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Avm Puzzle Castle Wall Escape Walkthrough

Avm Puzzle Castle Wall Escape

AvmGames - Avm Puzzle Castle Wall Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. There was a game show, that anyone can escape from the puzzle castle wall will win the grand prize. But be reminded that this a game show, and it is not that easy as you think to win the grand prize. You need to unlocked all the doors and you must also unlocked them in a short manner of time, if your time will be the longest you will be trap in that place for half a day. Find the clues and solve the puzzles for you to unlocked all the doors in a short period of time. Good luck and have fun!

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Every time you click on those panels of colours in the first scene, the colours move around.

ok, I can't do anything.
I hope, some smart people will help me...

I have a symbol and a chart of alphabet letters that has two Cs, and that's it. No idea what happens next.

I fear I am not an answer to your hope, Hotz...

aha. make a C with the blue buttons on door

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Brilliant Sysin3! Did you try that because there are two Cs on the paper? What a leap!

yes Clodagh, good thing you spotted those 2 Cs

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thank you sysin!!

Yes!! AVM...heading in, Hi all!

Welcome All :)
Smart move Sysin !

hi all

although we have a thumbnail, pic puzzle is a toughie...

on green 5x5 grid I can see some kind of order for 1-9 (1 in top left corner and go to the far right and then down. the same from 1 go all the way down and right..)
but no idea what to do with number 11-18

working on the Picasso! :D

I've got part way through piecing the picture puzzle together and still have no idea what it is!

The green square clue is amibguous. The inner square should start with 11 and move clockwise sequentially to 18 (with 18 being directly under 11, not one space away)

Amibguous Francesca? That's how I'm feeling at the moment trying to do that picture puzzle.

thank you Francesca!!!

number square


numbers also swap diagonally

so as colour squares

Yes AlphaOmega.. So that player can easily swap

Anyone figure out how to do the |_ _| puzzle yet? I think the clue on the wall in scene 3 is supposed to work with shapes on wall in scene 2 but it won't work for me

left colour squares


Francesca, you can move the colored triangles in scene1

working on it and the rest of the puzzles...thank you AO love having you back!


thinking of a number pad



haha everytime I try the triangles...when I come back to them they are in a different order

hint in s3 is for blue square grid

Every time puzzle pieces randomized.

LOL swapping à gogo...
(working on the symbol one)

Thank you AlphaOmega! I was totally on the wrong path but as soon as you mentioned number pad i got what to do.

& now some sliders...

colored plants in S6 for S8

aaaw, what a cute cat! :-)

even 2 of them! :-D

thank you AVMGames!! nice, challenging and diversified
puzzles :)

make rows in s8 with plant buttons

Ok so I'm missing one cat and have the |_ buttons in scene 2 still unsolved. Anyone got a nudge on where that clue is?

Thought the four letters you get after solving scene 8 might correspond to the #/shapes in scene 10, but that was a bust

agree with Hotz - great game! thx AVM :-)

Francesca, you will find a paper with corner clue 1-8

Thanks everyone.

Hope all enjoyed

I am having no luck the L puzzle either.

4 letters are the clue for 'sliders' in S4

Ooh, wait I figured out it is scene 7 dots clue for scene 10

Annnnd that leads to the L puzzle clue for scene 2. Woot

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No scene 6 or 8 for me. Where are they and what do we do with the triangles in scene 1? I can't move them at all.

for the triangles you'll get 2 hints later - did you already open door behind grid in s1?

I have just a key in inventory but no keyhole.

Jenny, you need the clue first, I don't remember, maybe one of the other players does

the blue C you mean, yes that is open, #Grid done, picture done.

internet is very lagging here atm so my posts take much time till they appear...

Where is scene 8?

Peg, scene 8 after opening in scene 3

Finally found the key hole!
Stuck again, I did the triangle on the right side but no idea for left ones. Missing one symbol for big wall puzzle.

Thanks, Yvonne - now just need to find one more symbol to be able to open scene 3.

Can anyone help? please, stuck on puzzles scene 8,

I can't even get to scene 8.

for left colour squares AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) @ 12:45 PM

what is the puzzle in S8?
sorry, I don't want to do the number grid and jigsaw again....

Hotz, I thought you had deserted lol, the red lines, green buttons, and the c's

Finally figured out the L colour triangles and got last symbol. made it to scene 7 and 8 but stuck there now.

I need hint for sliders in S4 too please?

yvonne, have you entered the numbers in shapes in S10 (scene with red pt)

Hotz, yes

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG what a game!! I crashed and had to come back...the hardest part is the Picasso to redo. Thank you AVM! Great game! ThxACxo!

I forgot about the shapes, what #'s go in them, I have seen no hint.

Jenny the hint is in scene 7, I'll spoil if you want

ok internet connections seems to work better now
(fingers crossed)

so where can I help? or everybody out already?

AO I'm stuck on the puzzles scene 8

Yes please Yvonne, I see the same symbols in scene 7 but not making sense of it lol.

Jenny 8484

Thank you ΑΩ for asking! I know my internet connection is running crappy! I've crashed twice! Normally I never have any problems.

ok, I replayed :)
scene 8, red lines: I think, use shovel in S7.

Thanks Yvonne! Got 3 cats placed now.

Hotz thank you! I need to know what to do for red lines, green buttons and c's, no shovel for me lol

Scene8 colored buttons: see comments Hotzenplotz @ 12:55 PM and AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) @ 12:59

thx Hotz for saving me from replaying & redoing that Picasso puzzle ;-P

yvonne, have you solved both colored triangle puzzles in Scene 1?

jenny, the shapes in S10: count red dots in Scene7 for every shape

Ok, plants colours for were hard to figure out but finally got the coloured circles now what is DFBC for??

A=1 for sliders

4 letters are the clue for 'sliders' in S4

POP, got it and out finally.

Great game but would never have made it without everyones help. Thanks!

Hotz not getting it, really thick today, sorry, make rows with plant buttons?

first row is green, second turquoise...

I wrote that, i.e same colour in a row (not column)

Hotz, only solved one side

the clue for left triangles is in S9

Have I missed something out? because I don't think it should be this hard, do I need to do the grid in s6 first?

Hotz, yes done L side

yvonne, the clue for blue 3x3 grid in S6 is in S3.
spoiler: AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) @ 12:48 PM

AO, thanks so much for sticking around, feel a right wally lol

Hotz and AO, now if only I had done the 3x3 grid, I wouldn't have had to trouble you, many thanks, much appreciated :)

pleasure yvonne :-)
sometimes one is simply plain blind concerning a puzzle (know this from experience LOL)

Avm, thank you for a very enjoyable game :)

AO thank you for your comment :) at first I couldn't even see colours, had to go right up to screen to see them

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

what a great game...thoroughly enjoyed it. thank you, avm.

Excellent developer, some really creative puzzles. BRAVO! Got everything but the number grid.

Only thing I didn't like was that the orientation of the plant colors was wrong.

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