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Avm Magic Fantasy Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Magic Fantasy Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Tweety Bird Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are trapped in a fantasy forest and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the fantasy forest is through a cave. First, you need to get into the cave and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in! Going in scared lol!

We are almost right behind K Srevens

Sneaky ball in wall up and right of numbers

Hi k stevens, joining you

I have a solution for 4x4 number gridin S2, but it doesn't work! should I see a clue first?

omg seriously on the 16 number grid? Spoiler anyone?

Got a solution as well, Hotzenplotz, but no go. I guess (hope) it's a see the hint first thing. If not, then it's just guessing what solution the maker wants :(

i also have a solution to the 4x4 that doesn't work. Dont waste time on it until you see clue first.

Hi Dazz, I had to stop playing and make me some coffee and crack my knuckles and am back now! haha

Well, nothing there else, have solution too butno go either
Can I have some coffee plz stevens?))

ok, so far I have found 1 red and 1 blue ball (placed in S2), 3 pink-yellow-blue symbols and 1 green lizard-circle...
any idea what to do next?

Where did you find the green lizard circle Hotz?

K, it was bottom right sc2

Found it, bottom right scene 2

No need clue. There is a green button. once you think you solved 4x4 puzzle, you must click green button.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

Can someone post a 4x4 puzzle spoiler please? I can't math . . .

So then what's wrong with solution ?

4 - 5 - 9 - 16
4 - 9 - 16 - 10
6 - 9 - 11 - 4
6 - 10 - 8 - 9


AVM, 6his solution is correct but green button does nothing:
5 10 10 9
5 8 15 11
5 10 9 6
5 5 10 13

And I can change little things to that solution that makes the same amounts, horizontally en vertically and still nothing happens when I click the green button ?

I would think you need to use all the numbers 1-16, correct AVM?

good idea Tiny Apple Slices, do you have a solution ;P

@Tiny Apple Slices.. Good found

Top-Bottom , Diagonally...
(first) 8-10-15-13 (last)

Could you at least give us the diagonal numbers for a solution @AVM?

lol great minds lolol

Happy to help :)

If need i will give a SPOILER for some numbers

I could use one AVM and thank you

This is too tedious for me, hit and miss trying different numbers. Not fun at all.

yes, some more numbers please

I agree with Tiny Apple Slices, but...
I do appreciate very much you guys are trying to make games that are not just click, click, click, use a plain in sight hint from one screen on a panel in another screen and not making it a pixel hunt click fest, but with this puzzle I doubt there's no other logic than trial and error. Tried to use all my maths skills but with every method I try it comes down to trial and error (even with the diagonal spoiler).

8 0 1 11

x 10 x 6

2 0 15 x

3 x 12 x

it would still have been challenging enough with already some numbers placed from the beginning...

8 x 1 11
x 10 x 6
2 x 15 x
3 x 12 x

got it. thank you AVM Games.
going on now :)

8. 14. 1. 11
7 10. 16. 6
2. 4. 15. 9
3. 5. 12. 13

You are the best Dazz, i almost had it but had the 4 and the 5 mixed up. I dont want to do math no more! lol Thanks AVM for the help too.

with the numbers added, got it - moving on

Yep, with that spoiler it's easy enough, but ask yourself; If wanna make great games that are not like 90% of the silly stupid click, click, click games posted here, do you want trial and error that looks like logic, but in fact isn't ?
And again, I really do appreciate the effort to make better games, but these things are not the way to go, imho.

anyone got the solution yet I get nearly there using 1 to 16 I'm sure it will work

Thanks k, your coffee was more awesome!

got it now

Joycy, I just posted it

Ok, even with AVM hints not getting it.
could someone just spoil the whole thing please.
Otherwise I will just quit.

sorry, should have refreshed. Thanks for spoiling it.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Eloquently put Small-Tool. I mirror your sentiments.
Thank you AVM Games for your efforts and continued involvement with the players to constantly improve and provide challenging and fun games for us to play (instead of working like we should be doing!) ☺ ♥

Tut tut tut tiny!

Now I have a paper # hint that I can't make any sense out of.

got 3 squirls a yellow jewel a green button placed the key & stuck

Bah, making clip art can wait. I need too escape!! I'm sure u should be doing something else too Dazz . . ♥

thanks Dazz

any help with red numbers

Jenny where did you get the paper hint

You're right tiny! It's bedtime for me but I'mtoo lazy to go to bed))

Placed 2 green circles and 1 blue circle. No idea how the paper works with the red #'s.
Can't find or do anything else.

Very simple.

Click Red numbers.. 21, 32, .... continue click in order...

In the room I opened with the key. You have to click the key after you insert it.

