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Amusing Cat Escape Walkthrough

Amusing Cat Escape

Games2Jolly - G2J Amusing Cat Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Cats are cute pets that are living among humans since many centuries. One such cute cat is trapped into a box and can't out. Find a way to open a box. Solve the puzzles and use the objects around to get help in your task. Good luck and have fun!

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Don't get the head plus head puzzle. Found the stick men but what to do with them?

opened side house door with icons by pure chance!

Word clue - head 1 + head 4

The heads are on the house on the right.
I'm stuck with arrows and stick men.

*in the house

Stickmen spoiler


For the stickmen think mean.

going in

opened side house door with icons by pure chance!

don't miss the panel with the scissors right house

look at the cats eyes

creepy 534 stickmen

hint for blue/red levers on bag (use scissors)

stickmen spoiler doesn't help me (it d/w - do I have to see a hint somewhere else?)
don't see the way how to get the numbers...

AO same here. Can't find a hint for the stickmen.

Hi Alpha, maybe it's too late but: Take the mean value of the two numbers at the bottom. 6 and 4 are 5... Okay, not the best puzzle they've ever done.

I hoped I'd find a hint for the lever puzzle here. Got everything else, just missing one more animal head and the second drumstick and a clue for the levers on the well. And I don't know where to use the hint with the coloured wires. I'm sure if I get one thing clear the rest will fall one by one.

No... don't tell me that the wires and the levers...? :-O

Meritneith: there is a screwdriver on the bench. Use it to open socket in other house. Gives hint for lever puzzle.
Thx for explaining stickmen.

not too late meritneith - thx ☺ - moving on

spoilers are wrong - it's


Biggest DOH moment ever. Got the second drumstick.

Sometimes it helps to ask a question loud but that can be so embarassing.

Thanks Catqueen - I had that clue all the time but I thought there should be a colour puzzle, LOL

I want to talk to the person who put the cat there!!!! Out and thx for the hints.

Out now. Man!

my last animal from under pillow

& cat's eyes are NOT a hint as written above (if I understood it right...)

nice game - thx Jolly ☺

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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