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Avm Fantasy Tree Cottage Escape Walkthrough

Avm Fantasy Tree Cottage Escape

AvmGames - Avm Fantasy Tree Cottage Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. After a hectic work schedule, you are getting some holidays to spend time in tranquility. You are making use of the days and holidaying to the fantasy tree cottage. While enjoying your holidays you are trapped there. It is not an easy task to escape from this unknown place, and so use the objects which are in the cottage and escape from this place. Please be patient while the game is loading. Good luck and have fun!

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AVM Cool!

This comment has been removed by the author.

For red marble puzzle had to them a couple times to work.

Crud! BRB

Hi bandy - gonna try this one ...

Hi Zu I am back! LOL

Trying to get the BEST thing sorted out - can't see how to use the colours

Paper hint with arrows is a tricky one ;)

Candle in room through 'heart' door

I think Zu we need the color hint first maybe?

Yes - I thought maybe something not working in game , but u r probably right.

Use yellow candle to light red one for animal faces hint.

Directions clue and jewel from animal faces

Ok paper hint after using key is for BEST.

Hi Zu, game works fine. Need a clue

Key from directions. Use on desk cupboard in study for coloured button, 'face' and clue paper

I am stuck with a blue dot and a yellow R ?

Ty AGM : )

Place face on pumpkin for button with 'R'

'R' button and coloured buttons go on puzzle at metal gate

Bandy - those go on metal gate puzzle - far right scene

Pole hint in S4 used in S8


hullo you two! will play catch up.

Got the colour clue for BEST but it looks odd

BEST used on fence in S3

Hi ya Cate step on in water is fine!

2 twirly things go in S7

is it 11 23 32 44 hint for sliders in sc 1 ??

Lol - I didn't notice scene numbers, ty bandy. Hi cate : )

Btw - after colour clue, just click B-E-S-T in order.

Off color dots is for sliders in S4 need one more though?

hi all :-)

(but you're already almost out, aren't you?!)

Blue-green buttons go on sliders

not me, alpha...muddling through and trying not to cheat. ;)

@PeteBarbu: I think those numbers might be for the 'screaming skulls ' in scene 2 - not sure.

i am stuck....maybe AlphaOmega will help :)

Anyone worked out the blue and red numbers for scene 7?

where to use the directions clue only have paper left in inventry

Unknown It is not what you think It is used in S8

@ Zuleika : i tried that too,nothing

not yet Zuleika...

Alpha - we're all waiting for a veteran like you to work this out for us, hurry up ; )

thanks bandy could you explain how not getting it

I am drawing a total blank here?

The paper is used in S8 The letters of the way arrows are. That help?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

where is our Dazz??!!

Antoinette OBrien it is used on the 4 letters in S8 LD ;)

thanks was going to give up brain not working today

Think my game may be about to crash. Music has started to play weird and creaky; slow response to clicking arrows ...

Well I can assume we are all at the BEST clue and stuck. LOL

Stuck where u r bandy. Also needing hint for 4 'ghouls' on fence in scene 3

indeed bandy
tried already loads of combos for sliders in s1
also for ghosts in s2...

Ya And I must go here shortly to do some work! Bummer.

Forgot about red gem slider puzzle on window in scene 1. Anyone got that?

Tryed that also Zu LOL

Aw - where did that nice AVM person go? We need a nudge in the right direction

okay, so color me confused...where are you guys lost?

Cate the Best clue 1132 ect.

At numbers on BEST puzzle, cate. And the two sets of sliders

doesn't e.g. 32 mean, 3rd slider 2 up?

32 also 3rd ghost click 2x, but it d/w...
also tried in vain following the violet line for order & other variations...

okay, then i'm right there with you...one of us will get it!

If that's so Alpha ( and it sounds good) then it doesn't work on scene 1 sliders - maybe on scene 4?

missing one button in s4...

Ah, Best number are for ghost heads. follow numbers from top to bottom.

... me too. Stuck.

GL I have to go to work.

Great work, Kevin. TY!!

Great find Kevin, thanks :) Got a gem now.

Scene 4 sliders are just trial and error - easy.

`press ghosts 23324411 on fence in scene 2

Don't miss the crowbar that appears in scene 4 after solving puzzle.

Hi s-t - the green button 9your gem?) goes on metal gate puzzle in scene 5

Sliders in scene 4 is also the hint for the other sliders.

thx Kevin, super find :-)

red sliders 5243

Crowbar is used on the door in scene 7.
Got two white masks now, no idea where to use.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't figure out the face mask clue.

Nvm. Whie masks are used on the gate/fench as well.

White masks go in scene 5

Red button on leftmost flower in scene 4

Stuck in S3 with the faces - hint on back of paper 34??

Linda, use the BEST numbers again for that clue.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Still searching for that one, cate

2 digit red/blue was on a paper from a solved puzzel. Don't remember what puzzle.

A bit stuck with the 4 heads puzzle. I thought 34 was the hint to use the third row of the hint paper.

got it, zuleika, it's behind the gems with shovel and stuff.

Purple gem appears in scene 2 window ... after placing masks?

close small-tool. Use the Best numbers again (23,32,44,11)

Ty cate and s-t. Just got all that stuff!

A nice, a hint used twice. Thanks again, Kevin :)

Not getting the ghouls hint...

Well I tried row 2 column 3 and reverse and not happening :(

Out now. Great game :)

zuleika, look at it as a grid...i think the first one was owl...devil,cat, frankenstein? maybe.

The ghouls is as Kevin said, use the best hint again.
So start with 2nd row, 3rd column for your first ghoul, the grey owl like one. Etc.

Me too Linda - tried several 'logical' combinations but not happening.

i'm still looking for a plain blue ball.

Ty small -tool. Pretty sure I tried that way but will try again.

Got it! Thanks Kevin.

shovel is used in s4

That worked s-t. Think I was doing it other way round before (3rd row, 2nd column, etc). Still need another button for metal gate puzzle

zuleika, is it a blue button?

red sliders 5243

cate, I've got a blue button on left side - think I need a blue one marked 'g' for right side

well, zuleika, you are not alone...i needs the very one.

POP - got the blue button with the 'G'. In scene 2, click on blue-red number puzzle again.

thanks was going to give up brain not working today

Move the coloured buttons with the letters opposite the buttons of the same colour (not letter) - them you're out. Wow - we got there. Ty to everybody :)

really? i would have been wandering for hours...thank you, zuleika

See u soon : )

very nice game with creative puzzles - thx AVM! :-)

thank you, amv...enjoyed it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you all :)

Stuck very early on, can't find any of the things you have posted above. game is confusing to me.

@Jenny need a help?

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