Thanks AVM

very simple, indeed, once you understand the hint... ;-P

Sigh, stuck again. place 3 green circles now. have 4 "flame" symbols and 3 other shapes. but can't find spots for them.
Has anyone done anything with the puzzle in scene 1?

haha, very simple, if you know, how to read the clue ;)

thanks Jenny never thought to click the key lol

Shovel used in scene 1. Paintbrush s4 on tree.

Bye.. every one, its very late night here.
I hope you guys finished from here :)

Sweet dreams AVM. Thank you!

Tiny where is the shovel???

This comment has been removed by the author.

sleep well AVM - thx for the game ☺

Put strange red-yellow-blue 'commas' in S7

G'night AVM

Now someone please tell me where is that shovel???

could someone please spoil red numbers still dont understand thanks

That hint from the paintbrush is used in scene 8, on the blue dots/circles.

Btw, AVM, that was constructive critism. :)

Zuleika, I have no scene 7. Need 1 more blue circle, 1 more green circle and apparently a shovel and a brush.

please spoil the red numbers did 2132456 not working

Annie O, there are small #'s below the big ones. put in the small # then the big on all the way across and door opens.

Spoiler for red #'s


stick is used in S5 for a lighter...

Thanks Jenny

Is anyone ready to share where they got a shovel from yet???

Still have shovel after using in S1

red numbers are the little number then the big number. my clue is gone now but push twelve numbers total.
I thought shovel was from result of that, but might have been from placing gems you get after. Sorry Jenny, dealing w/ the kids atm. will be in and out.

Shovel cane from a puzzle/code I think, but where was the stick ?

@Jenny - trying to remember. Think shovel might have come from placing 3 geometric shapes on tree in S2

This comment has been removed by the author.

3 geometric shapes give you 2nd blue circle. shovel is in scene 4 only handle showing right side of path.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Hotzenplotz :) Scene 6 it was.

Where is the last green circle. and where is scene 6??

I have done none of the puzzles in sc 1 Just used shovel there. I have a paper clue with circles and a red and green arrow but no idea what it is for.
Still missing some fire symbols too.

I think that paper clue wit those two arrows was for a 3x3 grid (probably scene 4), to open new scenes. Start on green and (again :( ) a bit of trial and eroor to get the path.

Glad u found shovel Jenny : )

Shovel used again in S3 - for red gem

for jigsaw: the orange sun is in top middle...

numbers from jigsaw are used in S5

Small tool, great found.
Need to start from top right..
Can't come back and also need to visit all circles..
Finish it with same place

where's the jigsaw piece?

Key from coloured circles puzzle in S3

crowbar for S9

Can't find the place in scene 5 to use the stick and meanwhile got a key from the 5 colour balls changing puzzle I can't find a use for.

My screen is moving really slowly now - almost freezing at times. What a pain.

Looking for place to use key.

stick is used on left tree stump in S5 for lighter

Hope all solved green red arrow puzzle.. will add save option soon.

LOL AVM - still here?

Hi Hotz : ) Where did u find crowbar?

Key not working on cage in S6

Ah ok thanks Hotnzeplotz, so there were two hotspots on the bottom left with tree holes.

thanks Jenny been out digging

matthew, jigsaw piece came from a code/puzzle.
just use new clues to find new scenes to find new clues to find new scenes....

Do I have to find another jigsaw piece before I do that puzzle?
I have 2 blue pinwheel shapes. I can see a third in sc. 1 but I can't pick it up. anyone know where they go?

key is used in s9 - my last green button from rockets

2 more red gems from placing all 'commas'

Key is used in scene 9 (place four green circles and door opens)

Key is used in scene 9 (after using lighter on candle to get the 4 spaceships hint to get the last button).

This comment has been removed by the author.

jenny, this 2 blue pinwheel shapes go in S9 (top left door in S8)

IIRC crowbar from placing clover
(after spending so much time on the number grid, my brain isn't working as usual LOL)

Thanks Hotz. that gave me my last red gem.

I have now a blue/green pinwheel thingy in s1 that I can't pick up...

where to use crowbar?

The clover/shamrock is placed where ?

5 flowers in S3 are the clue for sliders in S1

Lol, just found it, but thanks anyway AlpaOmega :)

crowbar for S9

and my last blue gem came from pumpkin in S6 (clue from sliders in S1)

hope not that's a bug with that pinwheel thingy in s1 that I can't pick up (can't be bothered to restart)...
maybe somebody remember where was the 2nd one - LOL

use crowbar door in back of scene 9

haha, after 2h in this brilliant game I got a total score of 83!!
thank you AVM Games for this very nice and challenging game!!
and thousand thanks for your hints on this side!!!!

