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June 21, 2016

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Ancient Site Ruins Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Site Ruins Escape

CoolGames8 - Ancient Site Ruins Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. A tourist was tired of visiting amusement parks, nightclubs, yachts, the highest mountain, or even go to a romantic island. Now it's time to try something more challenging, go to the ancient ruins, there are historical value contained in it, he can learn many things about it, and also a way to escape from the shadows of the past. Good luck and have fun!

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SPOILER..minions go in room 1.

Got a bunch of stuff, have the directions in four different places and cant do anymore. May come back tomorrow may not. I am not voting stars yet!

HINTS: gray towers go in scene 1, decrepit green house goes in 2. yellow pillar goes in 3, 2 gravestone/tablets go in 4, necklace in 5, horns in last scene. Turn barrels in directions of hints for additional inventory items.

HInts: ancient crooks go in scene 2

HINT: red pillars go in scene 4 with tablets

dogs jewel goes room 3

underneath barrels

HINT: donuts go in scene 5

double pillars room 4

pidgeon room 6

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set clock to reveal some places to put things

will give clock time if asked, hopeless at the maths i will never work it out FACT..

no more things to place think we need maths to proceed..

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bedtime try tomoz

In Ancient City Escape the correct solution was 32 15 2 12 7. I input that in scene 1 and got a few more inventory items but not sure if that's because this is right answer or I overlooked items before. Barrels must be in correct position for number puzzle to appear. Still missing several items.

Replayed and confirmed 32152127 is correct solution.

Missing 1 ancient bowl, 1 double pillars, 1 donut stone. Have other inventory items: scissors, knife, water bucket, ink, hammer, cherry, face frames and crystal ball.

Helpful hints: 2nd ruined house for scene 2 is in last scene, bottom far left corner when barrels are set S, W, N, E. Also, need to switch back and forth on clock times to expose additional inventory items. So you set the clock to 11:35, pick-up stuff, place stuff, then move the clock pick up more stuff, then re-set to 11:35.

Very frustrating to not finish this one, but that is to be expected from CG8:(

Found last set of pillars. Tired of flipping barrels. Almost done is good enough for me!

Form of code 1*3,1+2,1:3,1+3,2 Twisted the barrel of the watch. Not enough of one bagel , one bowl,one pot.

Now think... Or the author forgot to put these items ,or we did not)))

missing one coblet only, don´t know what to do with the cherry, scissors, water, giving up

You guys all seem to have gotten a lot more items than I have. I'm still missing at least 20 items.
Question: Are there more than 3 combinations for the barrels? I only noticed 3, but maybe not?

OH wait nevermind...think I figured it out

Have everything except for that last cup. Arggh.

In some of these games, the extraneous items (cherry, water, etc.) are used to complete the game, but in others they're not. Looks like they're not in this one?

FINALLY found the last cup and I'm out! My last cup/goblet was in the first room, very tiny, on the wall next to the East/West clue.

Beatnik Mary,thanks for the Cup)) My last donut was in the same scene where the bagels are. Directly above the installation site at the top under the equipment.Finished the game. Why do a lot of things,the early games they were used)

Again wrestling with an interpreter) I would like to say that before in other games items-a beaker,hammer, etc. were used. Now no)

Nafanja--I know, but a lot of these games don't use the extra items at all. They're just there to fill up your inventory to make it harder to gather all the things you do need.

Thanks Beatnik Mary and Nafanja! Thanks to your clues I found my last 2 items and finished the game!

I'm out!

The code is AxC,A+B,A/C,A+C,B. There is a small error in the clue; the last row ends in '126' and it should be '66'. This gives a final number to input of 32152127 like others have surmised.

The slots will appear when the hour hand is set to 11 and the minute hand to 7, but the items won't appear unless the minute hand is set to 8 or 11. I was able to find all the items, so I know they are all out there.

The cherry, scissors, hammer, etc. are dummy items that do nothing except fill up your inventory. Ignore them.

I have to go, but I can post more details later.

plz do so F1 ☺

meanwhile, I've almost finished, only missing last set of pillars...

can't believe it, that I could finish this one!
thx guys for your very helpful hints ☺

my last set of pillars was in s2, below the directions hint, barrels set as per that hint

¿Where is the fourth serie of number? I have only three

There are only three series of numbers.

E-W-NE-SW: Will make the clock appear
N-S-SE-NW: Will make the code box appear in S-1, and after you input the code will give you the last of the Pillars.
S-W-N-E: Will make some of the major items appear (Castle Tower in S-3, Gate Ivory in S-5, a Necklace in S-2, and a Building Ruins in S-6).

I guess I assumed you meant directions and not numbers....

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