in far left(where the tombstone with sliding numbers is). click each green dot 4 times until it falls into black hole...the original hole will light up with a color.

Finally you get clue for colors


Stopping those eyes at the right spot not easy!

That manhole ate my pumpkin?

OHH It gave it back LOL

I just punched the trees bandy!!!

And out ! Nice game!!

cross eyed? LOL

Well I am stuck. I have a paper with 4 colours and compass points on it. Where does that go?

That was me makeing faces at you Drop LOL :P

Jenny use those it scene with tree tha need 2 eyes

( Big board that has 4 corners )

2 flash crashes I wont start again LOL

How do you put 4 colours in on that board?

NVM, duh each corner same colour.

Now stuck with knife, key, head and axe.

Jen, the compass is combined with the letters in either direction for the 4 buttons, read horizontally

3 dots make them one color and then the next

This comment has been removed by the author.

So top left is one color make all 3 that color ECT.

Ace is used on stump in the same scene as bandy mentioned jen, key for hole

out now after getting the stupid green ball thing. There were some very weird clue, like the last paper for the four color gate

jen,have you used the ax on tree stump by old man tree?

Where are you dude? I assure you I didn't eat your pumpkin, bandy did!

I am missing one eye for the big tree where colour board is.

Yes, now I have 2 gems. put in.

still here Dazz taking my time

where is a pumpkin?

You tell me jan, clues were confusing and some did not work for me in the first times

Axe gaveme my last gem jen, pumpkin came from the numbers but you need to get paper with 19,25,31 from the gems

Don't look at me, i didn't hide your gems

jenny, you get the pumpkin when you do the number code on headstone in left scene.

Ok, thanks Dazz, I got the pumpkin now what on earth is that coloured symbol paper for?

Jenny didyou use key pn hole? Eye was from that0

Thanks Cate.

Yes I got the eye finally, just the colors paper now.

For the color code next scene

POP I got it. Out now.
thanks for all the help everyone!


BGRY? big angry? LOL

G4K used to be better formerly imho...

had to slip that one in..

Only alpha left then?

nope didn't leave yet

nothing like stubborn game players..

Right alpha

2 flash crash stopped me..

I'm at the eyes atm...

The only good thing about them is the relaxing music, otherwise it was more fun in the beginning

how do we know at which place the #combos go?

and tab dont work.. I got stuck missing crowbar LOL

If you mean the numbers, 19 is the first one so its sums go left
25in the middle so middle
31 goes last right

ya got 2 colour code?
and solved spinny crap?
2 freaky eyes?

I stole numbers from Dazz LOL

Sorry leroy, i forgot to return it back))

the names look very indian LOL

Hehe leroy!!

They are dude!
You will need only the capital letters

yeah prob southern India or Sri lanka LOL

doh - thx Dazz & the others for all your hints
I'm finally out of there LOL

Great game again, G4K! Nice job. AO wish I could explain. :-) ThxACxo

I wanna see HTML5 standard..
Flash is driving me nutz

SD has gone there and that a good thing..

Yw my friend!
I can finally call it a night, see you tomorrow dudes))

Drop those names are the developer and his kin folk LOL

bed bugs Dazz ;-P

LOL bandy I know what SD doing..
and he did HTML5 game
peoples complained it too small a window..

SD learning a new PC language..

far more stable than way old Flash crap..

Hit me up on F/B Drop On HTML 5

great game
Thanx for hints
All of my issues were my stupidity not the hints.
Thanx guys

google it..
flash has been patched so many times it crazy..
so it makes badly unstable across win platforms..

another shark attack here LOL

Joe, you're not stupid, you've been a great help in times, playing g4k doesn't mean i'm smart, one time ibe been searching for my crowbar in one game like a dope without seeing it was already in my inventory

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