ΑΩ, this pinwheel in Scene 1 is a little glitch. just ignore it :)

thx Hotz & yvonne for crowbar hint

POP - my 2nd pinwheel thingy from sun puzzle in s3

Wow, I can't believe I made it out! Very challenging game.

Pfew, finally out as well. Very hard. Thanks for all the hints :)

was long :)

I'm nearly there, tired, lagging behind as usual :)

pic puzzle


Thanks Jenny

AO thank you for image, have to finish as game doesn't save

phew, finally out, too - now that was a toughie!

thx guys for yet another great teamwork ☺

you're almost there yvonne, home stretch ☺

LOL my score was 79

AO I don't think I would have made it without your screen shot many thanks, I did it! my score 126 LOL

pleasure yvonne - good job ☺

don't understand sun flower wheel puzzle brains not working

e.g. the biggest sun flower has the biggest circle & the biggest number

thanks AO I tried that didn't work will try it again

ha it worked got 2 stars & ones stuck in S1 don't know where the go

Hotz's comments at 1:47 PM & 1:59 PM ☺

Really not sure anymore, but if I read my notes correctly the two (just two) stars go in scene 9.

thanks again AO I did find it top of crowbar door my chrome keeps crashing but managing to drop it down & kept the game

This comment has been removed by the author.

AVM game 6/29/16, 12:27 hours
@Tiny pieces of Apple.. well-found.It was originally understood,but not everyone has the mood for vyschityvanii)the Idea and lost interest)Dreary this thing for fun.

Pixel hunt in scene 2 for 3rd ball on pedestal. Above the right gate, just in the rock.

Lol, Nafanja, took me some time to translate (looks like vyschityvanii = Handwork), so I guess you mean the same as I meant: Trial and Error or at least Donkey Work.

looking for your jigsaw puzzle it's a nightmare LOL

Took my sweet old time, a couple of hours so my score was a 53! Epic fail! haha

everything was perfect again, except number puzzle

ha ha I got a score of 62 what a game thanks AVM great walkthrough guys

Geez Louise!! I started this game a loooong time ago!! But with trying to get ready to travel to Russia finally finished!! thank you so much AVM for another brain buster!!! Thank you all the above for the finest hints!! ThxACxo!

Great game again AVM.
Thank you.
I agree with the sentiments of a few of the commenters above that you are trying to make more than simple "find and place" games.
Ones which make us think (more than) a bit.
Please continue to design challenging games.
There are quite a few people out here who appreciate your efforts.


I'm another that appreciates the logic challenges (but not pixel hunts), thank you AVM.

I solved this one except for:
1) 4x4 grid that my correct answer was not acceptable (so I got acceptable answer here in these comments)
2) Where to use crowbar, on the door in scene 9
p.s. Most of all, AVM, thank you for numbering the scenes. Without that we would all give up.

Only just got started on this one and immediately hit a wall with the 4x4 number puzzle. At first, I did what I think many did which was just to work out any possible solution without regard to the numbers needing to be unique. Of course, then I suspected the reason the range of numbers was 1-16 (well, technically zero was there too) was that each square should be unique. This made the search more difficult but eventually I found an answer only to find that it did not work as well. With no obvious signs of any clues, I was forced to look for hints here.

@AVM, I also appreciate the clear effort made to add intellectual excitement to a genre that for some time has been overrun with entries that require very little of the player beyond patience (and for some particular designers, an almost masochistic level of dedication). However, there is but one sacred commandment when designing puzzle mechanics that elicit critical thinking--the puzzle in all its ways must be logically consistent and consistently logical.

Truth be told, I stopped playing this game after realizing the 4x4 puzzle had only one acceptable solution despite the existence of myriads of equally valid answers. Even given your clue of the four diagonals, there were five potential candidates alone. Considering that it takes over one hundred mouse clicks just to enter a single solution, this puzzle ends up wasting more time in the guise of logic than a game that has completely invisible hot spots. In this instance, the latter ends up preferable to the former.

I will end my critique with a similar voice of encouragement seen in comments above. Please do continue to engage the player with challenging and fun puzzles. We need more designers releasing quality content, but also please be considerate to the player. When a puzzle could have multiple solutions, either accept all valid entries, or provide clear clues that identify the expected answer.

