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Avm Tiny Medieval Castle Escape Walkthrough

Avm Tiny Medieval Castle Escape

AvmGames - Avm Tiny Medieval Castle Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. There is a hunter who love to hunt deer, bear etc. One day, he hunts a deer. When the time he aim his riffle to the deer, the deer ran to the castle. The hunter quickly follow the tracks of the deer and he didn’t recognize that the castle he entered is the castle of death. It is the entry point goes to the inferno. Can the hunter survive and escape from that dangerous castle? Will you help him out from that dangerous castle? Good luck and have fun!

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Heading on in!

hi (again) all ☺

LOL funny typo in description - enjoy paying! ☻

Man that one red marble was hard to see!

I got a knife, 2 things that looks like ear muffs with letters on them (lol) and a yin Yan sign.

Have no idea about the 6 pipes? I can stop only 3 of them?

Those math signs written on top wall in scene 3 looks scary! haha

Ok I guess there was a order to them? gives green gem

I am right where you are Bandy

strange, the last 2 games I had a bigger game screen, now it's so small again... :-/

anyway, knife hidden in s2

Oh boy color clue is in S2 ( Like it will do me any good! )

WOW I did it LOL

How did you get the color clue in scene 2 Bandy? Oh and good job!

Color clue was above knife ( Paper clue )

great bandy ☺

Got it, clicked on the purple things again and iy showed up on wall

ball puzzle


Well I am stuck? Need place to use shovel ?

scene 6, bandy.

Green gem goes in S1

Do I read this clear in tekst above ? Enjoy PAYING ??

Thanks Cate !

I'm not in s6 yet...

The number clue comes from counting the points in the 4 squares in scene 1

I only have S7 1 2 and 3 ?

ah, thx K
moving on

Good find K Stevens!!

in scene7, plug the number of sections from 4 buttons in scene1...eg, the first digit is 4.

Water plant in S3

In picture puzzle Big sun flower goes top left, small mushroom bottom left and top of purple mushroom secong down right side.

I'm always forgetting to zoom in on clues or the puzzles don't work!

Use pic ax in S7

And the same little joke (?) in the instructions after starting the game ...

pic puzzle


I thought the numbers would be 213421 spelling victoh (Figuerd it was supposed to spell out victor with a typo but nope.

I am totally lost in S8 ?

pink earphone thingies go on ball device

Me too, I have spider thing, yin yan and two red diamonds

There's some strange number clue in S3

K - where did you get your second red diamond?

red diamonds come from placing green gems in s1

This comment has been removed by the author.

I cant remember exactly but maybe when I used to shovel and got the green gem there or from watering the plant. Sorry

K - silly me! Having zoomed on slider clue, forgot to enter - hence 2nd gem!!! DUH!

IIRC green gem was from slider puzzle (?)

Any idea about number clue in S3?

ah, thankfully my memory is still working LOL

read my comment at 10:17 Monica

There are #'s in S6 but?

I am stuck big time!

No K - not the door number for S7 entry into S6.....the no. puzzle in S8. Any ideas about that. There is some sort of number clue in S3 along the top of the scene and I wonder what it has to do with?

Maybe AVM can give us a hint?

That where I think we are all bashing our heads against the wall right now. lol, I tried every combo from numbers on right (the balls with the letters above and below) but nothing

I've even gone round trying to place that blasted spider everywhere - nada.

I am about to give on this one!

so bang this around...the balls spelling "victoh" fall at the top, in the middle, or the bottom...perhaps, somehow, this correlates with the 3 number circles to the left.

had several ideas, but nothing is working yet...

Scene 8 - Pink ball popup have a clue for same scene door number.

All the symbols on the ceiling in scene 3 are all above numbers on our keyboards. Could it be that? Gonna give it a try

Ok.. try
Victor - Pink ball === door number

k stevens...tried symbols, but got a couple of double digit numbers.

amv, tried 213421, but no luck...and, there is no "r".

Me too darn it then I tried adding the 2 digits together and nope

Victor - Pink ball..

V - stands to 4.

Hope you guys finish now.

I even tried 424632 notta?

I've tried that AO....doesn't work for me.
If by that you mean V and T switch places and C and O the same. That would give 412231 but that's not it.

I'm irritated by the black lines inside the circles...

so the number circle puzzle has nothing to do with the victoh device?

I've tried every combination as well...but AVM is the H replacing the R for victor?