Wish I could state things so very clear as Seraku did, but that's never gonna happen with my poor English. Anyway, to cut it short; Real escapers do love your games AVM, so please do take these kind of comments/critique as a good thing :)

i hesitate to critique this, at the peril of sounding ungrateful...because, i do, in fact, look forward to and enjoy your games. and, i am most grateful that you put great effort into their development.

but here's the rub...as of late, your puzzles present clues, that simply aren't clues at all...they are red herrings, distractions...they take up much time and good will. eg, in this game, the 1-6 red puzzle was not consistent with the clues underneath...there was no reason to switch the dots and loops from number to number, yet you did, so i took that as a clue, when in fact, it simply complicated the act of solving the puzzle...the 1-16 number grid had numerous solutions...how are we to know which one you deemed the correct one?

the tiny medieval palace game is another example of extraneous, useless tidbits of information that actually deter one from solving the puzzle.

the bottom line is that the solving of the puzzles is no longer one of deduction, but of random guessing and this takes the fun out of it. and, by the time i have finished the game, i sometimes wish i'd never started.

please, take these thoughts with the gentlest of nudges and know they are given humbly, with the best of intentions, and a grand amount of appreciation for all of your efforts.

should have refreshed before commenting.

seraku nailed it.

Thanks for all your comments.
Definitely we take all your points as much as possible..
Your support and comments encourage us to better and better.
Some of them think we made difficult games. But am sure we will give some more hints. And will give some simple games also.
Because when I reads the comments some of them told give up.
We thought all should enjoy playing our games.


difficult is good. great, even. but don't lose the logic along the way. :)

I know that I'm posting late, maybe the last, but I just wanted to say that the game was really great and I enjoyed playing. Also, wanted to comment about the 4X4 grid. Once AVM spoiled it needs 1-16 no. all you had to do is figure where to put no. 14. Only one place for it and the rest was easy from there. Thanks AVM!!

Orit, I certainly do not wish to belabor the topic, although your assertion has me curious. If you do not mind, what is your reasoning that the number 14 may only occur in one position? Have I overlooked some underlying logic to the singular solution the game requires?

If I consider that each number must only appear once and that each row and column must sum to the specified amounts, there is little I can deduce beyond excluding the numbers 15 and 16 from the first column.

Exhaustive enumeration of candidates fitting these rules results in 54,671 potential solutions to the 4x4. The number 14 appears in all positions, most often in row 2, column 3 (12.78% of solutions), and least often in row 3, column 1 (0.40% of solutions).

Sorry, but the game lost me when I realised that the numbers from the 16 square puzzle could only be solved one way when other combinations added to the correct numbers. If the developer has to spoil to enable players to solve (and it would have taken forever to solve without the spoilers) it defeats the purpose. This could have been avoided by maybe adding a couple of extra numbers into the the set fixed numbers. I spent too long trying combos that should have been correct and completely lost interest in finishing the game.

I think it's great that the developers are trying to come up with different puzzles so that the games don't become tired and boring, but sometimes ideas don't work, and this one clearly didn't.

The only thing I can suggest is to have beta testers who have not been part of the development process to play a game before it's released. The developer is sometimes too close to their own project to be objective.

I didn't play the rest of the game, but from the comments the rest seemed to go okay. So maybe the game developer can take this as is meant, as constructive criticism.

Hi all, Appreciate your comments. We have already added the 8 more numbers in the 4x4 puzzle.
Thank you all.

I'm stuck. I have only the shovel left in my inventory (already used at least once), but I'm missing both a red gem and a blue gem. I also don't know what to do with the flowers in S-7, the flower code or the aliens-looking dudes in s-5, or how to free the Owl in S-6. Can anyone point me in the direction of a clue for any of these?

forgotten one, you use the shovel twice. i'm not going back in, but, there is a video walkthrough posted on youtube. good luck. ;)

Got it Cate. Thanks! I thought I had already done something in that spot... Everything fell into place after that.

My comment on the 4x4 number puzzle would be to just not use them, as they either require you to program multiple solutions to the puzzle or force the player to guess via trial and error. And if the intent was for the player to use each number from 1 through 16, then use drag-and-drop tiles. You can use further clues to help the player along, such as highlighting the total column once all the numbers in a certain row or column are correct. Overall though, it would be better to either avoid them altogether or place the givens such that the solution is unique...

The other puzzle that bothered me was the dots and lines. Please put an S in the dot you are supposed to start with so that we at least have some clue as to what we are supposed to do(and your comment above was to start in the upper-right corner when you meant upper-left...)

Also, the arrow clue showed the arrows pointing slightly diagonal, so I figured that it couldn't be the clue for the red arrows and that there was another arrow puzzle somewhere. Nope... just a misleading clue.

And the red numbers 1-6 clue was also very misleading. Why are there little circles on the lines underneath if they don't mean anything?

And no hotspot for the crowbar... in a game where everything else is used on a hotspot, not having one there is an unnecessary difficulty.

Overall, I thought the game was fairly well done. I think that most game developers are just winging it most of the time and couldn't care less about the players, so it's good to see that AVM Games are willing to listen and improve their games. You guys get 5 stars just for that...

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