LOL right ΑΩ where is the other black line for the 3 set of numbers. Apparently not any. The Victo"H" is for the door

Yes. Sharon, font missed. h represent r

got it thank you AVM

Have you cracked the illusive code yet Sharon? lol

Pink balls act like a Magnet.
So the iron balls are placed in between the pink balls, if up,down both have pink balls.

okay, avm, you've got me. i've tried counting grey balls, counting pink with grey balls, counting spaces where there are no balls, counting pink balls that are attached. nada. zilch. niente.

avm. you've got to be kidding.

walking away from this for a bit.

say what now AVM?

ridiculously esoteric puzzle and the letters aren't even correct.

plz share Sharon - LOL

V - last ball position(4)
I - last ball position(1)
C - last ball position(6)

ok ummmm I did notice the I pink ball is on the bottom and then I noticed the different placing of the "iron" balls

Am not kidding :(

No I haven't gotten it yet. I got that the H replaced the R LOL ΑΩ

I can see the concept, but not the solution LOL

often I can deduct the path to the solution, if I have the solution itself spoiled ;-)


@Cate , understood now?


take iron ball positions from BOTTOM

moving on

Got it!! whoohoo!

oh, ok, thx anyway cate - & AVM ☺

red herrings a-go-go...pay no attention to the number of grey balls. pay no attention to the pink balls on bottom. pay no attention to the size or connection of pink balls.

just count the space that the top ball fills in each line and spell "victoh".

really amv? this was a bit of a stretch.

Cracked it too ΑΩ!

obviously, we now can use the keyboard signs from s3 in s9 (not that I solved it already LOL)

where are the riddlers when we need them ;-P

yeah Small-tool would come in handy right about now :D

I can't be doing with this one - the logic escapes me.

there's no Q in the hint...
(baffled again)

austen's here...we are counting on you! i'm wearing major crankypants right about now and thinking that i, perhaps, should grab a bite...at the rate we are progressing, i'm hoping someone will be here when i get back. :P

monica, it can't escape you if it simply doesn't exist. ;)

that's why it is called «escape» game Monica ;-P
(soon escaping to the kitchen for brain food LOL)

Had to take break before my brain exploded and came back to find the door numbers solved. Oh Thank you thank you thank you!

congrats K - you hit the 100th comment! ;-)

ok all i get for the symbols ... which cannot work on the sliders are 5 0 -4 16 10 and 1

Door Number - 416566

is the bottom position pos. 0 or 1?

Yay am 100th comment! Thanks AVM, now back to the symbol sliders lol

right...i'm thinking bottom position is 1 but how can we input minus 4

don't have a qwerty keyboard (if it's needed)...

i need to get rid of this icky spider...spiders creep me out! :(

hmmm ΑΩ are you using a German layout keyboard?

Alpha 1 (!) 2 (@) 3(#) 4($) 5(%) 6(^) 7(&) 8(*) 9(() 0())

correct Sharon, but will google the needed one...

ah, thx K, that saves me a lot of work LOL

So did anybody figure out the pink numbered circles with the lines?

not yet trev
still working on sliders...

Or you could use the UK layout with " on 2 and £ on 3.
God help us if it's the Japanese one!

# Slider....

# == 5.

I have been doing this game for 132 minutes! hahaha. Still staring at the pink sliders!

This comment has been removed by the author.

well, the first one is obvious...

sorry meant 104 for me K...

#=5? that makes sense:P

# ==> 5

#(5)-3 ==> 2

Same for all

whooohoooo got it!!

ah, I see, thx AVM

so 522 then what 2x* is 16?

Put 5 in column 1 (4 clicks).
Subtract 3 to get column 2.
This gives you the value of &.
Carry on like this.


Welcome All :)
Austen you rocking.

#*&% sliders


Austin you are great!!!

Dunk the spider in the well.
Sharon will be so pleased!

Currently braindead.
Rum needed!

oh yeah have to say that spider had 4 eyes teeth on the top and tongue sticking out at me!! yikes!! glad to get rid of him!! Thank you Austen!

man, these clues are so convoluted! sorry AVM, just too much. so did anyone get the new sideways sliders? and what about the three pink circles of numbers? and where do the yin yang signs go? and the red diamonds? and need a color clue

So where do the red diamonds and the yin yang symbols go?

and what about the numbers on the rocks in scene 6?

Jan A not yet for the sideways sliders ...thinking the yin and yang are the color clues for the door (not sure yet) pink circles still in the hunt

Blue sliders...go back to gray balls and just count them like we thought we should have the first time spoiler.............121324

sideways sliders in scene 5?
Have clue in scene 8.

thanks K Stevens

Hey Stevens. Great work

nice find K!

Nice one K Stevens!
Teamwork is paying off here big time!

That gave a lot of progress. But now know we have A LOT for yin yangs to find!

aha! not the yin and yang for the colors on the door!!

thx K ☺

oops, we need way more yin-yangs...

Thanks guys, I am stuck again! hahaha I placed yin yans and looks like much more needed, no place for red diamonds as of yet

left door, diamonds used

Red diamonds on door to left of yin yang.

indeed Austen!

one red diamond short...

Still need 3 more yin yang and pink number circle clue.

found color clue, found clue for colored squares, found several more yin yangs, used the numbers from rocks on the grid of 0's, Now missing just three yin yangs.

need three more yin and yangs!! geesh a lot needed!

oh yeah, the dreaded pink cicles! Every one catching up?

i'm thinking scene 10 is the clue for the circles. up above.

what are signs at top of scene 10?

where do we use the symbols above the OPEN sign?

need 8 more yin-yangs...

I think they are for the pink circles.
Trying to link them now.

alpha, have you collected all of the green gems for red gems? have you place green triangle in slot from earlier scene?

and, i think 4 of the yin/yang were simply lying about.

I placed green triangle, but need one more green gem (the middle one if that matters)

this has got me, tried replicating the lines by clicking numbers but makes no sense. Is there an order?

I also found some lying aroung yin-yangs (was it 4? don't remember)

there was one hanging from tree/post in scene 5...did you get that one?

ΑΩ you did the same thing as me...did you forget to pick up the middle green gem from solving the sliders in S9

actually, i guess that would be "laying" about.

first circle has line from 8 to 3, a line like that is in first symbol, second circle has a line from 8 to 1, again a line like that in second symbol, third circle could have a line from 8 to 2 which would be like a line in the third symbol. But still nothing happens or quite makes sense.

I'm sure I collected all from the landscapes...

Solution to the pink circles:
2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.
1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 11.
1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12.

that was it Sharon - tricky one - thx! ☺

damn where's the door? have the key!

God bless you Austen64!!

you are so very welcome ΑΩ

Thank you thank you Austin. Everyone here really kicked it up notch. I am free I am free!! WHo's got booze? hahaha

OMG yessssssssss Scene 6 gets you out!!! Brain dead but out!! I'll drink to that!! Cheers everyone!! nice job and Austen thank you!!!

austen, you are golden...thank you for making the game "doable".

And when you have wandered around for ages wondering where the out door is like I did try looking in S6 like Sharon said.

wow, Austen64! Did linking those numbers draw the lines as in scene 10? Though I tried that but maybe off on the angles.

Some great teamwork there.
Wonderful fun even though I am now officially brain dead.
What a workout AVM!

finally got my last 3 yin-yangs from pink number circles

ah, you posted the solution already - thx anyway, Austen ☺

It sure did Jan.

Thought for the future:
If that was the TINY medieval castle escape then I hope I'm on vacation when they do the big one!

now that was fig. a forceps delivery for me, but a fun one LOL

thx guys for the great teamwork here, esp. Austen & thx AVM for such a brain-teaser ☺

LOL Austen :-D

btw no more «enjoy paying» in description

well, we payed with loads of brain cells ;-P

alpha, that is the truth! lol.

Yes indeed you did a LOT of work for a weekendgame, congratz to all of you !!
Now, relax and have a drink (or 2, 3)
Cheers !

wow, Austen64! Did linking those numbers draw the lines as in scene 10? Though I tried that but maybe off on the angles.

The hints in the game with the big stretch can be called a hint.If pink balloons than ever like a magnet...And at least the starting point was a #=5.It is not so excruciating ringing brain)))) for a Long time trying to beat the game myself,but in these two puzzles is broken)Thanks to the team of geniuses)

I would never have made it through
Some of the clues are so obscure I take my hat off to the geniuses above who figured it out and so I could make it through and AVM
You are awesome, obscure but awesome

AVM, can you please put a save or resume feature on these games. Shockwave flash always crashes when some of us tries to leave the page to see this walkthrough.
Thank you.

Thanks for an attractive and stimulating game AVM! (Thanks also for hanging around and hopping in with hints.) and thanks to everyone else as well for your always useful guidance.

Thanks for an attractive and stimulating game AVM! (Thanks also for hanging around and hopping in with hints.) and thanks to everyone else as well for your always useful guidance.

I almost wish that I had something nice to say.

Actually, I do appreciate all of the time and effort that AVM puts into the games, and I really do appreciate that AVM sticks around to help escapers work through the puzzles. BUT, I think that there must be a way to make challenging puzzles without 99% of escapers being completely clueless as to what your personal logic or reasoning is. I think cate said it best with her words, "ridiculously esoteric".

Proud to have completed the game with only the spoil for the counting of the Victor puzzle (which I gave up trying to understand)... I really LOVE good logic, including the symbol puzzle because the clue made no sense until you saw the symbols on the puzzle box. THANK YOU AVM!

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